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    The amount of suicides and drug overdoses due to people losing everything from a wrecked economy will dwarf covid 19 deaths and this is coming from someone who’s wife is battling covid right now.
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    @jackdiggler haha not that run.. my binges were on my last most recent run with DNP.. fucking insane binges I went on and still lost fat
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    Got my pack from Sym yesterday. 4 days after payment. Looks good. Packaging was excellent. Pinned eq/npp today. Was smooth. Will keep y’all updated
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    Losing everything ?? Materials / money / housing are replaceable , health and life isn’t . If ppl choose to do that bullshit than so be it , weak ppl overdose or commit suicide .

    Those ppl should watch an episode of 30 for 30 or E 60 on espn . Watch a 12 year old fishing with no arms or a 30 something year old adult diagnosed with less than 5 yrs to live and smiling everyday .
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    I’m not attacking you but have you ever lost your job? Do you know what it’s like to get home knowing there is no source of income for your family? Have you ever had to tell your daughter she can’t get something small as a treat? Ever look into a hungry child’s eyes?

    Middle class and upper middle class have savings to get thru it. But hourly employees might not. They live paycheck to paycheck. Imagine being a waitress working for tips. That’s all gone. Hard working people will feel despair.

    It shouldn’t be mandated by the government. It should be people deciding on their own. It’s going to be brutal by the end of April.
  6. My pack from Sym landed yesterday. Everything was packaged very well and TA was 5 days.

    Can't wait to test everything out but I need to drop some weight before I worry about that.
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    Look I totally get what you are saying but my point is the economic windfall of this will more severe than the virus itself. Like I said, my wife is sick with it right now and it’s no fun but I’m still in the camp that the measures taken to flatten the curve will cause far more pain than the virus itself.
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    I have not ever had to do any of that no , I am middle class , but started from the absolute bottom so I know what it’s like to make chump change . Also I believe reading you had an addiction or maybe just were heavily involved in drugs if I’m wrong I apologize but I’ve always and always will believe there’s ways around things besides drugs , overdosing or the worst suicide . There l’s jobs out there daily and still even now during this there’s jobs . Fuck the welfare scum sitting on their porches collecting but that’s another issue . My point is overdosing and suicide is not a disease as some say , it’s a choice so if that overtakes corona it’s by choice not by being sick . Not looking to argue with you either BBG but I’ll never feel different .
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    I’m glad you haven’t been through anything like that. Life is hard on a lot of people right now.

    Overdose and suicide are not diseases but addiction and mental health problems most certainly are. Yes, you are right, it’s a choice but for many people that struggle on a daily basis for years, these become the “no way out” choices.

    Imagine the recovering addict that FINALLY got clean in 2019, he got a job, he’s supporting his family, his life is finally back together. Then the government TELLS him he can’t work for a month or two. Everything is yanked out from under him. Shit falls apart.

    There are a million people just like that. Nevermind the people struggling with depression during GOOD times.

    There’s just more than the corona virus. You need to look at stuff that’s always there too. And kills just as deadly.
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    I can feel a lot of what your saying pal I really can , but can I ask you a personal question ???

    If so , do you have children ? If you do and somehow there was a powerful force that came and said if you use gear one more time then your children will be taken from you .... or to the addicts you say whether it be heroin or even cigarettes (one of if not the most number one killer in the US ) , if you shoot another line or whatever smoke another cigarette , if they do their mother will be taken from them Tmr . For the most part I believe you wouldn’t touch gear again , and a lot of these individuals with “addiction” if they truly love their family members would quit cold turkey .

    Now the mental health issues I am in agreement on , but the addiction , sry I can’t get on board with ya . To each their own that’s what makes the world go round , everyone is entitled to their opinion . I hope we can still be cool and agree to disagree on different opinions I don’t want to mess this thread up with my thoughts on something not related to sym or gear etc . Hope you do respond tho and I’ll read and take into consideration but don’t want to continue back and forth ya know . Stay safe
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    I do have children and I’ve been married for 20+ years. I had a bad bout with alcoholism but I turned that around for these reasons.

    There are levels of addiction though. Alcohol isn’t heroin. And people are all different. I was horrible with alcohol but was able to drop it, there are alcoholics that aren’t half as bad but yet can’t give it up. There’s also alcoholics that have lost just about everything and managed to finally sober up and live the rest of their lives clean.

    It sucks that addiction literally rips families apart - I totally agree with you there. But some people’s brains work differently. If they could quit, especially for their family, I’m sure they all would. Talk to addicts. They’re in so deep it’s no longer fun or appealing.

    I will go so far as to agree with you that people are not totally powerless. But a lot of these people haven’t found what works for them. This is also a curable disease but our current methods are ineffective.

