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    See, there you go again with good advice!
  2. Heading out the door for the night. I will give a cycle example with t3, albuterol for cutting tomorrow. See everybody tomorrow.
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  3. Alright, here's a little example of how you could use Dragons Blood for optimal cutting.

    t3 is a great product to use with a stimulant. Many different ways to use it. Some people taper up and down. I don't think it's necessary. I think you'll get good results out of t3 at about 50mcg a day and can use it for a while. Lets use 2 two week cycles of albuterol and use the t3 for the whole duration at 50mcg.

    Day 1 use the t3 at 50mcg and just stay on it.
    Day 1 to 5 you want to use albuterol upon waking.

    Day 6 to 10 add albuterol in the late afternoon. Say 4pm.

    Day 11 to 15 add albuterol at noon time. So, add a dose between your waking dose and your late afternoon dose. That's 3 doses your taking now. Times and dosage will be hypothetical due to the fact everyones optimal dose and sleep schedule are different. Now, for Dragons Blood i will substitute an am dose of oral albuterol for Dragons Blood. I will do this say 4 days a week. Let's say i start my t3 and albuterol cycle on monday. Here's an example. And let's say i choose monday, tuesday, thursday and friday for my Dragons Blood days.

    Monday. Wake up at 8am and immediately pin Dragons Blood and immediately jump on treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes of steady state cardio. First meal 30 minutes after treadmill workout.

    Tuesday same thing.

    Wednesday i wake up and do oral albuterol instead of injectable.

    Thursday and friday same as monday.

    Thats 5 days. Now i add a second dose of albuterol. Remember, t3 was started on day 1 at 50mcg and will continue throughout.

    Saturday and sunday i wake up at 8am and do first dose of oral albuterol then at about 4pm on both days i do a oral dose of albuterol.

    Monday and Tuesday i wake up and pin Dragons Blood at 8am and do the steady state cardio plus i also do the 4pm oral doses.

    Wednesday (10th day) i wake up and do oral albuterol and add a noon dose. Right about 12pm and continue to take my 4pm dose as well. That's 3 doses now.

    Thursday and friday i repeat with Dragons Blood in am and do the noon dose and 4pm dose as well.

    Saturday and Sunday i do all 3 doses oral only. That completes a 14 day cycle.

    For the next 2 weeks do only the Dragons Blood on The 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) that you normally would, but don't add any oral albuterol doses.

    Then repeat the following 2 weeks with the same protocol as the first 2 weeks. That's a 6 week cycle. The whole 6 weeks continue to use the 50mcg of t3, but the last 4 days of tue 6 week cycle i would cut the t3 to 25mcg.

    Hope that makes sense. That's kind of an aggressive T3-Dragons Blood/Albuterol cycle.
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    tren and raw are the only ways to live brother life’s to short not to;)
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    Cool — so you suggest getting steady with oral Albuterol then adding some Am dragons blood...

    Don’t know to much about injectable Albuterol.... does it have a shorter half life? Or it just hit quicker ....
    Imagine injectable Albuterol is some potent shit....

    Would u play with some dragons blood as a prework out to find a good dose of that stuff?
    Or just start low dose during the cut cycle?
  6. No need to get steady. It's not a product thst you would need to get a therapeutic level. Quite the opposite. It will work less as you saturate your receptors. I just don't see the need to use Dragons Blood, or to inject albuterol, more than a few times a week. 2 benifits to the injectable. 1 being the immediate affects of the stimulant. Thus the usage on days where you wake up and jump straight on the treadmill. The affects start in time to benifit before you even start. And 2, the b12 and the lipo-b. If you inject DB at 1 to 1.5 ml a week that's plenty of those compounds.

    As for shorter half life, i would assume it is shorter. It obviously reacts rather quick. You can actually feel it working as your injecting. Like a little rush as you inject. I pinned way too high of a dose the first time i made it. Overdosed you might say. I felt the effects for about 4 hours. Obviously if you inject much less you may not notice the increased heart rate, etc for that long, but I'm sure it would still be doing it's job.

    You could use it as a pre workout stimulant, but quite honestly you probably are able to (have the time) take a oral dose and the effects kick in before getting to the gym. Remember, one of the main benifits to DB is the immediate reaction. Most people won't need that immediate reaction.

    These are my opinions. Some people do use DB for pwo. You can. You can use it any time you would use any stimulant.
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  7. About half way through the sale, folks.
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    I’ve used Dragon’s blood twice now at 1/4ml for morning fasted cardio. I have a high tolerance to stimulants due to preworkout and thermogenics I’ve used during this prep. My workouts are intense and it got me through without preworkout. Good stuff!!
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    Top notch services as always @StanfordPharma i can’t count how many orders it’s been but a lot. Always on time and correct
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    Your using pre workout only? I just ordered some and trying to figure out best way to use it.
  11. Awesome. Thanks for the update.
  12. Thank you, my friend. It certainly has been a minute, lol.
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    Yea man always top notch and amazing customer service
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    I use gear too but I normally use preworkout for my fasted cardio. It’s not needed when I use the Dragon blood.
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    U running a oral dose few times a day of albuterol?
    Care to share your dose? Maybe what you started with and where ya at how?

    Curious about lady’s dosing of some of this stuff....

    Particularly t3 & T4– ever use it?

    Say where I would run 50MCG T3
    And prolly not much higher AT ALL
    Is a lady’s thyroid about same dosage?

    Of course I can read- but I like a little bro science mixed in there:)
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    Yeah. I meant that you are using DB as a pre workout only and no other doses. My fingers dont convey what my brain is thinking all the time....
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    Just pinned .35ml of the Dragons Blood just for the stimulant boost. Testing if it gives me some type of appetite suppression. Not sure it was designed for this purpose but nothing wrong with a little trial and error. Slight jitters at this dose, may lower it in the future but it is not too bad.
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    Amazing fast shipment by @StanfordPharma ... 0 pip on the pinning... Top quality gear and amazing service/communication with the man.
  19. Thank you, sir.
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    @StanfordPharma is the man and provides first class service second only to his donkey...

    Having gotten that out of the way just a question in general. Have you played around with any other carriers other than GSO? Like MCT etc?? Just a question