Titanium Gear Industries (domestic source)

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    No. Your good brother!! Know he tested everything and I have used alot of his products as well!! Everything seemed on point!!! Facts!! No sucking!!
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    Damn what happened haha! I might annoy the shit out of y’all for this question but does all this mean TGI is closed for good or just gone from Meso?
  3. Cityofgrit

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    Just gone from Meso
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    Shit, all this attention is getting my dick hard.
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    Ok. Weird... but just don’t let mom catch you playing with that little thing again. She’ll force you to wear those special mittens the doctor recommended.
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    She knows not to come in when my socks on the door knob.
  9. Now that's funny!

    And so is that!

    i needed a good laugh while i'm at my shit hole job at Hot Topic. :D
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    quit hitting on the goth teenagers!
  11. ShredMN

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    Just a quick update!

    DHB is fucking hell on Earth. At only 400mg I sweat so fucking badly every time I try to lie down. I literally cannot lie down for a nap or bed without being clammy as fuck after only like 10 minutes. I did not sweat like this at night even at a gram of tren... this is the first time I’ve ever considered dropping a compound due to side effects. The sleep disturbances from sweating are insane.

    Has anyone else experienced this?!
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    I totally agree, I was only slammin’ back 400mg of sustanon, and my numbers were higher. I guess everyone is different, however, I thought for sure, your supporting compounds and that amount of test would have you over 3k. Wondering if maybe the inconsistent use of dbol plates a role causing further suppression. Don’t get me wrong number is still great.
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    So how you feel you being the star?
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  14. Put an order in Thursday, shipped Friday, received today. Everything looks Good.
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    What page is TGI current price list?
  16. MindlessWork

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    He went private a while ago and is no longer here on meso
  17. COBF

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    I have had no problems with sweating. I'm at 400mgs a week as well.
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    Had to google hot topic. I can see you there - nothing wrong with that as long as its 18 or at least will be within two weeks thats always been my rule.

    LOL; balco.
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  19. Glocker

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    The best part here is "again"
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  20. Mt.Oracle

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    I’m on 700mg, week 9. I definitely sweat more when I sleep.
    That’s about the only side I experienced.
    Not bad enough to stop, it’s not that bad.