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  1. CAswole

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    I would love to see this anabolic lab contribution first before any orders are placed . Not that there's anything to order but just saying.
  2. Robfromga

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    And I think that's a standard to start holding these guys to ... $500 is really nothing if you're starting a lab . And if you can't swing the 500, you probably aren't ready to start, and you'll start off with 19 vials of test :rolleyes:
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  3. eje1990

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    100% agree. If I were Millard I'd ban someone who comes in to souce without a banner and know that 500 was put down. It's a win win for everyone. Testing continues and a source would know that we're taking them a LITTLE bit more serious.
  4. T-Bagger

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    He’s already explained he’s not going to do that because that would make Meso more like a source board, even though the donation is to AL and not Meso directly.

    Although it doesn’t make sense to allow companies to pay for sponsorship here, since that is pretty much an endorsement or a G2G.
  5. eje1990

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    It wouldn't be an endorsement at all or a g2g. It's more so to keep sources from coming and scamming. It wouldn't make meso more of a souce board than it already is. Anyone can come set shop up here. And that is the issue. If someone had the intention of setting up shop to scam members a nice donation could act more as a deterrent than a "permission to source".

    But I see what you are saying. Noobs would come in see the banner and automatically assume they're g2g wether or not they have been properly vetted. And whose to say a source wouldn't pay the donation as an investment to build a clientele for the "big score" and exit scam...

    Catch. 22 I guess
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  6. Goodgie

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    Alright so t/a was very short, ordered about 5 days ago before the weekend. Both items are there (sdrol/tren a). I’ll let everyone know if the shits legit hopefully. Until then thanks Titanium for the good service thus far.

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  7. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Um.... looks like separation might occur during shipping. It looks like the brown settled to the bottom?
  8. Roger rabbit

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    Lol I think that is a reflection of his finger?looks crazy af though. Maybe another photo with light from below?
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  9. How are you going to verify legitimacy? A feelz report?
    Anecdotal reviews aren't very reliable and future readers should use such reviews as a very small piece of proof towards their overall buying decision.

    Nothing against you personally, of course. Hope it treats you well and... you are running Test with that, right? :eek::D
  10. Robfromga

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    Exactly . New lab with new members ordering . Raving about how great it, but no evidence . No blood work...not even a lame ass labmax. Y'all are nuts trusting these new guys. Or you're part of the scam .:p
  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Geez. You’re right. Ha. I thought he needed to shake it up first!! Fucking crazy.
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  12. TitaniumGear (TGI)

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    Thanks again. Let me know if you need anything else.
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  13. Goodgie

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    Ya no problem taken! I am on 150 test E, 500 tren A (both from another source), and I was curious to try sdrol for the first time and I saw this domestic had no minimum so I placed an order for a pack. So yes, sdrol I am going based on feeling thats the best I can do for now (there is a chance I can do melting point in my uni lab). Its not my first rodeo with real Tren A so ill know if this new vial is bunk pretty quick if I find myself falling asleep quickly and not craving carbs endlessly in the am. Also, I don’t expect and do not intend to make my experiences proof of credibility on this sources behalf, I just want to do what little I can to make sure sources on this board are kept honest
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  14. Goodgie

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    I am not trying to rave or push an agenda with my post. In fact I 100% agree that no one should ever trust a new source (thats why i ordered only 2 items). I ordered, and got my pack is all im trying to state. Hopefully someone down the line has more time, inclination, and money than I do and can post some accredited science to prove or disprove the quality of the products.
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  15. Goodgie

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    Definitely is hahaha. I am sorry I didn’t notice at the time, I would have retook that!
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  16. Cornfed

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    Tens of product to choose from. What’s your stock like now?
  17. LordSamuilo

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    It probably would have been a good start if the lab had the time , money , and inclination to test his own fucking product to prove ligitamacy of his toilet bowl brew. It wouldnt have meant a ton but it would have got his foot further in the door than it is now .

    Im not lashing out at you so dont take this as a personal attack , but the lab doesnt have anything that meso needs . He came here with zero evidence of even a semi proper lab setup , no real inventory, didnt test his products , and says he's going to donate to anabolic lab but has been here a week and still isnt sporting a banner .

    So basically what we have here is a lab thats made zero investment into this venture. Hes just crossing his fingers and hoping to drum up enough business to pay for the bare minimum requirements of doing business here and try to turn nothing into something.

    So the first time he hits a bump in the road , and it cost him money to stay in business he has zero incentive to not exit scam and rebrand down the line . This lab will not be here in a few months at this rate i can almost guarantee it .
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  18. Robfromga

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    Don't sugar coat it . I'm not really sure you even made the post? Trying to fit in? Be a cool dude? No one really cares about a report like that as it's meaningless . Hell, you could be the labs alias? Who knows . You could have some nifty bottles of GSO . Who knows . And no one will without bloodwork or lab testing . And I'm sorry, I've seen it too many times, some lab comes in with great TD times and super great comms only to shit the bed with underdosed BS and dirty gear, while planning an exist strategy. Your intention may have not been anything like that, but these posts are worthless in this game .
  19. picholas

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    How's that donation going?
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  20. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    There’s another dude on here that claims any “uni lab” will analyze steroids but likes to post his bullshit lab reports to try and get store credit....