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    Which Elroy? Me or the newb???
    Alright-alright, no more cluttering up syms thread...
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    "Order" maybe risky to put in the subject line but I can see some who is new to this thing putting "Symbiotics", "Steroids", "Anavar", etc in the subject line as well...just a thought. Dunno how to rectify this potential issue.
    "Order" seems pretty general...and giving a list of phrases for buyers to use in the subject line of an email would narrow down who you were even more so if "Order" as a subject line was considered that risky to begin with.
    I hate to say this but I'd bet about anything that someone will eventually put your name or something that's even more of a telltale in there. I can see why "Order" was the initial subject line phrase's general...and it probably headlines many emails. Some of our newer members don' WTF we're doing...I'm not talking about the 24yr old on here posting about injecting 3mls of prop in his calf and reporting some "bizarre unforeseen" events in this thread either. I'm talking about really really stupid people who could be potential customers of yours.

    Case in point: A month or so ago, someone on Meso posted pics of a very clever stealth method used by a source they ordered from. Doing that... was... absolutely... moronic. The sources stealth method was top notch and the source must have worked their ass off to get their product out that way. In one post, this guy completely fucked up this sources whole stealth operation. Yes...some of us are just that fucking dumb.

    If some random new guy made a mistake of this magnitude, I can only imagine what kind of colorfully titled emails will eventually end up in your protonmail inbox. I'm not saying "HEY Sym, FIX THIS NOW", I'm just considering what kind of flags would be thrown up if someone emailed you with something worse than "Order" as the headline...just thinking out loud here.

    BTW...what happened to Proviron? Did you used to list that for sale or am I getting old and my brain is rotting away? I could have sworn you offered it and sold out of it extremely quick due to demand.
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    Are there currently any running issues with the lab that haven't been addressed?
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    If you think that’s bad, you should’ve seen all the fucking guys on here posting about PPL ripping them off when indeed it was his stealth shipping. People never seem to amaze me when it comes to common sense and if they have a fucking issue to try to resolve it with the source first unless it affects everyone such as a ball hair in a vial lol.
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    Hi @SymBiotics, you're very welcome friend.

    I have not received a PM yet but please know that you are always free to PM me if you need help or advice.

    To everyone else that send me a private message (and comments here) thank you too. I will try my best to answer all of them. I'm a little behind with work, so I apologies for my late replies.
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    Jesus, what in actual fuck man! Are 16 year olds buying raws on this board?
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    Can I see updated list? Curious about primo
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    I’ve been waiting on Proviron to be restocked before I place an order. I’m hoping he gets it soon. I’ll have to go with another source which I don’t want to do.
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    . Yea I was thinking the same thing on another board, the very first day he joined, chimed in with a first post that he works with LE, and we would never see another td after I believe 2021? And he finished up by saying he was most certain of this..... now posting this wild garbage, then I see his age, Slow down there young grasshopper!
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    I bet all major busts start out with LE outing themselves :D :p You guys are too much lmao. We’re just out here trying to get jacked and learn to cycle safely just like you. I thought you might like to actually know what was going on as opposed to posting a bunch of wrong information. My mistake. Carry on with the conspiracies and thinking LE gives two shits about you or the 5 vials in your sock drawer.
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    U still a cop...idc how much gear u do...if u found steroids on someone u would charge em ya hypocrite
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    Oh the ignorance...
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    ok piggy
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    Go meet ur quota bitch...ur like a woman how at the end of the month u turn into a super bitch and fuck everyone's day up...instead of blood its tickets that poor outta u...find a muddy shallow pond and bathe in it bacon bits
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    If you don’t know the difference between a street cop and a government agent there’s not much left to say....I have no quota you retard I’ve never even made an arrest. I sit at a desk and investigate counterfeit cigarette sales and tax less sales of alcohol.

    I’m literally second guessing all the advice I got here now lol. Must be a bunch of tweaking ass street crooks!! Who’s coming for your roids next the irs?
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    I kno the difference I just dont give a fuck about you enough to care If my insult makes sense...I'm sellfish...I made myself chuckle it's enough for a simple fuck off ya cig and alcohol tax collecting fag...
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    Coming from the 24 year old with a cycle like that, In his calves...... the LE on this forumn are grown ass men who know to stay in there lane, and defiantly not post saying we can kiss our packages goodbye by the year 2021. You called some one ignorant . I’m done though sorry to bash you, just smartin up ATF . Roll back on all that gear, less is always more
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    Hold up ur 3ml calve guy...
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    Thank you! At least I feel like your actually insulting ME now lol.

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m a beginner when it comes to gear. I’m here to take my lumps and figure out what this life is all about. Nothing more. I felt like I had something to contribute in that adex thread. I ACTUALLY know what issues we as users are up against. I figured speaking the truth about the recent seizure of domestic packs would answer some questions for all you guys. In hindsight I probably should have excluded my being a federal agent but then everyone would figure I had no clue wtf I was talking about.
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    I am a CIA secret agent too
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