    This fell far away from the Coronavirus and off-track of Sym’s thread too. I think it was constructive dialogue though and didn’t derail into a name-calling argument which is what usually happens on MESO!
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    Alcoholic before I turned 21. Got lucky and married a girl who fights the battle with me for 13 years so far. I got sober, lost it, again and again. Months straight and then bam, back to it like I never quit. I’m now sober for a couple years but the damage is done. She loves me kinda sorta. And I’m honest guys, I’ve got it made... wife, kid, and both of us turn out decent salaries.

    The shame and depression is unforgiving. Even sober and upward I still think about eating a 180 grain breakfast everyday. My only reason for not chucking my life in the dump and calling it a day is them. Mental health can be brutal. If you never ran a belt around your neck just to see how it feels you wouldn’t get it. Some may not appreciate this statement but my religious experiences and divine intervention might just have saved my life and hopefully my marriage.

    Call me weak if you will but until that pistol is in your hand you won’t truly get it. If in my struggle being broke and unable to provide was added, I may have actually had the balls to do it. The picture in my wallet stops me. Barely.
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    Well said!
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    I get it man. I’ve been there before with a nasty pill / heroin/ crack addiction. By the grace of God and only God I put my demons to bed for the last 7 years but I know they are waiting to pounce at any given moment. Right I’m scared about my job (oil field) and I hear that familiar whisper in my ear to go ahead and numb my emotions but I know that will lead to certain death one or another. Trust in God man, it really is the only way.
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    poopy head
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    I love meso for this very reason...down the rabbit hole we go! :D I’d almost be willing to bet there isn’t one thread that everyone hasn’t had at least a few side conversations in lol.
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    This thread is a few months old already and has gone off the rails more than a couple of times.

    I enjoy the rat holes as long as it's not right out trolling.
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    Hello everyone. I hope you are all safe and as secure as possible in the strange times we are in as a species.

    There has been some really good conversation in the last few pages here and I am glad that there are other people thinking about the impending financial, emotional, and relational stresses we will face in the wake of this pandemic that has not even gotten close to the top of the bell curve. I believe that this will be one of the most significant disasters we will have faced, at least in my lifetime.

    I really hope I get to see people helping people; rather than selfishness and hoarding. When the toll of the inability to work becomes reality; there will be depression, anger, and even hopelessness like has been discussed in this thread. It is very sad; but I just got to thinking about how we live in the only country on the planet where our way of life, for many of us, would be greatly altered by one missing paycheck.

    Someone mentioned suicide rates increasing; and I completely agree that this will likely happen. I never made that connection until I saw it firsthand after the BP spill in 2010. The loss of employment in that region of the country was heartbreaking and life-changing for people who made their living from the Gulf. I personally knew someone who committed suicide after being without pay for a while; and there were more people I was not acquainted with that I heard about.
    Now whether suicide is a weakness or a chicken-out move or whatever else-----I don't know or pretend to have the ability to judge. What is is though is a death....a loss of a loved one or a dad or a son or a friend or a mom or a daughter that is final and will never come back. When these things happen there is no room for judgement on why the person made that choice-----there is most likely someone suffering because of that loss and they will need support. I won't go further with this topic.

    I always try to get inside the thoughts of people when they make a bad decision. For example: I grew up thinking that drug dealers were terrible, awful, soulless people who were taking the easy way out and just trying to get rich without working for it. I'm still eating those thoughts and words.

    I feel like I need to openly apologize for my flippant attitude concerning the pandemic in an earlier post. I wasn't appropriately concerned about contracting the illness because I had not dug deep enough to respect the virulence of this thing. I was discussing it with my wife, who knows about these things; and she gave me some interesting reading material. The short version is that the expression of illness, for those unfortunate enough to have severe form of the disease, is fatal in many many cases. The disease also appears to be rather indiscriminate too; and that is very worrisome.

    I didn't realize we were in a fight in which our ONLY defense mechanism is avoidance. We absolutely must practice social distancing or there will be a million or more dead people right here in the US in the wake of this thing. Loss of life will not be limited to poor, non-productive, criminal, or weak members of society. There will be doctors, nurses, police officers, soldiers, preachers, parents, teachers-----people we need will die. They already have been dying.

    For the love of God, stay out of the dollar stores. The length of time in which this disease is suspended in breathing air is excessive. Being in a small place like that, with unknown people who have been who knows where, has got to be one of the most terrible things a person could do right now.

    I hate to say it; but closing the gyms was a good move.

    I'll stop. My list will follow.
    Be careful everyone.
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    just placed a large order with Sym, including DNP, will run it as pack lands before summer comp blast, i been researching a ton into it and will continue.
    i will let you know how it goes (@Villain @Dthcore @Anabolicdonut)