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  1. SpicyGains321

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    Haha, I’ll do whatever I please.
  2. Omegistosalex

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    yes you shared it, stop spamming now, you are a joke, you did not even try to make the account seem real, straight up coming to the rescue lol, be careful while you switch between accounts
  3. Omegistosalex

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    the shitty steroids you bought from this joke source infected your mind
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  4. SpicyGains321

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    Straight to the rescue? This thread goes back six months. A lot of the information presented here by some didn’t pass the sniff test based on my experiences. My guess would some of the responders here are other companies. I felt compelled to respond and share my experience. In case you didn’t know, this sub-forum is for reviews you moron. Which is what I was doing.

    Lay off the juice man.
  5. Omegistosalex

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    Lol such passion to defend this garbage source
  6. stevonov

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    im such a dummy they have been trying to get back to me just went to spam for some reason. all will be resolved.
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    I like the way this man thinks
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  10. MikeIronTyson

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    Day 179 - It’s still full strength :rolleyes:
    Day 180 - Were losing strength here guys :eek:
  11. TheAnabolicStore

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    In case you missed it
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  12. Dax

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    Recieved my order from TAS on Wednesday everything went as planned plus he sent a few extra items which was nice as long as everything is legit (I shall be getting some testing done) I'm a happy camper. Thanks
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  13. MikeIronTyson

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    Look at the shitter on that critter! My man!
  14. TheAnabolicStore

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    Thank you Dax, look forward to seeing those test results. I'm happy to recomp you with store credit for that.

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  15. MikeIronTyson

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    Everyone responds differently. At 1 pin per week your trough numbers will suffer for sure as compared to bi-weekly shots. Here’s an example: my buddy and I are both on 200mg/ml of the same pharma brand test cyp injected every 3.5 days. My latest through level was 1000ng/dL and his was 1500ng/dL.
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  16. MikeIronTyson

    MikeIronTyson Member

    So when you are ready to pin tren, what are you going to do? What if you pin it and it’s test E after all and then you’ve fucked up your blast schedule again lol.
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    At least the ass is decent, the customer service is shit tier though. Better become a pimp mr. Anabolic store.
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