Titanium Gear Industries (domestic source)

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    I go away for a few months and recently start to lurk again to catch up on everything and the last post here is balco still crying about bullshit that went on over a year ago. On a source thread that is literally never coming back. Lol. I fucking love meso. There is some real funny shit to read here. Anyway. I missed some of you fuckers going to try and be around a little more. Hope you guys had happy holidays.
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    Your scams have already been exposed by @BigBaldBeardGuy and I personally don’t care enough to go back through and find them. Even if you aren’t a scammer, you have that reputation around here. It was honestly nice to see you NOT here. What was the saying? Oh yeah - Fuck Balco
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    No one else does this but republicans and russians!
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    Well that makes 3 pos cause your one too.
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    Your one punk ass dude. As well as the rest of you chumps that just want to run down a dude that ain’t even here to defend himself. Hug his nutsack while he was here and then flip the script after he no longer can be of service to you. I could only hope you stub your toe and end up his celly.
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    Awe, I have a fan. That means a lot to me. Even though old men arent my thing and you are to old for @MindlessWork to. Sorry it's a young mans game.

    I'm sorry to talk shit about your want to be bff who likes to smoke meth at 7am, shoot guns, do burnouts and sell steroids. Did you get to visit his loose ass in jail yet? Maybe you can try penning him. Shit I've even seen people get married to guys on the inside.
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    Why drag me into this little spat?? I have done nothing to instigate this.
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    Hey @balco
    Did you choose your handle because your a Patrick Arnold fan? "The Clear" BALCO scandal was intriguing but odd to name yourself after a MLB scandal that landed a brilliant mind in federal prison for 3-6 months...just curious.
    Sorry everyone, I have to know...
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    Maybe he's a fan of "tower of power".
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    "Love Bug" (Ron E. Beck, Steve Cropper, Victor Conte, Chester Thompson) - 4:01

    "Let Me Touch You" (Victor Conte, Chester Thompson, S. Beck, Ron E. Beck, Edward McGee) - 4:33
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    There was another domestic steroid source apparently operating within 5 miles of TGI/Vail.

    Mark McLean Farmer was busted a few months after TGI came on the scene. Farmer was sentenced to 72 months in federal prison on January 16, 2020.

    Farmer imported AAS from international suppliers and distributed them to other steroid dealers in the U.S. His indictment alleged that he sold $720,000 worth between August 2018 and his arrest in January 2019.

    Farmer pleaded guilty to one count of Conspiracy To Possess With The Intent To Distribute and Distribution Of Anabolic Steroids; and one count of Possession Of A Firearm During and In Furtherance Of A Drug Trafficking Crime.

    Farmer was sentenced to 12 months for AAS distribution/conspiracy and 60 months for firearm charge.

    TGI/Vail is not facing federal charges at the moment. He was only charged under Texas state law. But if the feds take over the case, it will most likely be pursued by same prosecutors that convicted Farmer (from the Eastern District of Texas Marshall Division).

    Harrison County man gets 6 years for distributing anabolic steroids
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    Completely unrelated.

    But if it's going to be the same prosecutor I feel sorry for TGI. That bitch is some serious cunt. 60 months for a legal weapon, smh.
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    That was my point. I'm not sure which is worse in Texas - prosecution by local DA or prosecution by the feds. Texas is known for harsh sentencing in steroid cases. So normally, I would say feds would be better. But I don't know in this case.
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    I do. Unfortunately.

    Also, the completely unrelated part was they didn't know each other afaik.
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    The big question that jumps out to me is, @janoshik being from [PERSONALLY-IDENTIFYING INFO REMOVED] why are you so involved and informed on Texas law enforcement???

    Or did you finally admit to yourself how unlikable you really are?
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    I bet this was R and R labs, didn't look at the exact dates but seems to line up with his disappearance from meso
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    Wrong as usual.
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    As usual? Go fuck yourself
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    Don't be rude, do something useful, like going around advising people to use fake Energy Control so they can get scammed or something.
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    Not a legal weapon when its possessed by someone engaged in an illegal activity.
    Edit: This is why the charge of discharging a weapon is so bad for Titter. Nothing in Texas to discharge a weapon but with a lab on the premises.
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