Some serious gh ?

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    Cmon Guys HI is too busy protecting BS scumbag scamming sources counting the cash they pay him to do so while laughing at the members at his forums for buying their garbage. All this in between faking Mass Spec reports for his BS RC company as well his BS supplement company. All the while paying for the support of so called "great guys" like mugsy that know all of this yet still take his money and openly endorse all his endeavors. Then those guys go back to their boards and try to make a mockery of one of the few forums that has any fucking integrity. Anyone in the know, knows, all involved at IM & ASF and the likes have no fucking integrty and could give 2 fucks about anyone or anything but their bank account or personal well being.
    Hey HI anymore 15 year old pics you can use for your AV here like you do everywhere else?
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    In conclusion i think the point dr.jim and few others are making is that as good as generics can be, every batch is too inconsistent to be considered a viable option when you are investing a large amount of money running hgh..I think we can all agree to disagree on that.
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    Fucking punk. Show respect until heavy chimes in and gets the back of one of the endless supply of Fish he makes his living off of. That's you juice. The mods at those boards agree with you cuz you fuel the gravy train...not because he gives a fuck about what you shoot up.
    "Thanks" and manners until someone shares a can of man with you...fuck outta here.
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    NO I'm saying they are propped by boards using nefarious tactics to convince noobs they are getting something for NOTHING or at a VERY REDUCED PRICE. And that's just BS!

    What some UGL has "learned" how to make Pharm grade GH for 10% of the cost, really, please spare me the BS.

    Those whom contend such is true are either SELLING this generic peptide concoction OR are very young and inexperienced and have damn sure NEVER SEEN a legit Pharmaceutical GH plant.

    These sites, use patented recombinant technology granted by the WHO to produce a product whose standards are guaranteed as directed under WHO guidelines.

    Yet the attention to purity and to detail from cross laminar flow to in masse gel diffusion protein electrophoresis, DAILY quality control testing using MS and HPLC, and multiple employees walking around in suits that rival that of an Ebola epidemic, reveals only a fraction of the technology, expense and education of those involved in the entire process.

    Few people have any idea what I'm referring to unless they have visited one of these plants and have spoken the one of their upper tier Phd chemists. Do this and you will NEVER use generic AGAIN!

    These efforts simply can NOT be duplicated without a several MILLION dollar investment, as a start up cost. The initial cost for Lilly's Humatrope plant 75 MILLION, and that was a couple decades ago.

    So sure there will always be naive noobs like Juice around, allowing their impressionable minds to be take advantage of by unscrupulous vendors, believing in some way posting "likes" will not be forgotten come purchase time.

    Sure those same vendors will pat him on the back and give him several open forum at a boys, with one HUGE smile as they enter the bank!!
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    Pump sand.. I've been saying all along of how some generics are just as good as pharm grade. Your a clown LOL... Like I said beforehand until the day I wanna waste $1000 on HGH a month I'm gonna spend the 240$ and run 10iu a day of generics and get same if not better results.... There are plenty of generics out there that are real it's not my fault you got shitty hookups and can't get good shit.... That's why you look the way you do... Bunk gear
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    I hope you never realize how far off you are in everything you just said (except admitting how broke you are- I'm sure that was spot on). You would kill yourself the moment you fully realized how wrong you are- good for us, sad for anyone stupid enough to care about you. If you are gonna blow heavy do it on his board... and be as respectful as possible when you speak to men you don't know.
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    I believe the saying is pound sand, not "pump sand" kiddo.. Ben? Shitty hookups? Hahaha, now that's funny..

    Throw a pic up tough guy.. It's an unwritten rule on these boards that if you're going to talk shit about another person's pics you better put one up of yourself..
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    So you get the "good shit" that no one else has access to? Really is that right? Prove it have it tested fella!

    No blood BS, anyone with a computer can alter. Let's see the genuine article like a MS, HPLC or even a Protein Electro Phoresis for starters.

