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    How is this pos turning out to be a scam a reflection on Bostin's forum? He had most guys here fooled. That's not remotely fair? The test is going to be what happens now. I don't know if the kid is involved at all other than collecting fees?
    I would hope that once this is brought to his attention that action will be taken. If it isn't, then I would take issue but not until then.
    I don't know if he is going to be allowed to run out whatever amount of time is left in the last period? Some boards charge fees quarterly. If he is allowed to stay I think its important to spread the word there that he was caught scamming so that other members can take that into account when deciding who to use.
    As far as purchasing anything from the part of the world that this source is from I simply don't. Steroids, GH, designer handbags, nothing. Its too risky.
    @Masterofron, I msg'd you with some ideas...actually, a plan on where to go from here with this guy. I'm not interested in simply moving on and learning a lesson. I've never much cared for the "never spend more than you can afford to lose" crowd and how its been a mantra of the shit scam boards for as long as i can remember.
    I don't remember where I heard it first, but the I do remember the first time I was thrown into a rage after a mod or "special member" made it as part of his post when a regular member was taken by a protected source.
    At some point the guys who were burned are going to let it go. We can't possibly be there yet.
    I'm not familiar with Bostin's forum but that's not important.
    I've been ridiculously busy lately. I don't budget time very well. I was driving over night into this morning from LA back to the Desert. I slept most of the afternoon.
    I'll send a few emails and see if things are still as they were 16 months ago. You're never 1 or maybe 2 people away from the person in question.
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    Did the box not scan ?? The QR code
  3. Boss Brady 12

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    yes they did scan but used one good 21 code on all boxes but they should all be different codes . If your going buy from turkey ask them to show boxes with codes showing and ya name and date in pics. might help still could get beat but at least you they have real product!
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    So the they were sealed but all had the exact same code ? I’m confused how they all scanned out i thought the scanner was to help with counterfeit
  5. Boss Brady 12

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    ya all had same sticker you scan and think one was tampered with.All the pucks were different sizes and looked pretty bad!They all had one good sticker with the same 21 codes that were good to go on ITS app
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    You guys that got scammed....I've got to know 24hreup pretty well over the years. He's good people. He's a little concerned about how to approach you guys. I'm not wanting it to feel secretive by me sending you pm's. This thing has been public I think to an extent it should stay above board. We don't know how many other guys that don't post got ripped off?
    24hreup is going to offer you guys who got ripped a deal on pharma GH. I don't know what it is. He's not gonna hit you up by pm about it. That's a slippery slope as we know. If you guys want to know what he can do for you simply hit him up identify yourself as a guy who was ripped off.
    i'd still like to see you guys made whole. I don't know if it's gonna happen but we'll see.
    This source is done here. We know he is at at least one other board. Page 1 of this thread the source drops Bostin's name and board and makes a point of saying that he is Bostin's friend. The way I see things is that if he is a friend of Bostins along with being a source on his board he's put his buddy in an uncomfortable situation.
    He's been caught dead to rights here. He also said he was gonna refund at least one of our guys...of course that was after threatening to turn his info over to the Feds.
    I'm thinking if this guy wants to stay sourcing in any part of the Community the only way that there will be a chance of that happening is for him to refund the members at meso who he touched.
    If I was his friend and I had a board that he sourced on I would need him to right his wrongs before attempting to spin the incident in a favorable way.
    My #1 goal is to get meso members their hard earned money back to them so they can spend it on legit product or X-mas gifts, etc.
    I'm going to pm this source and offer him the opportunity to squash this thing as far as I'm concerned as well as members who are out their hard earned cash. He needs to contact you guys ASAP.
    I'm hopefully going to give the other forum he sources on a source who is committed to bringing them real products with a track record of fixing past mistakes quickly.
    I would hope he would want to spare his Friend having to chose between a friend and protecting members from a source who cuts and runs instead fixing issues his customers bring to his attention.
    Bostin isn't a friend of mine but we have had a business relationship of sorts. I've personally arranged his request for "supplements" from specific vendors be met and that they reached him safely a number of times.
    I'm counting on help from not only this source but from Bostin and from a mutual friend who can hopefully bring everyone together to see the benefit in members being made whole in order to get things for parties back on track.

