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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by ThaChef, Jun 29, 2015.

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    I'm going to call bullshit on this "everyone PM'd me hate" crap. Unless there are names it didn't happen
  2. dbolman

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    I sent him a message. He clearly has an agenda. Look at his fucking intro. I'm sure he's really here to help.
  3. CdnGuy

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    What did you do? Show off that you know his first name and then try and throw around some pedophile in Florida with the same first name as proof? Oh no- that's what you tried to do with me you fucking loser. What the fuck are you doing here? Helping again?

    I thought we were a joke to you here? You told me this is a board full of loser and you and all your fuck boy buddies laugh at us on bitch ass ab... so why don't you go suck off karius instead of wasting our time with your worthless bullshit.

    Oh yea- gonna throw around the same ass tired chomo shit? :yawn: fucking kill yourself.
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    Whats your agenda?
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    LOL, Brutus the Troll King :)
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    Oh, and welcome! :)
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    Welcome to MESO chef. Dont let the Trolls bother you. Your food knowledge can be put to great use here!!
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    Welcome chef! I'm fairly new here as well. Sitting back on the sidelines and learning, lots to learn here!
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    geez, some of you fuckers need to lose the tinfoil hats.
    Not everyone has an agenda, or is trying to sell you fake gear, or scam you at western union.
    Welcome to meso chef. You'll see that being an unmoderated forum leads to all sorts of conversations.
    Word of advice, don't look for a steroid provider here. There are better places for that. Enjoy Meso for it's open dialog on everything steroid and fitness related.

    Have you got any recipes for DIY protein bars?
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    I don't see any agenda. Hell if you were here to make a buck advising members with a diet. I think it would be well worth it. Who doesn't get sick of eating.

    Welcome to meso. You will do well here.
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    Sick of eating? You sir must be crazy hahaha. Seriously, I'm never sick of eating :)
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    I get bored with food. It has been a weak link. I have never had a big appetite.
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    Same here ..I wish I had the hunger I had in my twentys.
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    And @ThaChef , if you havent read through other threads @dbolman isn't really well respected around here. If you got multiple messages they may all be from him.
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    welcome chef
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    Welcome to meso an please give my compliments to @ThaChef ;) lol. Sorry its been killing me not to say it:p
  19. We shall battle for thy Title!

    Nude Wrestling shall be our venue.
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