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  1. SymBiotics

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    I took the GH off of my list.

    I truly apologize if I offended anyone by listing it.
    I forget who it was that mentioned that I may not know the HGH market; but that is correct. I thought the 5-pack was a good idea; but I did not know how much one would typically order.
    I have never considered using HGH because I have 3 first degree relatives that died of cancers early in their lives; and they had no risk factors.

    I was a bit miffed by the purity when I first saw it too; but I didn't understand how the analysis works. There is still ~10iu of legitimate HGH in the vial; but there must have been more than that before some of it was oxidized/degraded.
    I found out that it can not be harmful; so I listed it.
    I truly wish I could take it back now because I certainly did not intend anything that would make it appear as if I want to peddle inferior products.
    For the pricing: I had actually decided that I was going to change it. That is why I looked at the thread. Instead of changing the price; I read the comments and just deleted it from my pastebin.

    I will try this again when I get another shipment in. I ordered analysis in March and had to reship the samples, etc., etc.; so I was excited to be able to list it.
    Now that I understand what the numbers mean; I would use it if I were going to use HGH since it can be dosed accurately. However, I would never have listed it if I had know it would upset you all so.

    So if it acceptable: I would like to try this again at a later date with a different batch of HGH.
  2. SymBiotics

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    I truly apologize for enraging you so. It was not my intention. I have removed the HGH from my list. It was a mistake that I intend to learn from.
    I am very interested in the problem you are referring to with the testosterone cypionate.
    Did we come up with an amicable solution? I'm sorry, I just don't remember a conversation with test-C being problematic. But my memory is getting shorter each year I believe.
    If you would rather email me; please email me fro your order conversation and I will help in any way I can to get you satisfied with doing business with me.
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    Bro I’m sure some of us will still buy the HGH. Just at a lower rate because of purity reasons.

    I know I’m interested as fuck still. You don’t have to take a complete loss Sym.
  4. JC Grifter

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    I was surprised to see the low test results. But I will say that You have a reputation of doing right by your customers. I can’t speak for everyone else but I’d be open to you trying again. If you are able to get a more pure product, I’m sure members would be happy as you’ve become a one stop shop for a lot of people. Hopefully it works out.
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  5. Raiman_34

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    no tiene que ser una pérdida completa, claro que hay muchos de nosotros interesados, solo pensamos que debería reducir su precio debido a la pureza
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    He said what i said in Taco.

    Solo Bromeo xD
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    [QUOTE = "Dthcore, post: 2629138, miembro: 113572"] Dijo lo que dije en Taco.

    Solo Bromeo xD [/ CITA]
    Excuse me, I only read the comments of sym because I do not speak English and I only translate what is really interesting since many times the topic deviates to things that are not interesting or dedicated to what the forum really is
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    Thank you guys for the encouragement; but I want to list something more attractive.
    Please just give me a little time and I will have a better product AND a better price.

    I wish you all a great Saturday afternoon.
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  9. Dthcore

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    Gawd damn! Sucks for you!
    Pinché dolor de cabeza! Me lo imagino!!!!
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    Your Southern bro is too......
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  11. TNotch347

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    @SymBiotics i would still offer the gh for sale, ultimately your call but just to move it and make it known it’s a less than perfect product that was out of your control, .80-1.00/iu will get it going for sure.
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  12. limitphobic

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    Amigo... could you specify how the test cyp screwed up your butt cheek? Lol seriously I’m curious cuz I just ordered...

    Edit: also, was it GSO or MCT?
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    Does bloodwork go in this thread to get credit, or in the testing subforum?
  14. B Ware

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    Post it in the testing section so it’s easily accessible in the future and also either post it here or drop a link here to the thread made in the testing section.
  15. TNotch347

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    It was GSO, I’m still hunting down if it was me or if it was indeed the few vials I got, I’ll know soon enough after handing some out. There’s not many complaints so rather than stir this pot I would say the majority here have no issues, but In my instance it didn’t agree with me. Left me in pain with a rock that wouldn’t dissipate. That said I still pinned, less frequent and in discomfort but it did the job. Don’t be alarmed by my comment. I was heated for other reasons.
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  16. Dthcore

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    Whats the batch numver?
  17. bolder

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    Well looks like the HGH purity problem solved itself lol.
    Personally I want the highest purity I can find. I’d rather pay a little more for high purity w/ low dimmer than a discount price for lower purity w/ low dimmer. But that’s just me.... :oops:

    I also think it was smart for @SymBiotics to pull it from his list. After all the testing he does he should want his list to be the best tested products on the UGL scene, imo.

    Most UGLs just do this gig for a short time, so why not be the best while having the best tested products around until it’s over.... and if it carries on into the far future then even better! :)
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  18. TNotch347

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    Batch 2
  19. limitphobic

    limitphobic Junior Member

    Hope I get batch 3 haha no offense bro but I’ve been pinning 2ml a week and It’s been gold for me(from another source) I guess I’ll give it the old test run sym has so good ground swell going for him
  20. Mdrock98

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