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  1. Mt.Oracle

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    The PIP bad? How does doing legs today sound?
  2. LeoTC

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    I'm talking Meth, Bro.

    She was straight tripping on some stupid shit. Going through my phone, crying fits, wanting to account for any of my friends she didn't know.

    Plus, yeah, bitch smoked up a fucking quad in two days. I got like three fucking rips off that entire bag. Fuck. That.

    Shit woulda lasted me a month.

    For yours though, just make some oil or honey. Crockpot is basically just a less fancy version of the butter makers and shit anyway.

    I've a lot of friends that make edibles for a living and none have blown the money on the fancy machines. All I've ever used personally too.

    The infused honey is fucking bomb on waffles.
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  3. iceman440

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    Meth is good because you can’t knock her teeth in twice :D. But yeah fuck that.

    I’ll be honest, I don’t know the first thing about weed/edibles lol. I just wanna throw some cash at a Colorado place and have them ship, but that doesn’t work lol
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  4. Mt.Oracle

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    Clean dishes are amazing, but clean underwear is love.
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  5. T-Bagger

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    Lol, she just says it to make me feel good. At least the guys build me up in my make believe world :(
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  6. LeoTC

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    Couldn't be easier man.

    Throw half an ounce of tin foil and bake at 250 for an hour. Pour the bud from the foil into a muslin bag or tied off cheese cloth.

    Throw that into a quart jar of melted butter, ghee, coconut oil. Set in the crock with a water bath on low before bed.

    Shit's done in the morning. Squeeze the cloth / bag out and drop it into a cup of water. Drink the resulting tea when you've got half a day to kill, it'll have you swimming across the damn floor. Literally...dont ask. XD

    Eat the oil or whatever straight, use in sauces or low to no temp deserts. I like soaking dried fruit in it for an awesome post workout snack.
  7. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    @The ole man would probably know
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  8. iceman440

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    Bah I’m out hahah. I am just going to keep choking her out when she gets crazy lol

    Gonna sound stupid, I don’t really like hitting up people for sources for illegal things hahahah.
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  9. LeoTC

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    You got the recipe, Bro.

    Have HER make the oil. It's like the easiest thing ever.
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  10. Mt.Oracle

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    Guess I’m old school. I just grind and smoke, kicks in way more fast.
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  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Right on that! I only mentioned it because I think he said he used to be a mod on a weed forum so maybe he could point you in a direction. You know, for educational purposes.
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  12. iceman440

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    She’s against smoking. She’s one of those that she would be ok eating a brownie or gummie bear, but smoking is bad.... lol
  13. iceman440

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    Yes!! Educational purposes. Like the first time you trick a girl into anal! Lol
  14. LeoTC

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    My Ex was the same, but no problem being shotgunned. Like its ANY fucking different.

    Edibles hit harder though and can actually make you trip. First time I made her some shit we went to a bonfire. She was seeing faeries and shit.
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  15. TX_Hempknight

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    You can skip some of that. Put the weed with the butter or whatever in a mason jar and boil in water for 2 hrs.

    Watch Bong appetite on Hulu. Lots of good shit on there, lots of ideas.

    I make my own canna caps by doing the oven method. But I do 30 min @ 200 degrees. Pretty potent.
  16. Urgentfury12

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    It’s noticeable but not too bad, wouldn’t recommend legs the day after. Don’t think I’ll make it a regular spot but every once in while just to give everywhere else a little break.
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  17. Mt.Oracle

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    To be fair, I’m sure it’s not the most healthy thing you could do. I’d rather smoke than drink any day of the week though.
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  18. Mt.Oracle

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    Your handle says it all… LOL
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  19. Mt.Oracle

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    TGI’s DHB recipe is pretty good… I read somewhere that it has a very heavy molecular weight. Kinda how it feels after pinning it, not too painful but heavy.
  20. 1075gasman

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    My girl is the same way, and she thinks everyone should be like that lmfao
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