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    Which Ben dude you referring to? Just curious because one of the respected board members here ripped me off years ago and no one cared.
  2. Are you completely oblivious ? Explain to me how he was the epitome of harm reduction when he orders a hit on someone.
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    Regretting opening this can of shit again...

    Don't think he actually did it but regardless...dude told him he reported him to the cops. Maybe just me and my experience but I'd expect that kind of shit. Been around drugs and illegal activity enough. You fuck someone in real life and threaten their family/freedom expect to be fucked back. Goes beyond internet name calling.

    Hell, I had a friend. Had to stop hanging out with him (disappeared for a decade in lockup eventually). He'd kick doors and rob drug dealers at gun point (mostly heroine and coke I think). Figured bullets were eventually coming and I didn't want to be the background. I don't recall for one second ever entertaining the thought that the dealers were mean or unjustified in going after him...big boy games...just didn't want to be there.
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    Yep same guy that ripped me off and no one did anything.
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    You guys can at least tag him so he can defend himself ;) @biggerben69
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    No. They would not have. Just because a bunch of sycophants say the same thing doesn't make it true either.

    @biggerben69 accused me of trying to personally-identify individual members.

    It wasn't true. And maybe it was a shitty thing to do.

    @TitaniumGear (TGI) and his sycophants accused me of being a crack dealer.

    It wasn't true. And it was a shitty and malicious thing to do.

    I didn't ban anyone in either instance. So I'm calling your bullshit when you say anyone else would have been banned for similar behavior.
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    I don't know much or anything on these instances other than the second seemed weird as hell. I do think there you confuse people in the TGI thread of having some overarching loyalty to him other than chit chat, earned respect for the way he was conducting business, and good product (substitutes are plentiful so he fucks up and watch it disappear). Then again not like I'm privy to much info and just based on casual observation. As for Ben - sounds like his character is in full view.

    My broader point was that perhaps this could have been handled better or differently and I cited two specific instances and how they contributed to some of that BS. That said, I don't see any consideration happening so once again I've squandered time and effort on the internet. I actually have a daughter in the ER for a week now...so at my age you'd think I'd learn not to waste my time with internet bullshit. Who am I to criticize or help others see anything when I misallocate my own resources to such a degree.
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  9. Sorry for swaying outside my lane, but want to send prayers to your daughter. Hope she gets well.
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    So, are you and @Millard Baker running meso together? The term “we” implies that you do. Unless I am reading it wrong? Just looking for some clarification.
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    Sorry for OT but my prayers for your daughter @Monstar . I know that's a very trying time for you brother...along with all this drama going on.
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    Thanks man. Internet drama has virtually no effect on me so no worries.
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    Been off for a while. Is TGI still g2g? Hard deciphering thru all the drama.
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    You’ll never get a g2g man... come on, you know better! He’s still in business though, yes.
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    I'm a peacock just trying to fly my dude. Lol , thank you.
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    At least your honest about your stock. Many would had lied. Thank you for being honest!
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    Sincere "get well" and positive vibes to the little one. Makes all this nonsense we go on about seem like a huge waste of out time. As you already stated.
    As bright as you appear to be a father who obviously has his priorities in order by keeping the child at the top of the list...or the list begins and ends with her. I believe that.
    I am more than a little surprised that you'll go on and on with the disgusting humiliation based sex banter with a little girl in your life. I'm a father to 2 girls myself. 30yrs and 25yrs old. I without thought changed my thinking and the way I spoke when talking about the softer sex.
    Whether you believe me or not its what made me first notice the tgi thread. Wasn't my business but that nasty talk has no business here and it made me think of my girls and the pieces of shit preying on girls and women their age.
    A friend of my daughters regained consciousness with no panties or pants. She had sox on and a t-shirt on. Confused and my daughters # first on her call list we got the call.
    Picked her up covered her up with a towel in my gym bag. Still in and out of it slurring her words. Blood running down her inner thigh like one of you casanova's described in one of your sex stories. Hilarious. Instead of going right the hospital we went to her Dads house. Sad day. I'm still shook up by the smell of that poor girl. Treated like a piece of garbage. There's a special place in hell for men who find sexual gratification in treating young girls like that.
    I'm not saying thats you. I don't know you but shit man. Your posts aren't conjuring up thoughts of walks on the beach and teaching your daughter how to braid her hair or brush her teeth.
    The things you describe are revolting. Objectifying women while raising a girl to be one. I'm sure hypocrite is a label that fits as you certainly wouldn't want your little girl dating someone like yourself....while that's the type of man she most likely will be attracted to. The worlds a strange place when things like that happen. Its not too late. Change for her. She's worth it.
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    That's silly. Of course not. Mr Baker doesn't belong grouped with 3 drug dealers By 2 other drug dealers....for some nefarious reason Mr Baker was included in a made up conspiracy story crafted by another angry drug dealer who was given stolen emails that came from...you guessed it ANOTHER ANGRY DRUG DEALER.
    Let's play "Which One Doesn't Belong"......ryno, stanford, bb69, **MR BAKER**, Tittles(whatever the fuck it is) or Kai.
    You all insult him and do so daily. You're nothing to him, however. He is still who he is and he knows it.

