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  1. Skeeto

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    Not to kick a dead horse - but I did eventually find a floater in one of my vials. Now to be fair - this was an order placed several weeks ago.

    i emailed Sym a couple of days ago asking for a resolution and have yet to receive a response. Previously he had always responded within a day.

    Did he say anywhere that he would not respond to emails?
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  2. Brawny

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    Feels good to be back!

    I’ve been well! I decided to take a break from everything, met a girl, then coronavirus shutdown all the gyms in the area.

    Apparently I’m the devil on tren, so girlfriend already put her foot down on that one lol.

    Anyone ran Test, NPP, and EQ together?
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  3. guearyt

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    All the time....this may not be the appropriate thread. Not sure at this point. lol. PM me bro.
  4. FWIW, place order with Sym , pack arrived five days later, no floaters as far as I can tell...
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  5. jbil75

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    Well I have heard Tren called the Devils urine so I guess that makes sense.
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  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    EQ is usually for longer cycles so you would use deca instead of NPP unless you can find Bold Cyp.

    EQ is slow and doesn’t give that instant sense of satisfaction but it does give a certain “look”. My delts puffed up and rounded out nicely. Other than that, it gave me a little anxiety that wasn’t bad. It can give anxiety to some.

    Tren is a bitch but I always find myself saying “hmmmm.... and... a little tren” for every cycle. It really isn’t too bad below 300 mg/week and when used as an auxiliary compound to another compound that you’re running at a higher dose. I like high test and just a little Tren for example. But if your a different person on it, it’s definitely not worth it. This stuff is supposed to enhance our lives, not ruin them!
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  7. JC Grifter

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    I think I’m liking the idea of the lowest dose possible of Tren in cycles just for the nutrient partitioning effects. I feel it would be a good addition in a very low dose just for that reason. Enough for that but not enough for sides. What are your thoughts?
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  8. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    I like it for that reason but I’m more for powerlifting and strength than bodybuilding. The nutrient partitioning effect allows me to eat bigger and the drying effect seems to keep the bloat down from the higher testosterone runs. I gotta make weight after all and I don’t want to look like crap just to compete 2-3 times a year for fun.

    Anything less than 300 and the sides are minimal. 150-250 seems to be a decent low dose that minimizes sides but still see effectiveness.
  9. Connor 25257

    Connor 25257 Member

    I train for hypertrophy, so way more bodybuilding as opposed to strength/powerlifting. But I try and do 1-2 Super heavy sets in the 5-6 rep range every for my compounds. But for the most part I hover in that 8-15 rep range. As far as esters, I prefer longer esters just because I can not pin every other day. The only short ester I have ever ran was Test P. Other than that, I’m always on longer esters. But, if you’re the type of person that can deal with pinning every other day, then go for it my guy. But as BBBG said, if you’re going to run EQ, you’ll need Deca as opposed to NPP
  10. Brawny

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    So, this may have been answered, but who’s to say this source will actually follow through with refiltering or brewing new oils?

    If he uses new labels, then he could just peel and replace the original ones. I think he should replace the vials with something physically identifiable - whether that’s a different color stopper, stopper material, or a different shaped vial.

    He made a mistake, then he didn’t seem very receptive toward the idea of replacing or refiltering all of his gear. At this point it’s become babysitting and I think he’s going to need to provide proof that the situation is being rectified.
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  11. JC Grifter

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    Someone else mentioned the idea of new vials with new color stoppers, labels ect. That’s the only way we’d know for sure. Or at least have confidence he did re-filter.
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  12. Iron_Yuppie

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    Part of me wondered why it seemed like so many people desperately wanted Sym to get back into business. Then I went over to the Juicify site and checked out their offerings. Holy shit people actually pay those prices for gear? No wonder folks are desperate for a domestic source like Sym. This underscores why it’s so important to hold him—and any other domestic sources—accountable. When guys get the choice between cheap but potentially sketchy gear vs the full retard priced shit that other vendors offer they’re willing to take a kind of risk that they probably shouldn’t. That creates some perverse market incentives.
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  13. Dthcore

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    Refilter into 100ml jugs is still the best idea I’ve heard without having to throw gear away. I don’t remember who brought it up. But I thought they were on to something.
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  14. sierrak1lo

    sierrak1lo Member

    I found floating contaminants in two vials of test cyp GSO. Sym has offered to replace the affected vials.
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  15. Tim22

    Tim22 Junior Member

    Seems like he has bailed
  16. Mdrock98

    Mdrock98 Member

    If he bailed, they should do away with this thread.
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  17. Akimopio

    Akimopio Member

    It’s definitely a pain in the ass but I’d refilter your order if you had a recent order from Sym. It is time consuming but pretty cheap to do
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  18. JC Grifter

    JC Grifter Member

    Keep us posted if he actually replaces the vials. Hopefully he doesn’t just ship you vials that he already said he won’t re-filter
  19. sierrak1lo

    sierrak1lo Member

    Last email communique with him was 2 days ago. Not convinced that he bailed.
    I do intend to refilter recent receipts.
  20. sierrak1lo

    sierrak1lo Member

    I hope I’d receive filtered clean vials but I’m going to filter them all at this point. The “extra” vials are my cost for materials and time to refilter everything.
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