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    Hint of jealousy?o_O
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    Thanks for the like brother high five
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    Nice to see you around.
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    I don't know why; but I read this in Leslie Chow's voice from The Hangover.
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    I hope that everyone has had a good beginning to the work week. Thank you again to the people who have trusted me to supply their needs for performance enhancements.

    Although I don't engage in many conversations of subject matter I am uncertain of; I am constantly researching for knowledge to make my business and my product better.
    I learned recently that there was another shipping problem from a domestic entity; which resulted in a home visit by an inspector.
    I have been thinking of this issue all day, every day, for a long time now; and I believe I have stumbled onto two or more methods by which LE could isolate and target UGL shipments. It is always possible that I am wrong; but I do not think so.
    I have implemented some additional tactics to decrease the chances of my packages being scrutinized or targeted.
    For the record, I do not believe my package was damaged to reveal the contents. I feel that the other lab's package was also likely not damaged. It is known that UGLs have the crosshairs on them from the moment of their introduction. It is up to me, as the UGL owner, to try diligently to get inside the mind of an investigator: How would I find a package from a UGL if I had access to the shipping database? What shipping methods/supplies/etc do UGLs use that are common to their trade? What supplies do UGLs purchase to make these compounds; and where do they get them? Questions like these led me on my research of how LE may get their "hunches". We have to remember that much of the information regarding the purchase of supplies, labels, packaging, etc can be obtained by subpeona, warrant, or court order. More importantly, some companies say up-front, in their privacy agreements, that they will cooperate fully with LE. It is important for us to read that fine print.

    I guess what I am saying, in short, is that in order to avoid LE; one would have to think like LE-----only better and faster.

    I just wanted to let it be known that my issues from September will never be forgotten, avoided in conversation, or minimized; and that I am constantly researching ways to be better at what I am doing.

    Thank you to whomever reads this.
    My newest version of the pastebin list will be posted below:

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    @SymBiotics the LE hunches are probably digital surveillance related.

    From what I've gathered, they are not x-raying domestic packages (yet).

    You are likely leaving small digital footprints without realizing it.

    The only way I could help you is by asking questions that would not be in your best interest to answer.

    So I will post a few tips instead:

    * Don't check the tracking number ever,.. unless you run into issues with the delivery. Checking a tracking number with Tor basically flags your package (as most Tor ip addresses are publicly known to belong to Tor).

    * Disable javascript on Tor. This is probably the best thing you can do for your opsec.

    * Stop using mobile devices, trust me on this. It doesn't matter if you're using Android or iPhone, all of them have backdoors. All the way from google play services to actual hardware backdoors.

    * Stop putting information about the order in the subject line of emails. You mentioned that new orders have to use the subject tag: ORDER. Don't do this. The subject line is one of the few things not encrypted, not even with ProtonMail.

    * Take orders from ProtonMail only. Right now it says you allow secure email. However, just to give an example, emails from Tutanota to ProtonMail are not encrypted. I betcha this is how at least one of the packages was intercepted.

    * From the darknet busts we have learned that the NSA is now involved with assisting the FBI. This is something to keep in mind. Unless it's fully encrypted Protonmail -> Protonmail, don't allow any other orders.

    * Change your PGP key in ProtonMail to 4096 RSA in settings. It isn't this size by default.

    * Don't allow people to send to the same bitcoin address twice. If you're using electrum, create an entire new wallet, don't use any of the other addresses. Electrum nodes can read all of your addresses.

    * Use a full bitcoin node to prevent meta data leakage. This will require a 250GB disk space. And bitcoin core.

    * Encourage people to use Monero, that 10% discount was in your own best favor.

    * Ask yourself, what does every shipment have in common? Whether the preparation or the shipment itself. You are missing something.

    * Again, stop using mobile devices, this will be your downfall.

    * Turn your phone off when doing deliveries. I'm talking about leaving it home or removing the actual battery. Your sim card is sending signals to towers at any given moment.

    PM me, we can email about this if you want more help, there's about 2 dozen things I haven't mentioned.
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    How’s your wife feel about you growing a mustache and drinking coffee from a paper cup all the time?

    Does she mind picking up your short-sleeved dress shirts from the cleaners?

    I bet she gets annoyed when you two are driving around and you get somewhere, jump out, put your hands on your hips and say “please step out of the car ma’am.”

    Now we know what you look like Sym. How’s that increase OPSEC.

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    I take this one as an "exercise for the reader" but do you have specific flaws in mind here? Common shipment point, labels, return addy (even if fake)?
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    I noticed you’ve been switching some compounds to Mct, any plans in the near future to make the switch entirely, or start to roll out more Mct products? @SymBiotics
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    I came across some of the very things you mentioned in my research. I wish I had known you had this knowledge before I strained my eyes and fingers reading all the pages I went through :eek:
    I added some new instructions to the pastebin; including the proton to proton only clause. I was also unaware of the "subject line" visibility; so thank you for that. It has been changed in the instructions as well.

    The XMR discount has been increased to 15% to encourage the use of this currency.
    I'm terrified of the whole mobile device thing anyway; so that is an easy fix.

    In all, thank you for this post and the offer for advice. I will definitely contact you soon for you to reply at your convenience. I am appreciative of your knowledge in this area and your willingness to advise. I have always felt that one should never stop learning in any realm of life.
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    I was thinking more like Magnum PI; but I guess he wasn't really LE. He was much cooler than that guy in your picture though.:D

    And she would probably make me sleep on the couch if I did that.
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    Any recent touchdowns from this source?
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    Yes, my plan was to have every injectable oil in GSO and MCT by now; but my plans were set back significantly. Hopefully it will happen soon.
    Raw materials delivery has been my problem lately. I have hope that it will improve.
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    Please notice the increase in XMR discount and other changes in the pastebin.
    I will only respond to protonmail to protonmail messages. I apologize for the inconvenience; but it is in everyone's best interest.

    Goodnight to you all.

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    Any update on the Jano testing you had previously said you would be perusing?
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    I was just informed this evening that one of the two raws I was waiting on made it to my receiver today. I hope to have it in my possession withing the next 2 days; and they will be sent off to two testers.
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    Glad to hear. So you will be testing raws moving forward, or do you plan to test finished products as well?
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    My plans......well, they haven't seemed to work out as I initially intended; but yes, I do intend to test finished products.
    The problem is, of course, money. I don't have much of it because business and luck has been less than stellar for the last 90 days.

    For now, I will be testing only the raw materials. The rationale for that: I feel confident in my compounding if I know what quality of materials I am working with.
    In the event that a customer tests a product I made, and the test was not favorable; I would not know if I made a mistake, the raw material was adulterated, or the tester made a mistake-----unless the raw material was tested first.
    If a customer tests a product (which is reimbursable) that was made with raw materials that previously tested pure; then that narrows down the source of the problem in the event something doesn't test well.
    Then, there is the factor of time. It wouldn't be sensible to compound a material before I know what it is. So testing the raw material takes ~2 weeks; compounding takes a day; testing the finished product takes ~2 weeks-----so now there is over a month passed before the product can be marketed.
    My confidence in my meticulous compounding would allow me, with a clear conscience, to market a product made from raw materials that were previously tested.
    It just isn't feasible for me, financially to test raw and finished product; and reimburse for customer testing at this time. That could equate to many hundreds of dollars for one compound; and I just haven't the capital for that currently.
    I hope to be able to have a much more streamlined process for this in the future.