The official CrossFit is as good as Bodybuilding thread.

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Rockclimber, Apr 11, 2019.

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    Muscle-ups are basically just a kip > straight arm push-down > dip.

    They're an impressive trick, but it's more getting the groove / technique down. If you can do ten pull-ups, you can do a muscle-up.

    Far as cross-fit goes...

    I've incorporated several aspects at different times over the years. I'll drill compound lifts in intervals at like 55% or less.

    Point there is getting in the repetition, especially with the Ollie lifts. Just honing the fuck outta the movement patterns.

    It's where I picked big time on circuits and giant sets. Both completely changed the game for me and shaped my overall training style immensely.

    Started learning a ton of PT and mobility drills as well. Huge difference when I'm patient enough to actually do them consistently. Lol.

    The biggest reason CF has blown up is really just because it's super accessible though. Powerlifting and bodybuilding have kind of an intimidating air about them that can make the sports a kind of unapproachable to the uninitiated. More women getting into both and going mainstream is helping change that.

    But...its still going to take some time and I don't think either will ever reach CF mainstream status.

    I do kind of see strongman blowing up in the next decade though. It's got that same kind of approachability about it. Who h is super cool.

    Post script: Everyone that PL's or BB's seriously will eventually injure themselves. It's part of the game when you're moving several hundred pounds through three dimensions on a regular basis.

    I could just as easily point to a high rate of injury among yoga practitioners. Especially a few years back when it really blew up.

    Nobody can argue the value of dedicated practice, unless they're a complete fuck-wit, but unqualified instructors get people hurt.

    Sometimes seriously.

    Generally they're the irresponsible cash grabbers that don't take the time to find and address dysfunction.

    That or they aren't strong willed enough to not cave to clients that just want to jump to the "fun" stuff.
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    Crossfit gets a bad rap because there are a ton of shitty CF "trainers" out there.

    People get hurt often in CF because they do dumb shit like lift 85%+ for time. If you implement crossfit methodology and use light weights it's great for getting the movement patterns down as Leo said.

    Just don't get sucked into the stupid kipping shit and double-reverse-handstand-bosu ball-fingertip-pushup type nonsense and crossfit is a great way to shred up and practice new movements.
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    I'm at an unusual age/place (41, taking care of my elderly parents' retirement) and I'm running my business remotely in a semi-rural place I grew up in. no national gyms nearby - Gold's is hour drive, LA Fitness about the same. Local gyms suck. But incredibly there is a crossfit gym. I guess their capital costs are low, especially where I am where retail rents are cheap.

    I thought about it, but the intensity makes me think it will be hard without gear. I've been transitioning more to cardio as a I get older and haven't cycled in a year. But hey...
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    I've read this true. I don't have MANY choices, but I could drive some distance as I said.

    The problem is the yelp reviews are crap (but yelp reviews have been declining for years). The google reviews are more plentiful, but it seem like lots of noobs.

    How the hell do you tell who is good and who is not?
  5. I could rant on this for awhile lol. I started crossfit in '10 got my cert '12 and coached for a few years. Honestly its great if you have professional level programming and athletes that already have years of experience in the ridiculously diverse movements you see in CF. But the fact that gyms think they can take a middle aged average Joe with little to no barbell experience or athleticism and teach them how to properly squat, dead, press, clean, jerk, snatch in 8 weeks of on boarding classes it STUPID. Some will get it but most wont. You can walk in you average box and half the member cant hold a proper front rack. CF is great but the business model hinders its application.
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