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    Faxed? Whats a "fax" ???
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    I think it’s when you put a message that you write with your hands inside of this paper holder thing. Then you put this little sticker on top of the paper holder thing, then you actually have to walk outside and put the paper thing with the sticker inside of this metal box and then wait for someone to come pick it up. I may be wrong tho... my grandpa told me about it once but he’s old, mean, and crazy...
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    What, like sealing wax?
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    Anyone try the liquid t3
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    Used these guys a few times and everything has been gtg!
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    Can't wait to try this gear
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    Got my pack today. Everythings appeared to have came as ordered. Fast delivery too, less than a week
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    So no minimum for domestic I’m guessing?
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    Update, I got off work really late last night. Appears the gw wasn't delivered. Hopefully he makes it right I don't see anything shady going on yet
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    Shipping was fast thanks T.D
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    Dont think so.
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    This is correct.
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    Yeah your whole order wouldn't fit in just one box so we had to ship part of it in another one.
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    Sale today! Why not order some DNP and gift it for christmas to that relative that really needs it? This sale is for one day only. When ordering please include MESO SALE in the emails subject.

    USA Domestic Price List:

    Fat loss:

    DNP 200mg - $.40 per cap
    DNP 100mg - $.25 per cap
    DNP raws - $1.25 per gram
    albuterol 4mg 30ct- $6
    Tiromel t3 25mcg - $.35 per tab
    T3 100mcg/mL 30mL - $15


    Test E 300mg/mL - $15 (actual dosage 330mg)
    Injectable carnitine 400mg/mL 30mL - $20
    Injectable yohimbine 8mg/mL 30mL - $15

    Oral Steroids:

    liquid Anadrol 50mg/ml 30ml - $15
    liquid Anavar 50mg/ml 30ml - $20
    liquid Dianabol 50mg/ml 30ml - $15
    liquid Winstrol 50mg/ml 30ml - $15


    MK677 30mg/ml 30ml - $28
    Cardarine 30mg/ml 30ml - $25
    LGD4033 20mg/ml 30ml - $25 -low stock
    Ostarine 30mg/ml 30ml - $25 -low stock
    S23 30mg/ml 30ml - $20 -low stock

    Shipping $10 or free when order over $50
    We accept payment by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
    Contact us at shreddedlabs@tutanota.com or shreddedlabs@protonmail.com

    International Price List:
    DNP 200mg - $.80 per cap
    DNP 100mg - $.50 per cap
    DNP raws - $2.50 per gram
    Albuterol 4mg 30 count - $6
    Tiromel T3 25mcg - $.45 per tab

    $100 order minimum before shipping
    Shipping is $30 per 400 caps
    We accept payment by bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
    Contact us at shreddedlabs@tutanota.com or shreddedlabs@protonmail.com
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    Something’s off about you bromigo
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    Your definitely wrong. Your account on here is pretty much dead, go away.
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    11 posts and 9 are “DNP??”

    This is a community. You’re an outsider. Stfu and read. You’re being lazy and that’s gonna bite you in the ass. Find a source yourself. Nobody’s giving a G2G around here and if they are it’s a scam.

    You’re too dense to know I’m trying to help you
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