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  1. 5 mg Anavar. Pfft. i'm sure everyone who buys that is excited to swallow down 8-10 tablets every day and run through an entire bottle in 10 days.

    And what is this shenanigans about? Buy the Anavar that's dosed for bodybuilders, get the bulshit 10 mg Anavar free?

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  2. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    I've fixed the description in the product, thank you for bringing that up.

    Regarding the dosage, I've found that when taking high quality Anavar a little goes a long way. The tablets are tiny so you can get 5-8 of them down in one go very easily.


    A quick question.. Who is the go to person within MESO for product testing? For Pills and Oils?
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  3. My problem is with the numbers game. UGL's purposely low dose their orals because they're a bunch of greedy fuckers that know 100 tables of 5 mg Anavar (for example) isn't gonna last anyone but a woman for shit.

    Anywho, check of the W&M (Weights & Measures) thread in regards to testing.
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  4. T-Bagger

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    So a UGL who has tested their Var and comes back close to 100% pure makes theirs at 25 mg and sells it cheaper. Who am I going to go with, seriously? It’s not about getting them down easy, it’s about having to take so many and running out in no time and having to buy more. It’s not worth it.
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  5. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    If I'm honest it is mainly women who buy the 5mg Anavar through us and if theres a demand for it then I'll continue to keep selling it.

    Thanks, I'm hoping to get some of our gear out for testing at some point soon. Is there a certain protocol for going about doing this?

    Yeah, as a reseller we cant compete with UGL's on price when it comes to Anavar. The raws come so cheap but finished product always costs a little extra. I hope we can change that in the future.

    Rarely does anyone buy 1 Tub of 5mg Anavar it's usually 3-4 in one go and we offer multi-buy discounts in that case.
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  6. ScruffMcBuff

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    Just started reading over the last few posts since i haven’t checked this thread in awhile. I think i’m the only one who’s posted bloods from this source which to me seems odd. I’m on trt and was pinning once a week of their cyp. the results were a little low. I since then started pinning twice a week and just had my new bloods taken this morning early. I will be posting the results when i get them.
  7. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    You're right you are the only person so far, look forward to seeing the latest bloods though. How are you feeling in general?
  8. ScruffMcBuff

    ScruffMcBuff Member

    No complaints to be honest. I took everyone’s advice and started pinning twice a week to see if that makes a difference with my results. The only issue i have is libido is down which could be something or nothing. I’m going to assume E2 or prolactin related but i’m going to wait to see what my results show. I got the sensitive e2 lab this time around .
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    Reminder: 15% OFF for all MESO members.

    Use the code 'MESO' when you checkout

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  10. ScruffMcBuff

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    32911D2C-44E0-4D04-B70D-7E062B012AD0.png Alright my results just came in. Please any feedback appreciated. I did the sensitive e2 with prolactin this time. I’ve been on trt taking alliance cyp with a protocol of 200mg weekly split mon and thur with .5 adex on each pin day. I feel good but the only thing thrown off is my libido which i’m not sure if these results show anything that would have my libido down.
  11. How long after last pin of 100mgs did you pull bloods?
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  12. ScruffMcBuff

    ScruffMcBuff Member

    I took my bloods on monday before i pinned
  13. So 3 days after?
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  14. ScruffMcBuff

    ScruffMcBuff Member

    Correct since my last pin was thursday morning
  15. Those are great numbers then. On par with Pharma.
  16. quar

    quar Junior Member

    Your prolactin is high and that can cause libido problems
  17. ScruffMcBuff

    ScruffMcBuff Member

    Can it lower on its own or do i have to run caber and if so what would be a good protocol for that?
  18. Are you on a 19-nor?
    tren, Deca, Trest?
    Let's start there.
  19. ScruffMcBuff

    ScruffMcBuff Member

    i was running tren ace for 5 weeks. i took 6 weeks off from it before taking these bloods
  20. ScruffMcBuff

    ScruffMcBuff Member

    It’s odd to me because my last set of bloods came back a lot lower that i posted on this thread but it was from a previous box of alliance cyp and i was pinning once a week versus twice.