Titanium Gear Industries (domestic source)

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    Coming to a Jackson Hewitt, H&R Block near you.
    Jackson Hewitt sets up shop in Walmarts(Florida) so the people can buy their new ultra 4k tv and wireless headphones!
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    Oh wow 10!?!? -.-
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    Lol why's it gotta be Jordan Peele presents
  5. Millard Baker

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    Still in jail a month later?

  6. iGone

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    $500k surety!? How many priors did this guy have?
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  7. Well let’s see. He was licensed concealed carry. So none.
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    A surety is just a co-signer
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    Crazy, but you don’t need a license to carry on your own property in Texas. Concealed or not. Inside or out. Wonder where that charge came from.
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  10. JMpMasterSteve

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    Possibly for carrying while under influence
  11. Millard Baker

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    Doing so while intoxicated changes things...
    Also, this:

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    You’re right. It sure does. I have a license to carry. I forgot he was intoxicated. Definitely makes the license invalid. Thanks.
  13. Ultrafast

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    Are you licensed in TX? Where I’m licensed it doesn’t matter (while carrying) if your intoxicated. The only time it matters is your intoxication level during use of a weapon in a deadly force situation.
    I can be drunk as shit with my legal weapon on my property and in public (other than a stand a lone bar). Hard to believe TX would be more stringent and to be honest I have never fired a shot in the middle of the night.
    We will have to wait and see what the prosecution actually files before making judgement.
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    That definition of "public place" is mind-boggling. I thought Texas was a heavily conservative state.
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    Yea, I thought so to. Some may deny it, but to me it looks like its sliding to the left like the rest of this pussy country.
  16. B Ware

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    Can you imagine how pissed off the cop must be who’s job was tasked to read 3286 pages of mostly useless banter? Lmao

    I’m sure they have everything they need but you’d think with a bust of this size they would read this thread as it validates operations and sales.
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    This cracked me up.

    But you’re right. Now can you imagine the poor fucker has to not only read it but also has to take notes and copy excerpts?
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    It’s sliding left big time. All the commiefornians are flooding to Texas.
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    Because of our fires
  20. Savagesteve

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    There’s plenty of other states. I’d imagine it’s because our economy is booming and the cost of living is a lot cheaper than California.