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    Because it's not mine. They ordered raws, and I came to make the product and nothing else. This brand I have full control over and I will build it to be mine. The only thing I can think of since he's not a member on Meso is to email them and they will tell you I'm taking over.
    I'm sure their's atleast one member on here who has ordered from them and can vouch for my products. However, they can't vouch for my customer service, shipping times etc. Eventually in time, Meso can say they got their products from me in 2-3 days and my customer service is top notch.
    I will also retake full photos of everything with meso and the date tomorrow. We don't usually work over weekends so we will have to go to our lab tomorrow and take photos.
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    Versace prices were a little bit better. MESO gets to pay more for the same product rebranded?
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    Versace was also liquidating their entire stock which is why their prices were dirt cheap. I'm talking to my team and discussing prices further, but it doesn't make sense to me to lower our prices to Versace when he was trying to give away his stock. We however will make our prices more competitively I just wish I could edit my original post to change prices and not post it on the third page.
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    Let me count the ways.

    1) unbranded and unlabeled gear, how the fuck do I know what's what when I get my bottles?

    2)You aren't clear how much stock you have on hand and what portion of that is old stock vs the stock you actually made a sig labs

    3) Your pictures don't include the Meso in every picture posted.

    4) I get why you don't want to post the brand of Autoclave, but just admit it's a genaric ebay one.

    5) Theres no reason not to say who you used to work for unless they had a bad rep. People split from companies all the time and start themselves, nothing wrong with that.

    6) You mentioned nothing about your computer and email setup and how that's handled.

    7) You don't mention how you're wash and sterilize all your stuff

    8) You don't mention what type of filters you use or pictures of them.

    9) You set up and style are the exact same as other sources but you claim that you aren't the same as them but you style and set up is the same as other sources and boards that you claim you aren't on

    10) Stop talking. I means stop talking, stop responding, stop posts. And read all the Q everyone has and address them all at one. No one trust you and don't have to. Meso not need you, you need meso youre business is so slow that you still have old stock (unlabel at that) and you can't answer basic question and provide proof about simple things that keep people alive and out of jail.
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    1- All my customers will be given a color coded chart and each vial is labelled so they can write the steroid on it. I wanted to show meso how full my vials were before they were labelled.

    2-I have thousands of products on hand and about 1/4 of it is previous stock. I will be showing much more tomorrow in pictures.

    3- As I posted above, every picture will be retaken with meso and the date.

    4-My autoclave is generic and I do not have a problem admitting it. It gets the job done, and I haven't felt the need to buy a different one for now.

    5- If you knew my old brand at all then you know they have a wonderful rep. They were one of the biggest brands on sst AND a very high grossing brands before the creator had a accident.

    6- I use tails in a remote location with secure emails and vpn. All emails and customer info are deleted after the customer receives the product. I cannot go further then this unless you have specific questions that don't affect my or my customers opsec.

    7- All surfaces and equipment are wiped down with medical disinfectant wipes. All glassware are washed in distilled water and isopropyl alcohol then rinsed a second time with distilled water. Then transferred to the oven at 400 F where they sit until they are ready to be moved to the autoclave. The stoppers go through the same process, but the oven is set at 180 F until they are ready.

    8- I don't use a cheap vacuum filter as my peristaltic pump works wonders. As I typed above, I will put pictures of everything that is being asked including my filters. I also did mention I filter through a 0.45 grade filter then refilter through a 0.22. My filters are millipak. I found they work better for me then whatman.

    9- I don't even understand what you are trying to say on this paragraph bro.

    10- It's obvious no one trusts me as I'm a new source on Meso but I will be staying and answering all questions, while proving I'm a source everyone can order from safely. I also think I answered every question as best as I can.

    Anything else that I missed that you would like me to answer?
  6. RCCP

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    8- The type of filter, not the brand or the size.

    9- your style fits nicely with other brands and boards, brands and boards you say you have no affiliation with.
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    I'll take photos of my filters, but will not explain anymore on them. I said enough that everyone could figure out exactly what filters I use and where I get them.
    Still not sure what you mean on that? I posted above I was a brewer for a well known brand on SST.
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    If you can't answer what type of filters you use you won't go very far. Look through the last couple sources pages where people have had issues with the type of filters used and it's caused some real damage to people.
  9. SignatureLabs

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    On Meso pictures/proof goes further then word. And all pictures will be posted tomorrow including my filters. And no one has to worry about getting damaged from my filters because I expect no orders until I'm properly vetted.
  10. RCCP

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    So you'll post a picture of the filters but won't just say what type they are?
  11. SignatureLabs

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    Dude.. I already said what they are. Please look up Millipak filters.
  12. RCCP

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    Not doing your homework.
  13. Still waiting for those pictures you said you will take.

    Also, why don't you post the 'updated' price list of your products? Your current prices are atrocious.
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    This is starting to look exactly like all the other recent intros.

    It’s just bait for newbies and desperate people. That’s the problem with MESO not having an advertising fee. Literally anyone can post up and start collecting bitcoin.

    New sources should have to contribute $500 to Anabolic Lab to show they have some skin in the game.
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    Damn good idea
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    @Millard Baker, sorry to tag you but has this ever been considered?
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    I'm running a little behind but the pictures will be posted shortly guys.
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    Can you tell me how I'm baiting? I'm open to constructive criticism but I can't improve by hate comments.
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    Well for starters, you could have had everything that you are being asked for ready before you posted anything.....

    You were a member of Meso for 10 years, no? In those 10 years you didn't have ample time to figure out what would be needed of you to source and what you should have provided in your intro"

    Baiting in the following way:
    People get the runaround lip service when they ask to see pictures with a big spiel about your safety and your customers safety.

    While the more experienced and patient members wait for you to post up everything you cash in on a few orders from people naive enough to do so before everything is in order.

    You disappear, wait a bit and then resurface under a new account with a new name.

    Rinse, lather, repeat.
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    There’s been a lot of labs lately that post up their pricelist and order information and promise pictures and other stuff to follow but then drag their feet and make excuses then pop on with the “running a little behind” excuses to bump their thread.
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