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    Yeah, you're posting in it? :rolleyes:
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    Pretty convenient excuse huh?
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    Lol my bad
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  4. Sure is, and it wouldn't be the first time a source has used that excuse either.
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    A Mindless
  6. OldSmice

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    The BRO bro’d his last bro to his bros.

    fucking tool.
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    Bro-cha-cha, I want you to meet your new friend BubbaBro. Get to know him. You’ll see him every day for the next 5 to 10 years.
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    I have talked with sources who have shared ways with me to nuke a hard drive within seconds in the event of a LE raid and supposedly its largely unrecoverable. Regardless from the customer perspective I would not sweat my information turning up on a source computer we have beat this to death before; anyone can order anything using my name or yours have it shipped to our front porch then grab it and run. Doesn't mean you ordered anything and i doubt any LE will spend time tracing bitcoin to bust a couple dozen gym rats in 25 different states. If they can show up on the doorstep of Msterofron with the smoking gun in their hand and not pop him I would not be worried about a few emails.
  9. B Ware

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    Then go ahead and disclose your info here. Hell, let’s all just use our real names instead of these fake ones. I keep reading where members such as yourself say “don’t worry, LE wouldn’t bother with us”. That’s absurd or we wouldn’t be hiding our identities. We’re dealing in illegal substances and using the U.S mail to do so.

    So yes, if your info is on a sources computer and he gets popped, I would be somewhat worried.
  10. Glocker

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    Well that settles it we know the rumors are true; LE must have raided sparta because a bunch of meat-heads down at five-oh grew themselves some teddies.
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    I never said anonymity didn't matter. I have criticized guys for coming on here broadcasting they had a home visit and outing themselves.

    I never said small time buyers wont get popped. I have said we all play the lottery every time we send payments or emails for that matter but realistically if our names show up on a list what is the likelihood the local or federal DA spends resources to pop an end user who may ultimately end up with a fine and probation. But maybe the next source that gets busted they pull 50 names off the emails and make 50 nationwide arrests the next day just to send a statement. Thats called losing the lottery.

    I still would not be concerned about my name on a list because a) I accepted the risk going in, b) I never worry about anything i cant control.

    You may have me mixed up with someone else but i understand your criticism.