Thoughts on email providers

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    I have seen a few people use
    Im going to look into this for now.
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    securenym is a usa based server, not good. countermail is the top shelf
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    Doesn't really matter where it is located. The government will tap a provider at the router in the USA or outside the USA. The NSA leaks indicate this.

    If you want as much security as possible, a small provider and pgp is your best bet.
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    Exactly, if they want it they will get it. Precautions are the best you can do.

    "Trusted certificates" from verisign will be about the same as don't become trusted in the us without a government backdoor :)

    Even if you take crazy precaution to secure between you and the mail server, if the link between provider and recipient email is not secure, it won't matter.

    When it comes to email, it's impossible to secure without pgp and avoiding identifying information in the mail headers. Avoiding "secure" providers and high profile providers will be about the best you can do. Think small.
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    True, but the idea is to make it as difficult as possible.

    An end-user is only going to warrant so much effort.
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    ^^^ I agree!!
  8. I use countermail.

    It offers 4096 bit PGP encryption, has servers hosted outside of the US, and allows for alias e-mail addresses forwarded to your actual account.
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    If you fwd the message, do you break the encryption code? or open it for someone to intercept?
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    I guess the best advise is if you are in the selling business, persae, you are best with a paid PGP account?
    But if you are just wanting some more privacy? which would include your general email communications and online purchases? that a countermail or hush mail would be good for encrypt, ip scramble?

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    I use safe-mail for very long
    Now, I also have Countermail".

    No no, I mean Anonymousspeech... It's paid for

    My counter mail trial ran out... I used it for just one order long ago
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    Safe-mail is heading down the same path hushmail did...been coming a while now. is like $60 per year and IMO, its worth it to keep LE from knocking on the door. ;)
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    I agree Bigrobbie, if you are going to use it more than a few times for emails... Persae I think it pretty much pays for itself in peace of mind