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    Glad to hear! Time to get the summer cycles in full swing with the gyms open back up!

    It is good to know that if there ever are issues with source that they will be handled with quickly.
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    Ron Jeremy blow up doll?
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    All it took was some tests on some samples to get us away from the BS and back on track talking about the gear. I love it.
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    What, are you psychic or something
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    What BS?
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    No, I was just going to tell you that they’re on back order :D
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    Good looking out! Guess I’ll just have to spend it on GH instead
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    Let's get this thread back on track.
    These riots are......
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    Hahahahaha!!!!!! Holy Shit!!!!!!!
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    Riots and things Like that, I avoid the news like the plague, I didn’t think I’d run into it on my black market safe-haven.
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    My job called me back to work last week and I’ve been on 2nd shift hours (which fuckin sucks). I go back to 1st next Monday.
    My gym also opened up this past Monday and I’ve been every night this week lol. I go after work and I’m usually the only one there! :D
    Easing back into it though.
    I thought my home workouts would at least keep me close to where I was at before the shut down. But nope, I’m weak as water :(
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    My gym has been virtually empty as well. Except for the guy who does the same crossfit workout in the same t-shirt he doesn't wash every single day. I swear the gym could be burning down and he would be trying to do his last set of burpees LMAO.

    I go wet noes not there so I can enjoy the private gym as long as I can LOL.

    I'm sure you'll get your strength back pretty quick. Lifting in certain rep ranges can take time to adjust to so if you were doing mostly high reps during quarantine you just need a few weeks and you'll probably be stronger than before.

    Off topic for arm wrestling fans. Not sure if you saw this already but it is Larratt's son arm wrestling his wife. He also has some training vids on his youtube channel if you want to check it out.

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  14. SymBiotics

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    RhGH is available now.
    I am going to do something a bit different:
    I am going to sell this in packs of 5 vials; rather than boxes of 10 vials----and each 5-pack will include a 12ml vial of bacteriostatic sterile water. This will be adequate to reconstitute all 5 vials.

    I am satisfied with the iu per vial figure and with the very low dimer content; but I was puzzled about the purity percentage.
    I have sought further clarification/education on this.

    SYM 45 JANO.png
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  15. pfdept59

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    How much are you gonna charge for the HGH?I didn’t see it in the paste bin
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  16. SymBiotics

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    I hope you all have a great weekend.

    Also, nootropics are available again.

    <script src=""></script>
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  17. Rival

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    its there now look under his hcg listing in pastebin.
  18. SymBiotics

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    Sorry, I was working on it just now.
    $75 for 5 vials with 12ml bacteriostatic water.
    It's $1.40/iu for the HGH; with the vial of water at half the price of buying it individually.
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  19. Villain

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    I thought you were lowering the price on the hcg, or is that price reflective of the price drop?
  20. Noah86

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    I’ll be totally honest and just upfront with you, regardless of giving some free 12ml BAC water, 5vials of 86.235% Purity HGH for $75 is expensive. (Trust me I know Pharmagrade is like 80iu for like $350+)
    So regular kits as you mentioned are sold usually in quantities of 10.

    So in essence you are selling roughly a 100iu kit (99.60IU) for $150. Which is really just 1.50/IU.

    Some people get from TP and a majority get from Opti and this is his current price tier of 100iu kit:

    99.039% Purity
    .028% Dimmer/Proteins
    100iu kits (104.1 actual IU)
    1 kit - $140 1.40/iu
    2 - 5 kits - $130/ea 1.30/iu
    6 - 9 kits - $125/ea 1.25/iu
    10+ kits - $120/ea 1.20/iu

    I’m currently on cycle running 6iu HGH split and want to make sure the 6iu I’m taking daily is as pure as possible for maximum effectiveness.
    Why would someone want to purchase a very similar priced tier HGH with such low Purity.

    Not sure the backstory of who you sourced this from but I’m sure they aren’t going to offer you a refund if it’s one of those random Chinese factories, but I was just questioning the price you chose to offload them at.

    Either way, I have been a long time Sym supporter because you have always done your due diligence with testing and correlating the batches with what you offer to sell which is the main reason my entire cycle is structured from you. Just through me off to see your HGH pricing is all.
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