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    Depends on the size of your testicles
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    Whoa whoa whoa... There can only be 1 Elroy Jetson...
  3. Why pin 3mLs of PROP into virgin muscle especially the calf?
    You were asking for PIP man holy shit.
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    There were instructions for the subject line to use the word "order"; but I removed them.
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    That is an impressive injection for sure. I don't inject my calves since the first (and last) time a couple years ago. The muscles there are so dense that I could imagine each step squeezing a bit a 3ml bolus of oil back through the injection site.
    About the injection: you said you wiped each of the vial tops with alcohol. Did you withdraw test-P from multiple vials; or was there a different compound mixed in the 3ml.

    I cannot speak for your symptoms; but I have had more than one injection that ended up with some oil subcutaneously. Most often it was a gluteal injection because the position is a bit awkward for me. The symptoms of redness and inflamed boggy tissue sounds exactly like mine appeared.
    I couldn't tell you which compounds caused it because I have had it happen enough times over the years that I know it was the subcutaneous placement that caused it rather than the drug itself.

    Test-P makes me sore still, so I can only imagine how your calf feels right now. I hate this has happened; but please test new products in smaller doses in muscles that are conditioned to injection. This scenario leaves too many variables to even begin to formulate an explanation.
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    No ones fault but my own @SymBiotics I hadn’t realized my injection volume, placement, and frequency needed some work. My knowledge on steroid use has been limited as I’m only 24 and just getting my feet wet.

    The redness and heat has mostly gone this morning. I checked and no sign of fever or anything like that. I basically knew the injection hadn’t gone well and that was likely the cause of the redness; I just wanted to look here for some advice from more experienced dudes.

    I was also doing an insulin and an hgh shot.
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    Try his new email symbiotics.aas@protonamail .com
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    In your introduction you mentioned you were mid cycle taking TestC,NPP & Tbol, but then here you happen to be pinning 3CC’s of TestP as well as doing shots of Insulin and HGH at the same time at the age of 24????

    The fact your doing Insulin shots at your age along with some awkward cycle blast and admitting that your still learning and getting your feet wet is simply waiting for you to go hypo and into a coma with your jacked up red welt on your calf thinking where you went wrong.
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    I had been using test c but since it has to be pinned less frequently than the npp I was forgetting injections. I ordered the prop thinking I could pin it eod with the npp in the same barrel so I wouldn’t keep forgetting. However @BigBaldBeardGuy provided a chart that looks like that plan won’t work either. So I may continue on the prop or c haven’t decided yet. What do you guys think?

    The hgh and insulin are a brand new addition to my cycle. I have heard that this is the best way to gain size hands down. I’m trying to do all this the right way but I am just learning.
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    I originally answered this question here but cut and pasted the whole thing over to your intro post. Don’t want to clutter up SymBiotics thread here.
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  12. In the same pin?!?!
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  13. Yeah man. You're doing so much shit wrong. I hate to say it like that, but it's true. I've been doing steroids for over a decade and I'm just considering slin and growth.

    I think a good thing would to be to take a step back, just do test and maybe npp, and then focus on your diet and training. You're 24 and just came out of the best time of your life to grow.

    Between 18 and 22ish, your natural T levels and growth are naturally amazingly high. If you didn't put on a good amount of size then, then it's really time to look at diet, training, and rest.

    There's a lot more I could say, but I'll leave it at that for now.

    I mean no ill towards you either bro, but damn insulin abd growth at 24 just isn't needed.
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  14. Aren’t you the dude who stated you worked for the ATF?? Boasting about how nobody will be getting anything through the USPS by 2021???

    This guy is LE y’all. Watch out communicating with him.
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    I thought the same thing but I couldn't find the post.
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    Very good info there should be a thread or sticky on keeping secure and anonymous
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    He has 11 posts total. Took 30 seconds to find it in the adex thread. You’re welcome.
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    Haven't been able to load old posts in Tapatalk for some reason. Thanks chief.
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    You completely mistook what I was saying if you thought I was boosting. I get my gear the same way everyone else does; I was just sharing some insider information on the topic that was taking place there. The seizure of domestic packs from two or more sources in a short period of time. I don’t like I anymore than anybody else here.

    As far as me working for the gov let me tell you a larger majority of agents use aas than not. That branches out to the military as well. I was in the Marines for 4 years and tons of those men were using as well. Roids aren’t heroin or some bs. Guys are on this shit looking for self improvement. I was recommended to this board by an active member that works for DHS; my partner who works for the Sheriff’s office is a regular here as well. News flash boys aas ain’t big on anybody’s radar at the moment.

    Everybody else thanks for the information. I thought I was doing things the right way but seems I have a bit of learning to do still. Seems I should probably follow @BigBaldBeardGuy advice and keep it a bit simpler for now.

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    Can we drop the talk about elroy? @BigBaldBeardGuy tried to get this SOURCE thread back on track.
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