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    I always felt like SST was full of college kids who take aas but don’t actually work out look “good”for the 4 weeks they ran dbol at 100mg and then that’s it.
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    Probably 100% accurate.
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  4. You dont need to workout if you take steroids, obviously.

    I take my Tbol and Drol every day, fuck test. I'm too afraid of needles.

    Dont need pct if you don't come off gear
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    Yet you continue posting at SST and talking shit over there. Let’s discuss this “high school drama”, shall we?
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    Wow, just wow. I haven't said anything about meso on SST since this thread ended, yet you want to continue to keep the drama going? Unbelievable. I've been trying to stay active here, yet I keep getting hounded about this. I've been more active here than at SST.
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    ^^^^^ This is why I originally gave you shit for talking badly about MESO over there. If you like MESO you shouldn’t have complained about MESO. You talked about your family and then you wonder why they kick you out.

    I think an open apology would go a long way to getting you back to a point where you might be able to participate here without taking so much shit over it.
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    August 1st you were still running your cock holster over at SST about taking the high road and not responding AT MESO. Real high road, when you flap those gums at SST about Meso and the same 3-4 people—whom you fail to name—on another board.
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    Guess it feels good to get an “atta boy” from that cock sucking @BluesecSST. I bet that little bitch gives good back rubs.
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    You talked shit about MESO there. You shit on all of us here. I don't care what anyone else says, you aren't wanted here. Go back to SST, and lick their hairy buttholes after you're finished with their cocks. You've already proved to be very good at that.
  11. You know you’d suck your own dick if ya could
  12. I don’t believe that cock is long enough to cause any gagging, certainly not thick enough for a whole lotta slurping but you painted that picture well father
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    I’m sure nearly every boy has tried. Haven’t been able to since I was like 13.
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  14. You were able to suck your own dick when you were 13?
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    This is SPARTA...madness!
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    Lol, I’ve said enough.
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  17. Damn you must of been extremely flexible to have been able to suck your own little T-bagger lol
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    I’ve heard you can break your neck.
  19. I cannot self-terminate
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