Turkey based, shipping worldwide (No min, reshipping guarantee)

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    All express methods such as UPS, DHL, FedEx etc. are definitely unsafe. I'd stick with regular airmail and EMS.
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    Bit of feedback from me, at long last. If words intimidate you, go take some tren until you're strong enough to read more than two lines without crying about long posts :D

    I ordered mostly Test Prop and Winny from here, then went Test only for a bit, then planned to do some Test&Deca. Mainly Opiox products. I can say mostly positive things about my experience with Adnan.

    He's usually around checking his emails, so you can expect answers in a few hours most of the time, even in the weekends. That's a good thing.
    First time I ordered we used an express service. All good, very fast, very satisfied. So that was good too.

    Product "felt" legit, bloodwork shows about 4500 ng/dL for test, at 100 mg every other day. I'm not quite as sure about the aromasin, since at 12.5 mg EOD I still have high-as-fuck levels, so I'll try 12.5 every day and see if that goes down. I don't know what the expected results from a "quality source" would be, but that's what I got. I'd be happy to compare with others who may have more experience with these numbers, though I can say for sure that it helped "enough" in the gym. So...thumbs up on the quality of product, albeit coming from someone who wouldn't know what 100 mg EOD should actually do.

    Second order went all good too, again with express service. I was very enthusiastic at this point, it almost felt like going to the pharmacy down the street to get some aspirin. And that's good too.

    It all was good until the third shipping, when the package got bounced back from Turkey. Thankfully the package was returned to the sender, and then Adnan gave me two options: refund, or reship via airmail. So he offered refund, which is good of course. The other part, where I've been waiting two weeks now and the package is still being processed...not so good. Let me be clear though, he reshipped the day we agreed on the reship (a Sunday, no less), we were clear on the waiting times, and if express isn't safe anymore I'm not blaming him for it. It just really sucks for me because I went from almost one-month-left worth of supplies down to crossing fingers that the package arrives by next week, or else I'll be out of shit to squirt out of the plastic barrels. It's mostly my fault for not being ready for the worst-case-scenarios (got overconfident with those express successes), but doesn't change the fact that I'm quite annoyed nonetheless lol Because of course I had to join the game right when express services suddenly become unsafe after months of safe use. Anyway, fuck my life, not Adnan's fault.

    The only real negative things I can say are these: first, no "reship" for those like me who live in "high-risk" countries. I know I just said he reshipped; I mean no reship in case the package gets seized, or fails to reach me for whatever reason (I hope "reship"/refund if the package gets bounced back to the sender would be standard policy for anyone).
    Then again, for my country, a lot of "dealers" don't even ship at all, and I don't think I've seen anyone offering reship for my country. I don't know how it's possible that half of Europe is an off-limits zone for so many dealers, as if we were a bunch of remote countries under dictatorships, but apparently that's how the trade goes for us. It's fucking horrible, and it seems like nobody has any interest in having a real, efficient and reliable market here (or, more likely, they just can't). I really don't get this, since the "Eurozone" should favor trade at least among countries in it (yes, Turkey isn't in it, but fucking nobody operates in the Eurozone? Come on, get your shit together, dealers).
    I can only hope Adnan's business will grow enough one day that he'll actually offer that "reshipping guarantee" for us "high-riskers" as well, because for us it doesn't apply if something goes wrong. But again, we were clear on the rules before doing business, so I knew the risk. So that's as fair as you can ask a seller to be...they're in it for the money, after all.

    The other negative thing is something about the product. The "2 mL" vials I received were almost all severely underfilled. Again, underFILLED, I'm not saying "underdosed". On average, draining them dry I would get somewhere short of 1.8 mL. This doesn't really bother me too much (I'd rather have the right dosage than the right mL; at least then I still decide how much actual product I'm using), but still. Also, the Winstrol packages said "25 tabs", but there were 24 in all of those I got (three of them); I'm positive I didn't mis-count, especially because I was taking 3 of them every day, and ended each package exactly on each eighth day. So...let's hope Opiox is better at Chemistry than they are at Maths.