    Thanks to 24hreup for reaching out as you have done on more than a couple of occasions to help ensure meso members are taken care of and that they have access to quality pharmaceutical grade products and for being in a position to help when i've called on you for help!
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    Very good of you biggerben because I think we have all been beat of hard earned money in the past and it sucks esp before xmass time!Shot out to 24reup for helping out too because he doesnt have to do that.This source should be booted because saying going to send info to LE is a big problem
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  8. Kim

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    Very true about 24reup. He helped me out when I was scammed. Very nice of him.
  9. bolder

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    I like @biggerben69 stance and his willingness to help in this shitty situation!
    But... this source threatened to turn his customers info over to the Feds to keep his customer from posting publicly about being ripped off, is the end for this source!
    I think he was just bluffing but he was doing it so he could continue scamming! That’s the way I see it anyway.

    I hope he does the right thing and refunds the guys that were out a lot of money, but I seriously doubt he will.

    Even if by some miracle he does, he should still not be welcomed back here!
    Knowingly scamming then threatening members here to turn personal info over to the feds is crossing the line!
    Fuck this source!
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  10. Boss Brady 12

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    I agree for sure no place for threats like that from anyone esp from a source!
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    Even though I only praised stuff I knew was real I still feel like an idiot for mentioning anything after this scamming POS was outed.

    Regardless of if this scumbag decides to reimburse anyone I would not allow him sell anylonger after what has taken place. He can get fucked as far as I am concerned.

    I really feel for the dudes who got taken but this is a great lesson for them and myself going forward.
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    I've been talking with Bostin over the last few days. I was impressed with how quickly he replied to my emails. It had been about 16 months since we last spoke by email.

    Ok...how's this for way out. This guy sent Bostin 10 fake Humatrope kits back in 2016. Says he called him out and the guy has been slowly making it up to him and paying him back. He got some fake Desma Winstrol as freebies. Said Adnan told him there was actually winny in them and he got results.

    Bostin also said that Adnan is very popular on his forum,,,,maybe the most popular of all the sources there. He said as long as he makes good on replacing bad product that's all he can ask.
    He says Adnan says the counterfeits are for the most part dosed accurately.
    We know that the counterfeit Watson Test Cyp were dosed pretty close to the real deal. If they weren't that scam would've died long ago instead they still sell like crazy,

    ***Members who were got screwed by this source and who want to be compensated please pm me here and I'll tell you how you should go about it.
    @bolder..this source is certainly done here. I don't see how he could survive this...nor should he, imo. He will live on at least 1 other forum.
    Its almost seems like he's not to blame as he is only expected to replace fake products...and thats maybe only in the case of them being severely underdosed.

    I'm thinking that meso members are perhaps more sophisticated than members on other forums. You guys are thirsty for knowledge and put what you learn into action. Maybe Adnan is indulged on other forums and didn't think he'd be called out here? What other reason would he hold class on what to look for in the specific counterfeits and then send out those exact fakes?
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    I can attest to what you are saying as I am on Bostin's forum as well. From what I have been told, Adan himself was sold the fake GH and sold it to "a couple nobodies" on meso to make his money back, thinking that no one would believe them. Yes he is still active on Bostin's forum, I don't believe there is much crossover between this forum and Bostin's, but eventually word will get out and his reputation will be ruined.
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  14. 24hreup-rep

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    The ironic thing about this whole situation is that Adan did sell alot of authentic products. He even had real Humas a couple years ago.

    But like anything, greed comes into play. Want to know why most Turkish sources tell you they don't have them in stock? Simple, they make very little money on them so it's not worth it to carry them. Every year Turkish products raise up slightly and this year they went up big time. This kills the local supplier getting them at the pharmacy like Adnan to make their commision on them.

    I will say this working for @24hreup he has been in this business for a LONG TIME and has more connections sourcing real genuine stuff from big major suppliers. Like @biggerben69 said earlier, what 24 is doing is a hell of a gesture and I feel he doesn't get as much credit as he deserves.

