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    After taking a 3 day break from 600mg/day, 800mg/day gave me a bad reaction the very first day. Itching all over my body from a single dose of 400mg in the morning and itching through the night with my second dose of 400mg in the afternoon. Deep itching... Fucking annoying as hell.

    600mg/day... 300mg in the am and 300mg in the afternoon gives me no bad reaction. Just this girl telling me I’m drowning her in sweat.

    600mg/day seems like the sweet spot FOR MYSELF and can run this daily for weeks with just feeling hot and tired. Leanest I’ve ever been in my life with my first run here.
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    Thank you!
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    Just placed an order. Will post feedback...
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    Wait...so the itching has stopped??? Because you changed protocol to splitting the dose between AM and PM??
    Also, you saw much more significant results at 600mg Ed as opposed to 400mg?? How long after running 600mg did you start to notice difference??

    I ran 200mg for about 4days and ramped up to 400mg and stayed there for the rest of my 3wk run. I saw great results, but was so incredibly tired, I was having a hard time getting a workout in. I got sick shortly after, and I wondering if maybe I ran it to long for my first time. My other times I have ran 2 wks at 200mg Ed, and saw some difference. But to deal with the sweating and sleep issues, I think This next time I will run 600mg for 10days and see how that works.
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    Some people prefer shorter blasts to lower longer cycles to get it over with quicker. I like the lower dose longer cycles, but it still sucks regardless. DNP causes me some fatigue like no other, it's almost like a mental fatigue more than physical. I have an intermittent fasting type diet and since I naturally eat a lot in the afternoon, I always heat up at night. But the stuff works like no other..
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    I was always on split dosing. Always did 1/2 in the am and 1/2 in the pm. Sorry I didn't make that clear in my first post. The itching started as soon as my dose went from 600mg to 800mg per day.

    I was taking 600mg total daily for a week with no "bad" sides at all. Took a 3 day break to clear out my system and take a small break. Then started back up at 800mg per day. On that very first day at 800mg, BOOM, deep itching lasting all day and all night... Went back to 600mg the next day and everything went back to normal. So for me, 600mg per day appears to be MY threshold. I'm sure everyone will tolerate this drug differently.

    What I noticed was just increased weight loss at lower doses... obviously. However, things got to become "magical" at 600mg per day, almost immediately. Like now I'm starting to see fucking veins coming up my abs and seeing progress in the mirror DAILY. Lower doses work I'm sure, but the magic happens at the higher doses. This is the beginning of my 3rd week at 600mg per day. I feel like I could run this "comfortably" without it negatively affecting my life other than dealing with lethargy and sweating.

    You likely did not get "sick" due to the DNP. It clears out your system pretty quick and I haven't read anything stating that it affects your immune system in a negative way... not that it can't though.

    For me, yea, the lethargy will get ya. Power through that shit like you do your workouts in the gym.

    DNP took me to that next level. I almost worry at work now because I'm just that shredded that even novices can probably guess I'm on something...and I work in the medical field with other nurses and doctors who give me crazy looks often... and ask me for nutrition and training advice lol. I'm always helpful to them so I'm sure they don't care.
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    That's strange about the itching at the higher dose but not lower dose. Never read that before, usually that happens to some people on their first dose. Glad its working for you, I couldn't tolerate 600mg. 500mg is too much for me!
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    It's kind of hard to explain. The only way that I can describe it is "deep itching" but that's not exactly what I want to say. It scares me to think about it but I almost kind of want to describe it as the inside of my body being set on fire on the lowest setting and it manifesting as a deep itch. It felt like a "burn" from deep within my skin/muscles in pinpoint areas like an itch.

    I don't think that makes sense but maybe it does... I would certainly be careful going anything over 800mg as I think I would literally feel burning instead of itching... :eek:
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    Yeah my bad I didn’t mean for it to sound like I was blaming the dnp, for being sick, if anything dnp would help keep you from getting sick do to the increased temperature in the body, I am pretty sure what I had I got in the gym, from touching a piece of equipment that was fucking dirty, because I broke out with a gnarly infection on my face of all places, fucking black puss oozing out of an area that I had acne breakout, scared the shit out of me, wasn’t just my face oozing shit, but my body was fucked up for close to 1.5-2wks. Doc put my on oral clarithamycin and after 3 days the infection subsided but I was left literally no energy and felt like I had the flu, for another week. Brutal. I was 2wks into a tren cycle and had to put the kibosh on that temporarily.

    Anyhow, I currently undergoing treatment for my liver and have another 3wks of medication until I am finished at which point I am gonna start another dnp cycle. This time gonna go for the 600mg but until that I am looking into some options that may help me beat the lethargy that has made it so miserable for me in the past. I can deal with the shitty sleep even though that gets old quick, but the feeling of being mentally drained is what kills me. My body has energy but my mind doesn’t, I recently purchased a product a source of mine made that has , ephedrine, albuterol, dmaa, rimonabant, yohimbine, and caffeine all in one. Gonna give this a shot prior to the dnp and see what the effects are like, hoping that this will help with the energy boost I need to keep me in the gym
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    I noticed a BIG difference when I started consciously manipulating my electrolytes and pushing lots of water. It helped a lot with the lethargy and energy.
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    Got some good news and some bad news. Good news testing results from weight n measures came in and DNP is at 99.88% purity.

    Bad news is the Mtren isnt Mtren it is methyldienolone at 96.5% purity. I got Jipped but at least its still a steroid and not bath salts.

    Will try posting pictures of the results but meso always gives me difficulties when I want to upload a picture.
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  12. You sir, are a true gentleman
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    Great to hear about dnp. Just placed my 2nd order!
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    Since there are a lot of DNP users here, I feel it is appropriate to ask this question. I have heard that dnp can somewhat suppress t3 levels. What do you guys think? Anyone ever tested before and after?
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    Always appreciate honesty. Thanks man.
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    Any idea what the other 0.12% is?
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    That is a popular claim.

    There isn't really any evidence to back this claim up. There was one study, Norwegian I think, that showed that T3 dropped, but it was questionable and it was only one study. Even if they do drop, they would return shortly thereafter. There just isn't any evidence.
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    Couldn't M-Dien still be sold? Not familiar with it but doesn't look like something really sold now. A quick search came up with some good info.
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    Ran his DNP for 5wks May to June. Went from 270 to 230 and haven't gained any back 5wks later. Starting a new superdrol, tren, test cycle next week. 20190714_101501.jpg 20190714_101419.jpg
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