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  1. BBWfinesser

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    damn so would i need to cop ai and pct seperately from another source?
  2. Snipe_HNIC

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    When’s test E in stock you think
  3. Cornfed

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    I haven’t had an issue,
    And I’ve had 3 packs land in the past 3 weeks. But a helpful tip to always remember when ordering AAS or anything in illegal, don’t spend money that you can’t afford to lose. Nothing is guaranteed.
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  4. Jurgen

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    Check the paste bin, he has nolva and clomid now along with arimidex and femara.

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  5. Temp account5

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    I just got wet reading this
  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Wait, what???

    You keep ordering raws and each time it gets seized at customs? Multiple times. What’s going on and are you out money each time?
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  7. Skorecese

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    Take the piggy dick out your mouth boot licker. Only a cock sucking rat would wish someone else to be arrested don’t forget you’re a criminal too you take and buy illegal substance that cops would have no problem throwing your ass in jail. And cmon it’s so easy to say you’ll knock someone out on the internet. Little different in the real World and with me it can end a lot of different ways and I promise you wouldn’t win any way .
    But I’m off this done cluttering this thread just remember we’re all criminals here and cops hate you because you are one
  8. B Ware

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    A few weeks back he also said his raw supplier stole thousands of dollars. I believe it was because of the hacker? It was something silly like that. Anyhow, there’s a lot of strange and quite frankly unbelievable things that’s happened in this thread with this source.
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  9. B Ware

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    Here it is. Out 17k because he told his package receiver about the hacker. 17k worth of product to never be seen again.

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  10. Temp account5

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    So the source is fucked too?

    between this le shit and the hackers my brain is gonna explode.

    At this point either this hacker shit is a new trend started by some source to knock out competition

    or the hacker is a cop

    or the hack is affiliated with panda

    I can’t fucking god damn tell anymore

    i think the hacker is just le at this point all these boards are going down like a wildfire. I don’t believe it’s some dude behind a computer
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  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    The hacker has been doing this for a long while though. It just seems like it’s a recent thing. He was emailing sources on other boards for over at least a year. It’s not new. It’s just new to the majority of us here.

    And we don’t need to be so fucking desperate for sources. Chill out. New ones come and go all the time.
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  12. Raisinballs

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    Definitely don’t say “cop” in this thread
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  13. Temp account5

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    But I’m extremely desperate
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  14. Chmewy

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    Hmm so should I put in a order with this UGL or just keep lookin? A lot of shady shit seems to be goin on but I mean all of these sources are shady af
  15. Noah86

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    You were over at Prissy’s thread just asking the same thing about “so should I hold up and order from another source”

    Then here your asking since Sym is out of Test 300 if you should just try the Test 400 or get the Test Cyp cause your not really sure.

    What I’m getting at is your either pretty new to cycles in itself and obviously haven’t purchased anything from any sources on here.

    Ultimately don’t ask members stuff like “so like who should I order from”
    Read the threads and make your own educated decision based on the information.

    I have ordered from Sym myself with no issues but right now he is running low in stock and talking about he might have to close up shop for him to reup which is never a good look. Think he just keeps blowing money on raws and getting screwed over, but then again, who really knows.
    If not, go thru the other threads, of either PPL,Stanny,ashop or if your rich go buy some “Lambo” gear from Bestgear.
    Get yourself a bag of popcorn and just read thru the threads
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  16. OldSmice

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    There is an epic level of retard these last few pages.
  17. Chmewy

    Chmewy Member

    Mhm, i
    was 100% going to go with prissy but he’s having issues atm. That’s why I’m here. This was in my own opinion the only other source that I somewhat trusted. Sorry for trying to reach out to some of his customers for there own experience. I guess trying to make an informed decision based of that is just bad
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  18. Tiredandhot

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    A lot of newbie members posting some crazy crap, I agree.
  19. Snipe_HNIC

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    @SymBiotics someone suggested putting testing in one section or adding to pastebin. Can you post that up
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  20. Bhairava

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    Were any of the Mct products ever tested? @SymBiotics
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