    I am not shilling, anyone who has ever used pharmacy products from 24 will vouch no one ever question authenticity just customer service which is why he hired me to help because he is extremely busy fulfilling orders.
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    I don’t why people didn’t say anything bad about Adnansanat that he might sent fake stuff. I new here and my first order from him was bad. And I only order from him
    Cuz I was so popular here... and I couldn’t find anything bad him. And now when o post pic of his fake hg I see its more people like me that got scammed. He was trying to scared me that he knows where I live ... crazy shit !
  16. bolder

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    Awesome to see you offering assistance for the members that took a loss with this source.
    How I see it is this source knowingly sold fake products but was presenting them as real Pharma. His customers were under the impression they were legit Pharma hgh and that’s what they were paying for.

    It sounds like to me what @DonaldPump123 posted is probably the most accurate scenario...

    I could theorize all different kinds of situations. The fact is that he got caught selling fakes to members here and threatened a members info to the feds.
    For me, he could have saved face here with making his wrongs right with the fake products, but threatening customers is where he fucked up to the point of no return.

    I’ve always viewed Meso as a members board. Where members look out for one another. To help one another whether it’s to reach their personal goals or keep each other safe.
    @biggerben69 is an example of members looking out for fellow members. Taking his own time to reach out to Bostin L. and trying to help members that has taken a loss here.
    Just another example of why the Meso community is unlike any other and another reason why I’m glad to be apart of this community! :)
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  17. Logan44551

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    He was also selling benzos and other shit that is a huge red flag on its own without the bad product being shipped
  18. bolder

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    Seems as though I recall that being brought up earlier in this thread (Or I could be thinking of another thread? lol).
    I thought it was resolved and he was no longer going to carry them? I could be wrong.

    Meso is definitely not the place for that shit! Any source that chooses to carry shit like that should be ran out of here.
    That just adds unnecessary risks to members only wanting to order AAS.
  19. Den84

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    To be honest I did not understand why this source was considered legitimate... sells 2 ugl unpopular .. iron pharma hardly anyone knows it, there is a seller in my country who sells it on facebook but nobody trusts it, zero reviews, zero lab tests on this brand. Opiox was the same owner of genshi lab, go to anabolic lab to see the lab report on their test P (labelled as test p but it contain only test E)

    Furthermore adnasant never shared any kind of lab test on their products... how do you trust a source that has never analyzed anything?

    has he ever shown pics on Balkan pharma, to confirm if it is legit or if it is the Bulgarian copy? NO

    so once again I don't understand why he was considered a good source.
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    I've followed 24hreup for over a decade now. I've picked up a few things here and there...nothing thats going to put me on his vip customer list but thats just how things have gone.
    I'm fortunate to be able to have my US Pharma GH needs met locally. However, if I need a product or know someone who needs a product that 24hr provides I go to him or send my friends to him and know they are going to get a legit product.

    This isn't the first time 24hr has gone above and beyond. We had a member that scammed some of his fellow members. He posed as a ugl rep that was on 24hr's domestic list. Members that were scammed didn't order from the 24hr website or from the 24hreup rep. 24hr was in no way responsible for the loss those members took. He took the hit and sent those members the gear they were going to be out.

    Once again...and on a larger scale dollar wise...24hreup is going to step in and save the day for the 3 meso members who were ripped off.
    He let me know in the last email he sent me.
    I wasn't sure where to go next with things. I know now. You 3 members who were sent bunk humas are getting early X -Mas presente from 24hreup who is playing the role of Santa. You 3 guys please contact the 24hreup Rep who will take your info and confirm what I'm telling you.
    All 3 members will be shipped a legit kit of Humatrope 100% free of charge courtesy of 24hreup.
    To say I'm impressed is an understatement. I wish I was in a position where I could make someone's day like this.
    Heavy Hitters for sure with a desire to give back to the Community. I want to thank you for coming through once again for Meso members. I know I won't soon forget it.
    You 3 members will be in good hands. Please keep us up to speed and once you take deliveries pics of that puck would be appreciated.
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