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    Why is this thread pushed back up?? This thread needs to die! Again....

    Tsl scammed people
    Tsl had email hacked
    Tsl was involved with the law!

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    Recently seen somewhere that Toraxx was going private at the end of the month. I don't know if there's any connection to TSL or what made u post in this thread but I have never used Toraxx so can't speak on quality. Just passing along info.
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    That’s exactly why plus he is running specials this month. But now I know.
  4. BlownStrength

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    It’s dead now. No more.
  5. Rest in pieces, TSL.
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    AFAICS these 2 UGL's aren't related.
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  8. fuerte-joven

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    I know this is my first time posting, but I ordered two ultra rips from toraxx which is 50 50 50 blend of short Ester test tren and mast. Im almpst 100 percent certain there's no tren at all. Im pretty upset but at least someone will read my post and stay away from this crap ass lab
  9. Roger rabbit

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    No they won’t.

    You ordered didn’t you? Lol

    This lab is crap. Has been jeopardized by law enforcement on top of it all.

    Anyone ordering should be paranoid as hell
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    I think he posted in the wrong thread. Unless toraxx and tsl are the same?

    Either way, I thought tsl had disappeared like a fart in the wind a long time ago.
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    Hah yeah my bad. I found the toraxx specific thread
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    Now what made this thread come back from the dead? Only on Meso do crap threads like this one never die o_O
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    Here is a crazy idea, why don't you try actually reading the 4 posts before yours and then you would have the answer to your question? ( Here's a hint, he posted in the wrong thread). Now i know that would require a little bit of work on your part, and by having your question answered you wouldn't be able to post another one of your usless, generic, bandwagon comments that you love to make so much but life is full of sacrifices.
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    At best its prob all TT, have it tested
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