The West is Screwed

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    What about the ones that come to the hospital with infections, high blood pressure, etc...They end up not paying the bill but have enough money for AAS. Some of them even have Medicaid. Is that not the tax payer paying?
    I agree with the second part for the most part. Except that they don't come over here expecting others to pay for their thing. It's the complete opposite they come here working for $5 an hour 60+ hours a week. Not all of them though. Some come with bad intentions. I believe we should help all people. Not just our own that is selfish in my book. Once again change is always happening like it or not. I personal like some of the changes coming. Some others I am baffled to the point I think maybe I shouldn't have children.
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    @RobertL either way great debate and discussion!
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    I still have an EU passport too, so I'm keenly aware of the slow suicide taking place over there.

    You'd think people here would be able to put 2+2 together, but no. Just look at Bernie Sanders' success - he WOULD be our president today, were it not for Crooked Hillary and her criminal activities against him. And Bernie is a free shit socialist!!!

    Stop and think about that, half the country wanted someone who is as un-American and as economically impossible as Bernie.

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    My trailer trash ass owns a thriving company. As a matter of fact we do what many say only illegals will do.

    We're the best in our region by a mile and many hire us solely because we are what we are.

    We all speak English and outwork any crew of illegals around.

    I may be trailer trash but I can buy the entire park.

    Go play in the street dipshit
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    I hope your company is doing well then. All owners say are the best but 99% lie about being the best. I like that you are proud of your company though. There are better companies than yours sir. Never think you are the best. That is buissness mistake number 1 that will bring you to failure. There is always room for improvement.
    I doubt you own the trailer park unless you live there sir.
    I prefer to enjoy my free time reading a book at the park. I guess I could play in the streets I live in a pretty nice and safe area. Would you like me to play basketball or just go out for a jog?
    More profanity... please keep making yourself look like an uneducated fool.
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    You are correct steroids are illegal and whether we agree with the law or not if we are caught we will be punished for the crime not rewarded. Whether you agree with the illegal immigration laws or not they are still the laws and until changed should be enforced.
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    True Donald trump won so you are right that stupid people follow in masses. I did prefer him over Hillary though. Mainly because of my career field. He is breaking promises that he made and all his supporters just let him.
    -The tax break is pretty nice on my end but screws over people in the lower end of the income level.
    -He knows how to fool people in masses that is for sure though. He is a stupid yet smart man. He is using tactics to stay in control and do as he pleases. It has been done by dictators in the past. I give him a standing ovation for that.
    -I stand behind our constitution not our presidents or government. The constitution was made to protect the people. It is slowly being killed by our government.
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    Milo is awesome - it's funny how he always looks down.
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    I think they need to be updated. I never said I disagreed with them. People just think the picture is black and white. 1st world countries feel entitled and that is a fact. They think everything is theirs. My country, my laws, my people, etc... this is our world. Every human has a right to live and have a better future is all I am saying. How about those companies we are sending over seas actually pay the people there a good wage. Then they would probably stay in their country.
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    Every human has a right to strive for a better future but it's not guaranteed.

    Every country has a right to determine who is and isn't allowed in. It may be a hard truth for someone with a globalist open border view but it is the truth.
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    Nothing is permanent my friend. Maybe that will one day change. Our time as the leaders is slowly coming to an end. We will soon be passing it on to the next generation. Hopefully they do better than we did. Our generation has a lot of hate sadly but I think it is because our life experiences were way different than today's generation.
    I know it is not guaranteed but who am I to stop someone from having a better future. I would rather help them reach their full potential.
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    C'mon man, I am just heckling ya.

    My company is the best, #1 rated in the area and not getting comfortable, always room to improve.

    I don't wish you any will ill.
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    The only problem I have is with illegal immigrants. I am all for those that go about it the correct way. I wish them the best.
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    The one true fact about immigration is that no one outside of the US has a right to come here. They can have a desire but that does not give them a right.

    Mexico has a wall at their southern border. Canada has immigration laws and Americans cannot move their just because they "want" to.

