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    I have reconsider already. This diet has made me feel better then i have felt in years. I have stopped all medications. This diet has fix my mood and my low t level.
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    Im in the same boat, the doc search is a pain and mine wont increase the dose, 100mg cyp a week. I tried testotim gel and the pellets which was a barbaric ordeal to go threw and I still felt like shit. My test wouldn't go over 300. My last Bl.test was 4 something but my blood draw was done to soon so the numbers would still be low if I had done it at the correct time. Thats why I came back to the boards in order to correct my own situation. Best of luck to you.
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    That's my new girlfriend..
    She says she isn't but my shackles say she is

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    It does suck. 200 MG every 2 weeks put my numbers perfect. I could not tell him that. It would take me year to get him to increase the dose. I am to impatient.
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    Diet on track. Can't believe I haven't done this before Down 28 pounds. With eating great food. Intermittent fasting ketogenic diet. I told my doctor about it and he had no clue what it was. He thought it was a pill or commercial product. Oh boy.
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    Ditto this.

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    Diet and Frequency ..
    Adjust those and you will
    Look like a Manwhore in no time
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    I posted this last week as my sample diet. AAS is not going to remove your body fat without diet and consist exercise.
    Let me know what you think and post your typical daily diet please.

    5am- smoothie: Bananas, blue berries, strawberries, very little juice, Hemp/whey/brn rice PP, Plain yogurt, aloe vera juice, water, apple cider vinegar.

    8isham- grain mush (kamut, wheat berries, spelt, barley and millet) or steel cut oats, raw nuts (usually walnuts, almonds and pecans) and maybe an apple or an orange.

    12pm fish/chicken/ground turkey w/ brown rice and veggies.

    2pm raw nuts (usually walnuts, almonds and pecans),carrot and celery (w/ natural PB) sticks and maybe an apple.

    after workout: Carnosine, amino acid complex, L Carnitine L Tartrate

    6pm Veggie refried beans/or lentils with fish/chicken and sometimes red meat, with salad no dressing. very little carbs here, but if I do, potato or brn rice or yam or sweet potato.

    later: raw nuts or apple with natural peanut butter.

    It is rare I eat anything out of a box or can. I make my own refried beans from scratch for example (2/3 pintos and 1/3 kidney). I haven't had fast food in twenty years. I don't drink anything but water, coconut water, wine, craft beer. No soda pops. No gatorade. No monsters.

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    I love coconut water
    With the pulp but not all
    Has as much pulp I like
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    Can anyone recommend
    Coconut water with a lot of pulp ?
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    That would not work for me. Way to many carbs. After doing tons of research I have come to the conclusion carbs are bad for bipolar folks. It is the same for people with seizure problems. This diet I am on is great so far. I only eat between 2 and 8 pm. I am getting a 45 percent calorie deficit, and it does not feel like I am starving myself. I am stuffed at only 1400 to 1600 calories a day. I cook all my own food also. No fast food no restaurants. No soda no artificial sweetners.
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    Keep up the good work... taking advice and sticking to your diet puts you in the top 1% of planet earth. Congrats!
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    Thanks. That is why i am here. Drop the pride and listen. And watch the results. Couldn't be more simple
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    I believe there is an difference between a high fiber foods that are carbohydrate based and your basic run of the mill carbohydrate foods. I will have to do a little research or maybe Dr. Scally or Jim can chime in.

    The problem with most Atkins type diets is the lack of fiber causes (from what I have read) chronic constipation. If shit is not moving out of your body, then more than likely you are creating a septic environment in your bowels and you may hit plateaus or cause illness. Imho.

    This is from a website I am not enamored with but some good points none the less:

    In saying all that, stick with what is working for you and good luck.
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    I looked into that. I base my carbohydrates on net carbs. Total minus fiber. Even if those foods have a good amount of fiber the carbs add up quickly. I might be wrong with my research but it seems the body doesn't really know the difference between carbs. It all gets converted to glycogen and eventually triglycerides if the glycogen is not needed. Then stored as fat if not used. Whether it be fruit or grains. If I am wrong on this let me know. I might change my diet after i hit my end goal weight. Thoughts anyone?
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