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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by shreddedlabs, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Sorry if I missed this but is Shredded selling the winny injectable yet?
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    Okay so who sells DNP that works? Lol.

    He tried to make it right and I thank him for that. But dnp needs to vanish from his line. It will only ruin his business. Sorry shredded.
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    His liquid would appear to be made correctly.
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    I've been taking 3mls of it daily with barely a sweat. And it's the beginning of summer. Bottle is almost gone.
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    His fanbois will be here to defend him shortly. This outta be good.
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    I had good results and can tell you what I was supposed to be taking in caps kicked my ass in liquid dosing, meaning the liquid was by far much stronger and seemingly dosed correctly or possibly OD’d. Either way, I tapped out and probably won’t be using it again.
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    Read my replies in the last couple of pages. It's legit. Tapped out at 3 days of 500mg's towards the end. No energy at all and was sweating like a priest at a little league game
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    How many pills is that?
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    I've used many brands over the years.
    I'll try the next bottle
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    Maybe ive built up a tolerance to it?
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    I'm aware I don't really have any credibility, but I figured I'd throw out my experience for the hell of it.

    Starting Stats: 5'11, 198lbs, 40" waist

    Other supps: 100mg TPP/NPP, EOD

    Traning: 3-4 times a week of moderate weight with light cardio (walking) between sets.

    Diet: high, high protein, moderate carbs and fats with intermediate fasting.

    I'm nearing the end of Week 2. I started at 100mg for 36 hours to test my tolerance and was G2G. Upped to 200mg every morning after experimenting with 200mg split AM/PM (my god it made my preexisting Insomnia terrible).

    I have a "recovery day" from work and sleep like crazy. After that at 200mg, I woke up one morning and was 191... I was 198 the day before.

    Upped to 400mg daily and had my recovery day and weighed 188 and a waist measure of 38 1/2 inches.

    I'm about to drop TPP/NPP for Test E at 300/week and add Superdrol PWO-only and Metformin

    Two weeks to go and I'm aiming for 180 and a 38" waist.

    Only con... liquid DNP is a fucking struggle to take. It tastes so awful that I get nauseous just thinking about it. Going to attempt to cap...
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    000 caps and take it right there. I still felt sick though from taking the pills.
    I did make a few pills and put them in freezer. That helped
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    188 pounds and a 38” waist? Goddamn.
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    Okay I wasnt the only guy that got hung up on that, good.
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    I've found diet cola to be the best chaser for the liquid DNP. Better than black coffee or gatorade. Has made it, almost, not terrible. Definitely a marked improvement.
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    It's the liquid, so 2.5 ml
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    I went with root beer. Clutch.
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    I thought I read you were going to be nice to the newbies?! :D
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    Right there with you......
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