    We must first take care of veterans, our senior citizens and our hungry kids before we feed the world.

    We need to take all the freebies away from them, stop feeding the animals and they will stop coming.
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    Rule #1 in organizational behavior - you will get what you incentivize. Applies in most areas of life.
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    I apologize about my rude statement @OldmanRob i wasn't sure if you had a problem with me. As for your company I wish you, your family, and your buisness the best. Marry Christmas by the way.
    I respect that and completely understand on why you have that point of view.
    I don't agree with your first statement but respect it. Only reason I don't agree was because of how the USA was founded and established.

    Don't get me started on Mexicos immigration laws. They are one of the biggest hypocrites once it come to immigration laws. They want the USA to go easy on their people but lock up people crossing their board for 2-5 years. They don't even want to go to Mexico they are on the way to the USA. I remind you I am half Mexican and half white.
    I agree with your second statement my friend. I have a few vets in my family, on my mothers side. It is sad that a lot of them don't get the medical attention they need or even shelter. Specially after they put their life on the line for our constitution.
    As for the children that is a given. I would gladly donate all my money if I could feed all the children in the world. Sadly my student loans will not allow that for a few more years. That is why I do mission trips.
    The thing I don't understand is the freebies. What do you all mean by freebies?
    If an illegal works they still need a fake social that still deducts taxes from their pay check. I would understand if they didn't work and we provided everything for them house, food, etc... they still have to have an income to live. This is a serious question by the way.
    In the medical field the people that waste most of our taxes are the homeless. I'll give out an example. We have this homeless guy that comes once a week that says he wants to kill himself. We know he doesn't but by law we have to keep him at the hospital provide food and shelter for 48 hours. He does this every week and doesn't pay his bill. That is one of the reasons our medical expenses keep going up.
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    We don't have to agree on everything to get along. I respect your opinion as well.

    As far as freebies, I am talking about in a state like Washington where they give out free food or emergency money to homeless and or illegals.

    You look it up on line and it says they don't without I.D but they do. I have seen it so I know it happens.

    I do also understand that many are good people but I still believe they should enter legally.

    These types of debates are filled with a lot of passion by either side and many of us get nasty, myself included, when we disagree. I will work on that.

    My apologies to you for my comments.

    Merry Xmas to you and yours.
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    Mighty gracious of you. I draw the line at respecting their right to have an opinion, no matter how ill-informed. I certainly don't respect stupidity.

    The gist of the matter is - are we a nation of laws (which is the granite foundation of US' success - ref our neighbor Mexico and their great prosperity for the results from a contrary approach) - or are we a nation of connections, emotions, intentions and optics?

    Trying to subvert a completely normal, legitimate, clearly stated legal process (toward residency) and instead say that anything goes (for no apparent or sustainable reason), that is stupidity at best, or perhaps electioneering since the Dems have made a lot of hay out of identity politics. There's no pluribus unum for Dems - divide and conquer.
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    I have never been or lived in Washington state but thag I understandable.
    No worries my friend we are all human. No one is perfect in this world.
    Thank you very much my friend. This year my dogs and I are spending it camping.
    @tenpoundsleft i believe you are miss informed in some aspects but I don't believe you or your opinions are stupid. We don't agree with your point of view and you just can't seem to accept that.
    We are a Nation with an amazing constitution not a nation of laws. That's a police state in my opinion. I stand behind our constitution because that is one of the things that makes America great. We are the land of the free and proud of it. Although we seem to slowly be losing more rights each year.
    I didn't say anything goes I was explaining why they do it and why it's human instinct to want to survive. I never once said it was ok or the right thing to do. Stupidity is not being able to accept others opinions.
    Divide and conquer started when we stopped listening to our founding fathers when they said we should not have different political parties...
    I still wish you and your family a merry Christmas and hope you don't get coal for Christmas.
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    I definately wont change my stance on the immigration.

    We have immigration laws that absolutely must be enforced.

    If the laws we already have in place would have been followed we would not even have this situation to argue about today.

    The last eight years were disastrous to us as a nation.
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