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    I guess you are not following up
    My thread has nothing to do with this thread
    As you can see, he did not post in my thread, he posted here where sources post, he never replied to my thread, he had gone above and beyond in 3 boards posting his bloods, even on PM as his first post in the place where he’s not allowed to post, now they don’t let him see his post there
    Is up to you guys to believe how legit his results are when PM disclaimed his blood test, and here he post blood test from July after saying he never had done any hgh, if u believe a newbie that showed up in several boards with only 1 post in PM, home of TP to try to impress people cuz TP told him he’ll get Mauve if he post in all boards his fake result, go ahead, I’m not the one posting bloods for free hgh
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    I don’t need to prove anything, that’s old news that everyone knows where his old greys are, old clients have same package and comes from same location, for those who liked that hgh they know where to continue getting it, meantime I can’t wait for the outcome of his new greys, this is the first blood test that shows up, good way to start
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    LOL who are you that members have to post their blood work in your thread? Is this the right subforum to post IGF? No but we're an unmoderated forum which is why your shameless shilling is left relatively ignored....and TP doesn't even have a thread on Meso and you think this forum is full of "his ass-kissers".

    He has 1 thread with positive things to say about TP, your ENTIRE post history is basically a long shill for ST obsessing over the fact that his greys are TP's old ones and Anke Bio...

    Even now.
  4. Right, let me spell this out for you, as you seem to retarded to comprehend it. You and "Gainz" keep mentioning my July igf-1 test. You do realise you can have an IGF-1 test without taking GH right ? Ive said this, in my Superior Muscle thread, and BOP, I WILL GET A IGF-1 TEST BEFORE TAKING ANY GH TO GET MY "BASELINE" NUMBER, THEN AGAIN AFTER TAKING THE GH. Because thats what you do if you have a brain right? So you can tell exactly what the GH has done to your IGF-1!!!
    Now please, read this, and get back to me if you still cant comprehend why i posted my July IGF-1 (Before GH) and my October IGF-1 ( on GH).

    Please take your time, I realise it's a lot to take in
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    Many of us know you are full of shit, and you didn’t do the right thing, still PM can’t explain why u posted in a forum where u are not allowed
    So racepick disclaimed your test there
    I’m not saying your test is legit or not, but the way you went all over to prove your point raised red flags, many of us knows what your intentions are, you got a slick mouth and you spit the truth by saying you were promised hgh in exchanged of your test is you publish everywhere
    I know TP isn’t here, that’s why I can come here and tell my experiences with him, I was a long time client that only bought his greys and I stopped buying from him after he took months to fill a huge order of 50 kits with bullshit excuses, then after the rumor in PM that ST was the original source, I took my time to prove that they were and after that I closed business w TP, I tried to post that shit over a year ago on PM and my posts were deleted, so I realized that was a loss war, then went to places where u can talk free like Meso with so censorship to tell people, my order was over 6K and took him 6 months to complete it, that was not acceptable, y’all say
    He will come thru, yes he does, but 6 months after taking a huge amount?
    Now he gotta b careful cuz he’s everywhere and he fixed his last fucked up quick cuz mods from other board called him out in his bs taking money without having the product in hands, he’s a millionaire and he can fix and clean his acts right away without having drama but he’s a greedy mofo
  6. Look, i get what your saying, and I've already said i went the wrong way about it, but tell me how im full of shit. All i have done is bought gh, and tested it, that's it. I posted here and in my SM thread before emailing TP my results. So no, i didn't post them for money, nor are my results fake. I didn't take 2 days off work,, and drive to London twice costing £200+ for fake results.

    When TP said he'd send me a free kit of Mauve Tops in exchange for blood tests, should i say no?

    Thats business right? I don't want to come across as a slick talker/bullshiter, im just telling you what happened.
  7. And by "business" i mean, a free kit in exchange for blood tests, doesnt give me anything. Basically im even,, i save the cost of blood tests.
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    Your very first post was about how much you hate TP and how he is a scammer.
    Then You bring drama from other forum boards about his greys. Wtf man?
    TP is not on this board for a reason because most of us here use the black tops which have been awesome besides batch #38. I’ve been using TP for years and have never had an issue. Blah, blah grey top, grey tops!! You cry about how you would buy “50 kits” but not anymore because he changed them without telling people. WHO GIVES A FUCK? Maybe a butt hurt grey top fan boy!! Now this dude simply shows bloodwork of “black tops “ in exchange for kit of mauve tops and your all worked up about it. Shit I would have taken the kit too. Everyone around here is getting store credit for donating and for bloodwork, how is that any different.

    All you have done since joined here is bitch about TP and his grey tops now your attacking this dude on black top blood work, ha and your teaming up with Meso newest D Bag, the angry “LMfAO” guy who joined two weeks ago and talks down to new members like he’s some expert and when he’s truly a clueless chump!!
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  9. Thanks buddy,, glad im not fighting a losing battle.
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    Don't feed the troll
  11. Yea right
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    oh boy supertropin rep back again!Your doing same thing bashing TP who has been around years think you got same deal with supertropin to talk crap about TP! Go back to BOP ST forum seriously buddy give it up
  13. For those interested and still interested in knowing the results, I will post again with the Mauve Tops results . I will dose these at a more sensible 3.3iu ED.

    Should be here in a week or so, so the bloos results will be ready in around a months time.
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    damn if his shipping wasnt so slow I would want to try his greys or mauve tops.
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    There's someone in the underground that sells it a little bit higher than TP and it generally ships faster.
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    yeah I know about him; hes on promuscle; I've emailed him before but more expensive.
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    My mauvetop bloods came back at 50.0 on the gh serum at 2.5 iu a day.
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    anyone tried the new orange tops?
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    Just looked through this thread
    Quick update hgh is a peptide. So state switched out for other peptide, not they are giving us peptides....

    I have blacks batch 50 little cloudy each vial
    Also have orange tops haven't used

    I have mauves but my batch is #54 Says meditrope and scratch off
    Haven't used any yet

    But if I where to use the word trust it would be with tp been around a long time