The end of steroids in China? New law in 2020

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by vidocq, Nov 25, 2019.

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    I appreciate that. Who is dynamite?
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    Raw source
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    Unrelated in a way , but ever notice when most of the US bust seem to happen also? It's revenue based, nothing else.
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    Put the AAS trade up against business currently being lost by Huawei, and it's a spit in the bucket. I bet that the entire chinese AAS industry revenue for a year doesn't amount to one day lost from Huawei being banned from the US.
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  6. Not buying it.
    Fentanyl and carfentanil are illegal in EVERY way imaginable.

    Those little commies are pumping that shit out to the world like it's going out of style.

    Chinese will fuck the world over to make one dollar, and they will be praised by their government when they do it.

    Everyone here should see communist party members behaviour in person....
    Fuxking eye opener.

    Even if it isnt bullshit....

    We still have the Russians and eastern Europeans.

    Not particularly concerned
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    The steroid market is absolutely huge. Not just bodybuilders and gym rats, but nearly every professional sport player as well. Do you really think there is ANY chance that we are not going to be able to get gear? Come on now. Demand dictates distribution, not laws. Heroin, benzos, other rec drugs are ALL on the banned substance list and has been for many years and they still get to the US in quantities that are a "cause for concern". China will say whatever to appease Trump. Hell, they might even actually "crack down" for a few months. But one way or another things will go back to how they have always been and juice heads will stay jacked and happy. Don't freak out into spending your life savings stocking up for the gear apocalypse
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    Yes there may be little to no enforcement due to bribes by the raws makers slipped to the customs to look the other way. That's the Chinese way of doing business...
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    EVERY supplier I've talked to isn't concerned in the slightest
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    And business is good!
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    IF that ever happens,

    they'll just make steroids controlled substances
    controlled doesn't mean banned
    so they'll probably just setup a front company (probably a veterinary brand) in a country where gear is legal
    import the steroids legally from china
    and then remail the raws to themselves in another country.

    They'll get away with that, even if just 0.00001% of the raws actually make it to the legal market (i.e. as "legal", "veterinary" drugs)
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    Money creates motivation and creativity. The underground raw production and distribution will continue in one form or another. The continued demand will create a need for a sustainable supply chain and somebody will step up to be the big dog.
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    Actually they don't provide nearly as much fentanyl as they used too. Nor many schedule IV drugs, ie. Alprazolam as that has been made illegal to manufacture in China now too. Some may still synth them, but you will definitely start paying a steeper price and customs will crack down even more. Also, you may not even get what you paid for; which is a common occurrence in the drug dealing world.
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    I'm old. I go way back to the late 90's when ordering PED's online. One of the nice things about the market in the last decade is the reduction in fakes. It used to be that the chances of getting fake stuff were about 50/50, even with great packaging. I can see this issue popping up again. If there is a ban and more effort is required to make the raws the prices will go up. The punishment will go up for being a manufacturer. If they sell fake substances that would greatly reduce the cost to make and if they get caught the punishment may be reduced if it were an inert compound. At least there are testing kits out there to verify the PED's are real and a social network (thanks Millard) to make other people aware of a certain brand.
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    Turkish and Greek sources of pharma HGH
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    I was looking to Russia lol
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    China is not making it illegal to export steroids and hgh IF it is from a LICENCED MANUFACTURER. Meaning only UG factories that are not paying the government to operate are at a big risk of large fines, jail time, and i even heard one person say death penalty. But for the licenced raw manufacturers it will be business as usual. And for the UG factories, its probably just a push by the government to force them to pay up there share or get taken out. Bottom line is if there is a demand then someone will supply. Legal or illegal, safe or deadly, good or bad, drugs are never going away. None of them.
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    I’m assuming we will still have sources from turkey that offer pharmacy products? Also, harder to get but vet grade too? The list and selections won’t be as big , prices higher and moredealing with customs.
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    Someone knows something about the law in China on January 1, 200, where nobody will ever synthesize hormone powders.

    My contact at landmark told me this news that synthetic laboratories are going to close, and that it will be illegal to produce hormones in that country, does anyone know anything about it?

    I would appreciate it, if anyone knows anything.

    Best regards fer.
  20. OnTheRize

    OnTheRize Member's really hard to predict what will happen if this ban is enforced. The market might get shaken up a bit, reputable raw suppliers products might see a cost increase for consumers, same for reputable suppliers, new companies might pop up...some legit and some bunk, product quality may take a hit, and manufacturers and distributors may change causing a temporary lapse in availability

    ...the possibilities are many but they may create an environment more conducive to shifting the AAS business from more of "a buyers market" to "a sellers market"...this would be unfortunate for all of us but I don't believe that those who make their livelihood in China off of AAS will close up their large scale operations and go home.
    @Kindlife is correct in stating that all businesses in China must pay a portion of their profits to the Chinese government to do business. Whether being licensed with the government is the issue or not I wouldn't be able to say...
    Last I read about the production of Fentanyl in China, it worked like this over there:
    Fentanyl production is banned in China...their chemists their create a new analogue of Fentanyl...that analogue is banned...chemists create another analog of Fentanyl...that analogue is banned...chemists create a new analogue...and so on...
    In the U.S., Fentanyl, already created analogs of Fentanyl, and every future yet to be created analog of Fentanyl are already banned.
    China could do this if they wanted...but they don't. Business is business for them and as long as it isn't poisoning their population, they don't really care much.

    While creating new steroid analogs is highly unlikely, I believe that this new law in China is probably only going to be a temporary issue as far as we consumers are concerned...I could be wrong but I don't believe there's much incentive for the U.S. to put enough pressure on China to abandon the steroid industry when the vast majority Fentanyl is definitely still coming from China.
    ...on the other hand...who knows...maybe this will be a meaningless feather in the president's hat to brag about to the people in light of more pressing U.S. issues.
    ...look at the upcoming SARMS bill being brought to legislation right now which is attempting to make them schedule III officially.