[SOURCE] Pharmaceutical Grade Anabolics (PGANABOLICS) CANADA DOMESTIC + USA/NT

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by CanadaHumanGrade, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Sdryx

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    Hey PG! You got caught bro:

    Proof that you in fact are the shill accounts being used to bump up your thread here.

    Fuckin SCAMMER!

    BUYER BEWARE! I called his joke out from the start. What more do you guys need!????
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  2. antihero

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    He’s done here, can we get Millard to get rid of him @Steve84 ?
  3. Had he showed up here, avoided pumping up his UGL as pharma and just stayed humble when his feet were being held to the fire, he probably would have been fine.

    i don't understand why sources make it so hard for themselves, when it's not really that hard to be a successful source here.
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  4. UpNorth

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    So Wayacrucis is a shill account of this lab, along with mr Pharma?

    Mr Pharma , the name sounds connected lol

  5. Steve84

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    Haha you guys are the same as me...
    I don't really care, I'm just the one that busted him.

    I hardly check things like that but I was curious about SYN and imagine my surprise to open that up and think omg did this really happen.
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  6. antihero

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    Take a look at the syn thread. I called out Wayacrucis for bashing syn and turns out he replied with his other account which Steve found the first version of before it was edited and posted a screen shot of it.

    Two banable offences @Millard Baker
    1) @CanadaHumanGrade continues to Posts in many threads not his own including syn, pareto, Nordic and the Canada thread.
    2) @CanadaHumanGrade uses accounts like @Wayacrucis @GainTrainOfPain @MrPharma and who knows who else to shill for him and turns out @wayacrusis is a double account for @CanadaHumanGrade as per the screen shot @Steve84 posted in the syn thread.
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  7. @antihero

    1.Settle down buddy. You and a few guys who never liked me from the start are throwing accusations my way based on what could be a doctored screenshot or something? and saying I am the same as all the users you posted above?

    First I get a ddos attack on the site from a competitor and now the bs? Lol.

    Sure, I have nothing to hide. Have the mod(s) check the IP/locations of those individuals. None of them are me. I know every single one, as they are clients, but none are me.

    2. As I mentioned in the other thread, I am not only on good terms but actively do business with other known UGL owners. So if you think I of all people would be doing something negative to someone then, I don’t know what to tell you.

    3. I’ve always minded my own business and will continue to do so. If you’re gonna accuse me of something have real proof versus somethig that anyone can make up/say.

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  8. Steve84

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    First of all you dumb fuck, that's not a doctored screenshot.
    We can really have Millard look at this, but you won't like the outcome of that.

    You fucked up, you got choices to make on how to handle that.... But doctored screen shot isn't one of them.
    Those emails get created and sent by Meso when a thread gets replied to.
    That I'm sure can be 100% verified.

    I have nothing against you so no reason to doctor a screenshot. In actuality I liked you. Think your prices are dumb for things but I wouldn't hesitate using you for pharma products.
    My beef with Global wasn't the product. It was the lie it was pharma grade. When it is ugl.
    And pharmatech nothing ever said by me or syn.
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  9. antihero

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    1. Double accounts doesn’t mean you signed up with the same IP. Doctored you say, sure. Weak cover up at best.

    2. Would be interested to see what the owner of syn thinks of you after today lol. Just because you’re friends with any lab owner truly has nothing to do with the conflict of interest you have portrayed with your double account

    @Steve84 apparently you doctored that screen shot
  10. Steve84

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    Look whats interesting..you replied and I got an email of it...

    Attached Files:

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  11. antihero

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    No no no you doctored it!
  12. i just called this one in the Syn thread. Denial and damage control, here we are.

    Don't keep digging your hole deeper. By default, an email is sent to the address you registered with for every reply in a watched thread. Everyone knows this, it's nothing new.

    You fucked up. You're not the first, nor will you be the last. Instead of making excuses, own up to your mistake and explain why you felt the need to have multiple handles and what you thought you would accomplish by talking shit in another source thread.

    It may not save your ass, but you have a better chance with being honest than you do with trying to explain something that can't be explained away.
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  13. For the record, the owner of Syn Pharma has discontinued any further business with PG Anabolics. Any Syn product that is sold by PG is simply on-hand stock that was purchased from Syn Pharma late last year.

    Im only posting here for the sole purpose of establishing the truth, which, quite frankly, is easily accomplished due to the software of this website that clearly demonstrates his underhanded behavior. And to suggest this was a "doctored screen shot" or an anomaly, is the most ludicrous thing i have ever heard anyone use as an excuse for betraying someone on this forum.
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  14. Seattle23

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    Bwahahahahaha nice snag @Steve84. Seems you didn't need our help to shut you down PG. You did it all by yourself!!!!! lol Never had a good feel about this clown day 1, and this is just the icing on the cake.
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  15. antihero

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    Check mate @CanadaHumanGrade
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  16. Riz

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    I'm actually quite surprised by this turn of events.

    You obviously have some very good connections in the industry seeing as you are able to source virtually anything from a Canadian pharmacy.

    No one in the time I've been here at Meso has been able to do that.

    That being said, why would you feel the need to create fake accounts to talk up your products and service?

    I can't fathom how someone with your connections lacks such confidence.

    This is extremely weird.
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  17. Millard Baker

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    Several accounts linked to Pganabolics were previously banned last year. I have closed 5 more accounts today including 3 mentioned above plus 2 inactive accounts.
  18. Speaking for myself, and im confident many others, thank you very much for investigating these events and continuing to strive for transparency and accountability amongst the membership and also removing anyone who feels they can create multiple accounts and launch unfounded accusations without being held accountable. Thank you Millard.
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  19. Hmmm, I was reading along, trying to see the issue here... Then I saw I’m being accused of being a shill account? Ha ha ha, ban me then you fucking pussy

    Imo this forum is a cesspool of bitches non lifters and faggots with no lives. Oh no! Hope I don’t get banned Bwahaha
  20. Steve84

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    Sorry PGA, none of this was my intention to hurt you.
    However sources need to learn they can't do what they want.
    I came to Meso solely because I can post naked chick's gaping assholes and it doesn't get deleted.
    So to lie/fake accounts and such is just wrong.

    You would've done great if you just operated with integrity and soo many sources don't realize that fact.

    Again sorry for what has occurred. But I mean you play with fire, sometimes you get burnt.
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