Steroid dispensaries

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 350lift, Sep 9, 2019.

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    Sorry for any confusion... me and my crew have called juice "crank" forever, like 20+ years. Never done meth, so never used the term in that way.
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    So glad I left that state!

    The politicians dumb and pass laws like this. There are some documentaries the news did on how horrible the street drugs and homelessness and crimes are. Cops can’t do shit anymore.

    3 part documentary, forget name but part 3 is called Seattle is dying. It’s on YouTube.
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    You're equating math heads to adulterers? Adultery isnt bad for you unless you get caught but it isnt moral. Meth heads steal from and kill their own family members to get a fix. There are people who drink alcohol in moderation and have no problems. Are there meth heads who do meth in moderation? Probably not.
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    It’s not a question of whether it’s bad for you or not, it whether people should be allowed to do things that are bad for them. You guys seem to miss the irony that we are arguing about whether or not a person can make choices about what they want to put inside there own body on a site that promotes the sale, distribution, manufacturing and use of illegal substances.
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    Steroids r legal in the uk meth is not.
    That destroys ur argument
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    Personally, I prefer the black market to the taxes and regulation that would go with making what was legal through the 70's without incident legal again.
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    Please don't tell my wife. She knows how good I am at math..
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