Titanium Gear Industries (domestic source)

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    I would murder their entire bloodline

    Dhb 600
    Npp 400
    TPP 400

    12 -18
    Dhb 600
    TPP 300
    Tren ace 200-400 (depends on experience)

    I would not add mast. And please keep in mind I have very very limited experience with it.

    It would add a lot of dht to the cycle. I also feel like tren can accomplish more in 6 weeks weeks during this cycle (proper diet of course).

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    Milos is the man. Watched this as soon as it came out. Good info. CutlerTV has been coming out with some good material lately. Enjoyed the Matt Porter video series and now featuring the mastermind himself Milos!
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    Of course you can.

    lol. close.

    I am thinking along the same lines. Although I am going to add mast in later. Probably run the DHB at 600 for 10 weeks w/ my test equal to or a little higher and then bridge into tren 500-600/test 400-500/mast 400-500 for about 8 weeks.
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    Yep, the both of yous is whores !!
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    Pack landed yesterday. Ordered Monday morning. Delivered Wednesday. I’m impressed.

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    Dorian said his worst year was the one where he followed Milos insulin protocol.
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    With you being more advance in cycle history, I would plan a more aggressive cycle for you as well. I would probably cut the first half to 10 weeks instead of 12, add tren and mast longer duration as well

    You could also bridge the tren, say week 6-12 and then run your mast P even higher and more aggressively
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    @TitaniumGear (TGI)

    Was debating a few days ago to phase out Anavar and whether to go winny or drol or combo. Had used var due to injuries and not wanting to put drol and certainly not winny as I had originally planned. Went straight drol (test, tren, mast have been constant).

    Went 50mg drol and just saying your drol rocks. I'll convert to winny later but major change in fullness and training already. I think I recall your testing over 99% or at least very high. Had never run drol and tren together and really liking the combo (winny was last summer so I know what I get from that combo).

  9. iceman440

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    You can also combo winny and Anadrol

    3 days of winny 50mg ED . Then stop the winny and do 3 days of anadrol 50mg ed. Continue for the 4-6 week cycle
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    Which year would that be? Because Dorian’s worst years also had bad injuries.
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    That was option C and D was 25/25 daily of each. I tolerate orals well so I might use this to transition from drol to winny later. Very happy with some time on straight drol for now. I don't bloat at all on drol and actually lean up some so even for summer this works fine.
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    Perfect @BIG74

    One more to keep y’all motivated for today
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    Actually, these just DE-motivated me :mad:
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    Haha, cmon brother Cube is classic
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    That entire bloodline??? How about just seek out the first born, go biblical on that mailboy.

    I agree 6 wks on tren ace on the top will show a man true colors. But I feel like the higher end 400mg is what would be needed. If you are gonna give tren a go might as well really give it a go.
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    Good news but less details the better.

    Like this..

    Pack landed super fast TA just a few days. All accounted for.
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    please limit details.

    Great to hear. Testing is definitely a great tool to have. Speaking of, have another batch of orals to test very soon.
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