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    assist thyroid function, energy, fat loss, etc..
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    Thank you for the replies
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    When you get the DHB on the menu I will be a customer. Carrier with Guaiacol with MCT preferred.

    That carrier oil mixture gave me zero PIP.
  4. Guaiacol is hit and miss with most people as far as PIP goes, Plus it fucking REEKS like burnt rubber that will keep your lab smelling like it for weeks at a time. MCT, BA & BB at the right mixture is all you need and can be PIP free. Definitely use MCT for the carrier oil.
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    There is a very popular source on these forums that brews DHB in GSO and my god it leaves you crippled. The worst PIP for days. I tried everything to help limit the PIP. Two other buddies were running his GSO DHB and they were crippled from the PIP so much that they had to drop it from their cycle after 4 weeks into it.
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  6. yeah the reason is because GSO is absorbed by the muscles too quick, quicker than the hormone is, thus leaving behind a lot of the compound sitting in the muscle....MCT on the other hand is absorbed more slowly and reduces PIP exponentially. any DHB brewed with MCT or a mix of MCT and EO is usually "almost" PIP free. There is usually a delayed PIP but its very minimal. I am somewhat of a DHB connoisseur. I think it is one of the best compounds all around one can take. You can lean out or bulk on it.
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    What in your opinion is the optimal dose per week for cutting? And bulking?
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    I think DHB is the best compound to run although it is not for everyone. I'm surprised that you would recommend using it to bulk....
  9. 400-600mg week and to be honest man its all diet related you want to be in a surplus for bulking and a deficit for cutting. DHB has very good nutrient partitioning properties, kinda like tren but not as extreme just like you can cut and bulk on tren its all about diet. Ive have done a slight recomp on 300mg week of DHB and It was just as good as a recomp of tren a @ 200mg was, now granted tren had me way stronger because its so much more androgenic, but long story short I was able to run the DHB WAY longer than the tren with none of the dreaded tren side effects.
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  10. Its just a really slow bulk kind of like EQ is but very keep able gains and I am not gonna sugar coat it... ya gotta eat... a lot! But Ive gained 13 lbs on a 12 week bulk with DHB @ 600mg, test E 600mg and kept most of it brother. Solid lean mass no water retention like decca or dbol gives ya because DHB i consider to be a "dry compound"...
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    Test e? Updates
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    Dhb is one of my favorites....the amount of oil sucks tho think mine was 125 mg/ml.... most labs dhb is crippling. I've used 3 and only 1 was doable. Jacked up my blood pressure pretty good but a little cialis dialed that in for the 12 weeks I was blasting... think I ran 500 or so a week same results you mentioned lol.
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    Very close. I received a partial shipment and the rest is en route.
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    My pack landed so that’s good news
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    Hello all.
    I hope everyone is beginning a great weekend. This has been the busiest winter in my entire career. I'd like to have a day off soon; but I will recognize this busy time as a feast in a long career of mostly famine :D.
    I have some updates:

    UPDATE #1
    I emailed with a person today who was taken advantage of by a source: leaving the customer in a bit of a bind. He didn't need enough to meet my minimum; but I imagined what it would be like to have a well-planned cycle on the verge of uselessness because of a missing or underdosed component. So I allowed him to order under the minimum.

    I am telling this story for two reasons:
    I want to be true to my word with everyone; and I felt like it was appropriate to disclose the under-minimum order allowance.
    Also, I want to extend this same courtesy to anyone who has had undesirable business transactions with another supplier.

    The waived minimum for orders:
    1) will end on 01-01-2020
    2) will not be extended to the same person over and over
    3) is designed to help bridge any gap caused by bad dealings with other suppliers

    UPDATE #2

    Packages are moving slower than usual. Normal 2-3 day shipments are taking 4-7 days. I anticipated this; but there is no workaround for it. Please exercise reasonable patience for the next couple of weeks; and do not be alarmed if packages are a couple of days later than you are used to. Also, I have spoken with MANY customers whose packages were 3+ days after shipping, but the customers had no incoming packages listed on the informed delivery service. I don't know why this happens, but it is widespread; and my wife's personal shopping does not show up on ours either. I will gladly track a package; but I am working very long days, so it may be the next day before you get a tracking reply from me.

    UPDATE #3
    I finally have everything together to send off to the 2 different analytical labs. There are only two items; but I had to wait a bit for one of them. I know it has been a little while since this was discussed; and I wanted to ensure you all that it was not forgotten.

    Thank you all for sticking this out with me thus far.
    I wish you all a great weekend!

    Pastebin below:

    <script src=""></script>
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    Anyone tring his DNP ???
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    @Masterofron did, Said it was good.
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    ^ How about the Anavar , winstrol, and or pct products ?

    anyone try
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    Anyone heard from this guy today
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    I'm here. Working a lot lately. If you need anything please email me.