    What you think we have not heard this line of BS previously LMAO!

    Ah but there is one huge difference this is Meso where people need to PROVE what they are selling is GTG, and that includes GH in particular!

    Otherwise your just another shill trying to sell product to Meso mates and with few exceptions your wasting your time!
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    It's not the fact that I'm broke. It's the fact I don't want to spend $1000 a month on just HGH.. on top of everything else. The shit gets expensive. Depending on what you run. I'm not trying to sell anything.. I could care less what you guys thought lol. You guys are so hung up on pharm HGH being the only HGH anybody should ever run and everything else is fake. Well your wrong because there is plenty of generics HGH that is just as good. But yea you guys can go ahead and spend $250-350 on 36iu of pharm stuff.. I'll stick to what's working great for me. What's wrong with that? No point fixing something that isn't broken.
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    How wrong I am? What that I WOULDN'T waste 1000 a month on HGH? Damn right waste of money. Especially when the HGH I'm using is working perfectly fine for me..
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    im not going to be as considerate as brutus you are an ignorant disrespectful little punk
    learn to respect other members of this board or go somewhere else. your a kid that knows shit and probably looks like shit , little punk ass pricks like you that hide behind a keyboard make me sick . if you had to stand up to a real man you would lay on the ground crying for your momma..
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    and you measuring stick for this is what? You have never run Pharma GH, you have no measuring stick, you dont KNOW if its working perfectly fine at all. You dont even know in addition to GH (if any) what the hell you are injecting bro. Just stop. You might WANT it to be as good as Pharma GH, or as Pure as Pharma GH, with the results of Pharma GH but the fact is you have absolutely no idea at all.
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    :golf clap:
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    I'm no expert on GH but this sounds like something you are trying to convince yourself of, because you don't know much either.
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    Now that's an excellent point JIM-INK, but you are missing his point here my friend :)

    When someone is using a high end generic GH product which Juiced (that moniker alone tells us why this fella would "benefit" from a placebo "GH" substitute) has access to, the USER BECOMES HIS OWN MEASURING STICK!

    That's bc the benefits are so overwhelming they become SELF EVIDENT, and these developments occur IN SPITE OF any and all other PED's someone may be using!

    Jimmy your a very bright mate and no doubt have "been there and done that" many times over, but as you know we have a name for what Juiced is describing and it's WELL DOCUMENTED and unfortunately has become the guiding light on many AAS forums where experience, regardless of it's brevity, trumps efforts to utilize legitimate, cause and effect data, as a means to an ends.

    Unfortunately Juiced has NOT been burned enough (or at all) because of his unwavering belief in that pseudo-science we all know as BRO-SCIENCE, but it will come in due course, guaranteed!
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    Blood results are evidence. That's exactly what doctors use to evaluate GH dosing in patients. They rely on igf-1 levels in most cases then adjust the GH dose. I do GH serum testing and sometimes IGF-1 in tandem.

    Show me the data that all generics are bunk. Thats going to be impossible no matter the method use because the Chinese can produce genuine growth hormone.
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    LOL at your BASELESS accusations.

    I can post pics from this year if you like big guy.
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    We should do a MESO transformation contest. See who can get in the best shape in 90 days. Hold up a newspaper or magazine in the pics. I'll run shitty generics and UGL Test and you guys can run pharm meds.
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  19. Perhaps but the request was for NON blood evidence, i.e., HPLC-MS. Blood tests can be easily forged. It's much more difficult to forge HPLC-MS.

    You're the one who claimed "rips are clearly overdosed." Therefore, the onus is on YOU to prove your claim, not ME to disprove it.
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    I would have to see if I still have my old labs for the Rips but if I do I would have no problem sending the original PDF's to Millard.

    I also just got results back on green tops today I could send to Millard.

    Anyway, Dr Jim can say all generics are bunk all he wants but he has NEVER proven it.