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    I'm not up in arms about the stock as a whole - it just seems like TestP/E/C should be the primary focus of stock if one were to break out as a UGL.
  2. MythotiK

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    I agree
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  3. Tizzousa

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    I’d say good effort and you hit on most of the main points man. Obviously coming in without the basics stocked up looks amateurish. Like others said you should have at least come stocked with everything.. what’s a 2 week wait For the Raws anyways if you planned on being here long term . I mean for fucks sake you don’t even have much test and that a staple in everyones arsenal.Good luck and enjoy the ride !!
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  4. AlphaPitTD

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    Your intro was good and all people have to complain about is the stock. Take care of that and i'm looking forward to seeing blood results.
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    I have a feeling if we knew his other handle. Some of your guys postive comments would change pretty damn quick. Just saying lol
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  6. i will have full stock in 2 weeks, guy's. Rest assured, once this ball start's rolling, there ain't no stopping it.

    God damn it. Wrong handle again. :D:p
  7. Eman

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    Spot on, like hell... It's complete copy and paste, any monkey could do it after reading a couple intros in the UG. You're just comparing it to the numerous sources that are dumber than said monkeys... Poor standard to go off of.

    I'm not upset about the stock, I just think it's fucking ridiculous... I'm trying to think of an analogy for how fucking pathetic it is that someone would try to open up shop with no inventory... I'm coming up short because I can't think of anything ridiculous enough to compare it to. Maybe a pizza shop that opens up down the street and when you go in for a slice, you find out they have no cheese... They decided to wait until the day they opened up to make an order for cheese.

    If the dude is THAT careless then best of luck to any nimrod that's dumb enough to play roulette with his untested gear... In the event he has enough to complete your order.
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    I’d have to agree with you here.
    What sucks is knowing they were a member that turned to a source, so they are free to roam the board as a member and could possibly bad mouth their competition while praising themselves in their own source thread.
    Now everyone’s a suspect o_O lol!
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  10. eje1990

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    LMAO. That's pretty accurate... But not having test is like not having the fuckin pizza dough.
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  11. Tizzousa

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    Your right but the fact any monkey can do it.. well why do 95% of the new sources not do it? That proves that most people are fucking morons.
  12. Tizzousa

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    Good point. But in reality most scumbag sources make new ones anyways. That’s why we see all these new meme era repoing are for unproven sources ... god I love Meso haha
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  13. Eman

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    Why do 95% of the sources that come here not last more than a month?

    I rest my case.
  14. It's amazing that none seem to get it right...even supposed previous members here. Every time it's almost the same story. Reminds me of moths going to the light and geting burned little by little.
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  15. Steve84

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    Won't disclose handle....

    Well you know you wouldn't have bought from that person then if you knew!
  16. tengtren

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    Ok guys not telling us his handle isn't too crazy we can't assume the worst ALL the time

    There's a thread that says SHOW OFF YOUR WORK it's a bunch of flooring, pipe fitting, metal working shit.
    And those guys in there say exactly where they are!!! Maybe he's one of those

    Maybe he is a fucko though we will never know

    Maybe I'm he and he is me? :)
    Maybe just maybe he is all of us
  17. AnTabolic73

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    Maybe hes you?

    Maybe hes me?

    The problem with not disclosing your previous handle is that he could use his old handle to give himself favorable reviews.

    I know he could just create a new handle and do it too, but we disregard those one week old 2 post handle reviews anyway.
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  18. AnTabolic73

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    I dont have a problem with it tho. Better than saying hes never been here before. That would be an outright lie.
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    Where do your Raws come from?
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    Any source can create multiple handles and do that any day of the week. I personally would prefer a source not compromise his safety and in turn endanger mine. Common sense anyone???
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