    And as guests you maggots are still arrogant enough to think if you bring tweetle dumbest fuck to explain things to the owner that you'll say the magic word and he'll finally get it and the evil bb69 will be banished.
    You guys act as if you're smarter than the Boss. You're not. He doesn't like you or tgi who is an average ugl. Meso has been searching for a guy like him? Uhh hello... believe it or not, meso has not been.
    Mr Baker knows everyone that you all don't. The most successful athletes, scientists and Board and forum owners. If he wanted a handful of the best the world has to offer where UGL's are concerned he would have them beating his door down. He's the King Shit. They would pay him to be here. The best ugl's.....believe it or not....don't tell tittles because that ego is fragile....he wouldn't be among them. He simply wouldn't. He was doing a brisk business for what 6 months(the first few he did nada) Now he's off to conquer Discord. Brave titters with his traveling band of nitwits. Just like we said would happen. You regular members allowed the paid cast to mix in with you and lent some legitimacy to it...kinda. The carnies used you for what they could get out of you. And you all are the type who can't see when they've been used. You still sing his praises and treat him like a Martyr? You guys still post tributes to him. A decent mediocre ugl that appears better than he is because of the hacks that litter the underground.
    **The next few paragraphs are whats important and tells the truth of TGI***
    When i dropped in to express my thoughts on the filthy sex story @Monstar was telling go have a look....if you can find it...iceman was egging him on with one or 2 word posts...."Really!!! More!!" Have a look. Killed some time and kept the pace they were committed to keep. Bury posts of gear talk....a million posts who can sort through that mess when there is easier targets driving at 15mph on the highway. Slow posts of illegal aas sales. A sitting duck or a moving target who has a timeline about everything except gear sales. All the sales posts are lost and buried. Thats the reason for all the different stories and nonsense. Misdirection. LE will hit the softest targets to pad the conviction total. Fast convictions count just like the long drawn out investigations.
    TGI found a soft spot to exist in. Had he not had all those posts...thousands of them....with all the business he was doing he would have been the obvious target to take out. Just post after post of "Another Satisfied customer" and "Took delivery of 45 vials...me and the 20 guys I'm selling to are psyched!!"
    ***Thats what TGI was about. Anything to the contrary you help blur what really happened at meso with TGI***
    They stop in from time to time because this is where it started. Sure they like you meso guys. You all made it happen. They never know when they may need you again?
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    You don't really need to know anything about it. It goes to refuting any allegation that some people were given special treatment or exemption from the forum rules.

    I would like to say that NO ONE was banned in this thread for anything they said. But that would not be true.

    I DID NOT ban anyone for any of the ridiculous lies about me.

    BUT I DID ban someone who repeatedly trashed @TitaniumGear (TGI) for weeks (months?) under multiple handles.

    I am referring to the multiple user accounts created by @CdnGuy. And he wasn't banned because of what he said about TGI. He was banned because his original account cdnguy was permanently banned.

    Banned members are not permitted to return under another user account.
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    This thread is a case study in fanboi behavior.
    • Creating a community primarily based on shared interest of being a customer of the vendor.
    • Participating exclusively or almost exclusively in the vendor thread.
    • Considering other fanbois of the vendor as "family" or "like family".
    • Unprompted praise for the vendor and/or their products.
    • Repeated and excessive praise for the vendor and/or their products.
    • Repeated back-and-forth conversations with other fanbois praising the vendor and/or their products.
    • Devotion to protecting vendor against any outside criticism.
    • Excessive willingness to overlook, forgive or rationalize flaws and/or otherwise objectionable behavior by the vendor.
    • Susceptibility to believing rumors promoted by the vendor no matter how stupid or inane the conspiracies may be.
    You get the idea.

    And you may be right. These are most likely customers who are unusually loyal because they have received good service and good product.

    It still doesn't change the fanboi characterization. Nor does it diminishes the unfortunate consequence of filter bubbles.

    Every business marketer would love to have such a devoted fanboi base. This is a measure of business success.

    This is not unusual in the business world.

    However, it is a little weird when it involves fanbois for drug dealers.
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