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  1. Hi everyone.

    Been a member here for a while, and thought id show my testing on The Provider Grey Tops and Mauve Tops
  2. First up, the Grey Tops

    My first ever GH run, started with an igf-1 baseline of 250. Ran 2iu for a week or so, then 3.3iu for a week or so, then finally upped to 5iu for a week before testing.

    BLOOD test showed igf-1 of 667 after.
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  3. Giveitago

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    Damn!! 667 that’s as high as I’ve ever seen. Is this the “new” grey tops that are supposedly from a different manufacturer than they were for years?
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  4. Gaynz39

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    Hope so
  5. Gaynz39

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    Can you answer on if this is the newer Greys he has?
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  6. Yes I believe these are the new grey tops. Ordered a few months ago.

    I should clarify, the tests are uk, so 87=667 US numbers.
  7. Testing Mauve Tops next
  8. Joe Zanni

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  9. Slight cts when starting, and once running 5iu have tight swollen hands, but after seeing the numbers, that's to be expected . Will be reducing dose to 2iu ED
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  10. VaDImadi

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    Where did you get this bloodwork done ?

    Also in the UK
  11. I use Medichecks for my blood work. igf-1 has to be taken in London
  12. VaDImadi

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    Yeah i seen that

    I want it doing for the Ansomone im on, but im not spending a day travelling to London just to get a blood test

    How come you decided to go with TP instead of getting Ansomone ?

  13. Only way to know if it's good is blood tests. Gota pay the money. Lots of research, and TP seemed the best route. Seems to be a good choice
  14. Gaynz39

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    TP is the Best route in regards to Generics, but they don’t match Ansomone. Fucking love those things.
  15. VaDImadi

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    Its clearly a very good choice based on your numbers

    I think im going to use him next, these Ansomone give me 0 side effects at all. I know you cant judge by side effects but it makes me suspicious
  16. How much are the Ansomone ?
  17. VaDImadi

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    150 euros a kit
  18. Gaynz39

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    A lil over 200 at Select. Like 240 at Jintropin. Only 2 places I would trust.
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  19. Haven't select had lots of issues recently? Im on Superior Muscle Forum, and there was lots of missing orders, opened vials etc.

    That price is nearly double the Grey Tops