    TL;DR? Thumbs up, and I'll probably stick with Adnan despite the issues I mentioned. If he does offer reship/refund to where you live in case of failed delivery for whatever reason, I would recommend him for sure. And fingers crossed the damn third package arrives lol

    Oh, and I wish he'd sell some SARMs too. I have actual lab animals I wanted to test them on.
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    Tyler was screwing people selling fake gear with a fancy label, and I blasted him for it on here.
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    What a detailed post, damn lol.

    Thank you for your words. I'm doing the best I can!

    All express methods work just for a while. I mean, DHL/UPS whatever they are, they always notice that packages that I been sending actually contain roids, not tee or any other legit shits. And when it got busted (cause DHL/UPS/FedEx check packages randomly), it can cause really problem on my side. Also for an example, and from my 6 years of experience on international shipping, UK is easiest customs ever. Weird shit is that when I try to send my stuff to UK via DHL or UPS, customs mostly seize them, but I have no even one single seized package when I use regular airmail for UK.

    Tbh my main client region is US, and US is really easy in terms of customs. For Europe, most of source say that Holland and France are hard customs but in my experience, they are easy. I can easily give that 1/10. That's good ratio for those countries imo.

    I write that "ask for specific countries" for reshipping shit in my info but actually I reship to most of European countries. And if a guy is from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, I always say that I have no reshipping guarantee for them, so watch your ass, you can place a small order for a first try to check how it goes.

    Lately I sent a package to NZ. And I did it with regular airmail. A guy paid for DHL actually but I couldn't send it because of some security reasons and sent it thru regular airmail. It got thru customs and client got the package. Same day, I sent a package to Ontario/Canada, and it got thru customs, too.

    In a nutshell, regular airmail is still the best one as shipping method. Nothing can beat it. It may take some time ya, but it's safest one. Also as I wrote many times before, I have reshipping guarantee for almost every country. For Canada, BC is a bitch. But for other states, I can give reshipping guarantee as well. So I am flexible when it comes to reshipping. Don't hesitate to ask for it. I'll do that!

    Thanks again for your detailed feedback.
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    He was an instagram famous lol. He was showing off too much, and well, predictable ending he had.
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    Mailed him on wednesday trying to cop some vials of test, didn't get a mail back. Probably because I'm also in Turkey, I'll be looking for another vendor or go back to shopping with DO.
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    Yo is it still 5% off using btc for purchase?
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    Nah, everyone using btc or any other crypto nowadays. But feel free to ask for a discount when you order. I'll do my best!
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    so I was kinda worried for my last order as customs here stopped 2 other packages I had from other sellers, but Adnan's stealth is top notch and his order passed easily, now it is on the way to my local post office, once again I am so satisfied to work with him
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    Sorry just curious and you don't have to answer it but are they European sources as well? Turkey is not EU tho but you know what I mean. Except US, Aussie, Canada and China ones, they are all European lol.

    I'm really happy to hear that the package got thru customs. I believe that is definitely a proof about how I make my packages so carefully!
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    Well i got one from ukraine that got confiscated due to them being out if the European Union
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    Getting DNP 200 mg caps within a day. At last found decent DNP source in Eastern Europe!
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    Oh shit! That's what we've been waiting for
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    Oh shit, I better get out my funeral suit

    Just kidding, good job mate!
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    Hahaha better wait till December mate, then you can cycle some DNP and go out with a t shirt
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    Lol I had a friend who served his time in east of Turkey and weather is -30 C in winter times. He was taking DNP and bumming around with tee in that fucking cold lol.
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    I bet that didn't draw any attention at all
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    I'm gonna be honest with you, the possible death part isn't what bothers me about DNP but the possibility of eye problems like cataract is scaring the shit out of me.
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    Start slow, work your way up.. your body will tell when enough is enough with that shit. Harsh for sure.
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    Yeah for sure, jumping straight to the max dose is a no no, but even the possibility that it can happen sends my stress signals through the roof.

    Crushed lipids, thicker blood, etc I can manage, but eye problems? I'm quit sensitive about them, which is a shame because I would really like to see how DNP works
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