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    You obviously spoke with someone when you ordered right? What happened? You emailed and placed an order. Them someone said send the money here. Then nothing?

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    "Someone" you mean like the last oh 30 pages or so of this thread? Come on man. Not being a dick but u kinda earned this one. You could of scanned the last 10-15 pages here and seen shit was not good and non existent. I mean there's a few SOLID places to order from now and you chose this dick head who had nothing but problems for 718 pages? I guess you'll keep better tabs on sources before your next order.
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    Thinking back on it I should have known. Went like this. I had a complaint about some sust I had having PIP issues. Asked him if he would let me send him the unopened, or refund me or comp me. He said, sure I will comp you no problem my friend. So I was like cool I will get another order then and you can just send it with that. He said awesome what do you need. Gave him my order. Told him I would be using WesternUnion. He was like cool. Said to send the money to his partner. In China. Thought that was weird but I know a lot of Raws come from China. And many UGLs. So I figured he just owed his plug money. Sent it. Then crickets. Got fucked now I'm standing here with my dick in my hand looking like a dumb ass for all of meso. But hey if it helps out another member I'm willing to share my experience.
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  4. We live and learn brother...just make sure to do your research and then do some more. It's a long process but I haven't been burned by any source here and I've used so many of them.

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    I hadn't been on Meso for months. Felt I had a solid connect. Literally order from him 3 months prior And got my shit. I didn't feel a need to check Meso before every order placed. But now I do. I'm constantly making orders my other go to is purple panda lab and a private source I have. I just like having a good amount of gear on hand and different brands. But ya I earned it. It can literally happen to anyone of us though. We are sending money to anonymous people!
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  6. Can somebody shoot me his new email? I want to yell at him one last time about not receiving my replacements while I have the time lol
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    And he may yell back at you haha. Hope you do get your replacements though.
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    His latest email was Stryker10@protonmail.com

    @CamTeo, was that the email you used?
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    I wonder if it was really TSL you were dealing with. I don't know that I've ever heard of him using anyone outside of the country as a receiver for Western Union payments.
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    All my friends orders where like that
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    That is usually a red flag and WU most likely will scrutinize such transactions.
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    You know not which you speak of....
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    What? No it's not.....
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    I got shit from him 2 months ago.
    Then a month later I got an unexpected pack, packed the same way he does. 1 bottle of test ace as a gift and this note below. I don't like that he had my address still after a month. I don't like that I had an illegal pack sent that I wasn't expecting. And it just all seems too weird. I like his gear, but I'm moving on. He may not have even been the one to send that.

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  15. The verbage in the letter seems familiar
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    That's good info. Thanks for sharing. My guess is this did come from him if it was packed the standard way. Probably included the vial to prove it was from him but I'm with you I wouldn't like receiving an unexpected pack.

    Also lends some credibility to what I think happened to @CamTeo I don't think he was actually dealing with TSL when he placed his last order as TSL's issues never included not sending product or scamming anyone.
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    Damn. Just read a ton to catch up on this thread. Smh...
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    Damn where was my letter?! But if the things in that letter are true then I have nothing bad to say about the man. He did me right in the past. Just sucks that this is what it has come to. Lesson learned. shit has me wanting to just pick my gear up at the gym and get booked rather than get ripped off.
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    I guess now the hackers have everyones name and addresses as well.