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    I don’t see any instructions in the pastebin regarding the subject line?
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    I pinned 3 cc of @SymBiotics test p on Sunday in my left calf using a 27g pin. All normal sanitary techniques were followed. Wiping vial tops for 30 seconds each with a fresh alcohol swap etc. I am pinning A LOT off oil so I was trying a new site (Virgin muscle). The pip was really bad beginning Monday and even worse Tuesday. I was literally hobbling around; calf was in such pain. However I attributed this to it being a new site and test p having a bit of bite at times. Yesterday (Wednesday) pain had mostly subsided however I noticed some swelling and redness at the site. An area roughly the size of my palm. Today when I woke up the area is extremely puffy and red; also very hot to the touch.

    I was a bit shallow when pinning less than 5/8. Could what I’m seeing be a reaction similar to sub q pins? I’ve seen plenty of welts from gh. Just feeling a little nervous. Even slacks brushing the area kinda sucks at this point.
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    3cc in your calf!?
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    I hope the guy is joking. This was a terrible choice, even if he's pinned calves before. 3cc, smh.
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    Post a pic
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    Slacks???? Well take off the girl pants and fucking man up a bit, Elroy!

    3 cc of any test prop pinned anywhere is gonna give you a lump. Let alone in virgin muscle. And that’s way too much oil for the calf. What are you doing? Prop should be pinned ED. No way you’re pinning 21 cc a week. So much wrong here.

    Test pin new gear. One cc max to see if it has a bite. Nope, you fill the barrel and say “what the hell, let’s jam this in a new spot. Yolo.”
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    I usually do 3cc in a variety of locations with no problems; even traps. I had expected some discomfort due to it being prop and virgin muscle however what concerns me is the heat and redness. Also the pain had subsided and now returned.

    I was under the impression that eod pinning would suffice with test prop. I know levels won’t necessarily be stable but something along the lines of pinning test c once a week.

    I would like to because I know I’d get better advice with a visual but I work for the gov and have a recognizable tattoo in the same frame as the redness.
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    Plug it into I’m assuming you’re around 500 mg/week


    EOD its got pretty sharp peaks and valleys


    ED pinning is a lot smoother - not sharp fluctuations.

    For your red area... 3 cc is a lot in the calf. Given you weren’t that deep, the calf didn’t take all of it, it pushed out of the muscle and into the subQ and is leaving a nice welt. It should go away on its own.
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    I had a recent touchdown from Sym and have been very pleased with the whole experience. From communication to product presentation I would give Sym a 10/10... obviously this can prove meaningless if I’m injecting snake oil but he’s made a better impression than 90 of sources at this point in his intro/vetting process. I am also concerned with these domestic seizures but it seems Sym is making a decent effort to improve his OPSEC.
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    I appreciate you taking out the time to post that on a holiday. Great information.
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    I knew you were into weird shit
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    Everyone looked like that in 1982, even the women
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    This is the most likely explanation. I usually test a new vial / source with a very small sub-q injection. Test P left a nice welt for a few days. Have used a few vials IM with no ill effects however. Jesus 3CC in a calf.... you’re crazy.
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    Injected 5cc’s of sust into my temple (virgin area) but I have some swelling. I used proper technique. Should I be concerned?
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    just rotate between left and right temple you should be GTG
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    Obviously you guys are all wrong, of course he is pinning 21CC a week, he must of bought the $750 Test Prop Liter, he has to blast thru the whole thing!!!

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    @Noah86 is that replacement cyp still treating you well? Any more pip? How’s the rest of the sym gear you’ve been running since your earlier issue with the test e?
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    I dunno man, I heard rotating between left and right testicle for injections was better for absorption and steady release :D
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    So can the liter of test be hooked up to an IV for a slow drip? Be hard core wheeling that around in bag carrier stand at the gym.