Turkey based, shipping worldwide (No min, reshipping guarantee)

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    Did anyone else just receive a price list from this piece of shit?

    I inquired months ago about a purchase from him and had a horrible interaction with him just during the conversation. I'm glad I decided not to pull the trigger on the order. Dude was a prick and I regret not posting the screenshots here for the community. Had a bad vibe from him from the beginning. And now hes desperate and emailing out price lists...pathetic.
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  2. I originally looked into it to read more about his new SEO formulas, but I couldn’t talk myself into paying for a forum
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    I wonder if his lr3 is legit; he says hes got the best in the market. I tried it and to be honest I just got bloated.
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    He's definitely not doing anyone any favors with how sources are handled. I mentioned how this guy sent Bostin 10 fake Humatropes back in 2016. He's been getting paid back over time.
    I say no favors being done because it sounds like there aren't any sources being banned or even outed for scamming. I don't know if the word is even used there?
    Its clear after several emails back and forth with Bostin and then reading what you guys have to say about the board that adnansant has been sending out counterfeit products since he got there in 2016.
    It reminds me of how Uncle Z handled the fake Omnadren scenario. He got his reps on board with calling them working replicas.
    The Omnadren and then the Watson Test Cyp counterfeit ushered in a new era of counterfeit products. The quality and how close to perfect those replicas were to counterfeits before them was a big deal.
    Guys were comparing those Watson;s that were coming from overseas/int sources to the US Pharmaceutical Watson Test Cyp they got from their local CVS or Walgreens and they couldn't see a difference.
    The other difference was that the Watson, and Omnadrens actually were dosed with real hormone close to what label claims were.
    What it did was allow the scam to run and run and to this day the scam continues and has expanded to include every brand of US Pharmaceutical Test E and C. It amounts to UGL gear being sold at Pharmacy/Human grade prices.
    World Pharma.com(Now Offshore Pharma) had been doing this for some time. The now deceased owner of AP(asia pharma) owned the website and used it as a plat form to showcase his UGL gear and advertise it as Pharmacy/human grade gear. AP Test Cyp in a 10ml vial dosed at 200mg/ml was priced at $140. Compared to ugl test Cyp 200 that starts at $25 and tops out at $45 for the most part dressing it up and throwing around some bogus certificates can pay dividends.
    But nowhere near what the counterfeit Watsons pay and continue to pay the grifters who came up with the fucking things.
    The int source that was wildly popular and fiercely protected by older vets for years went by the handle Retaboli or Ret was first to bring those Omnadren(Z followed soon after). He hit the Jackpot with the Watson and has stolen/scammed more money when it comes to gear than any other.
    I remember when those Watson were hitting heavy on the boards. It was clearly a well thought out plan of attack with shills in every thread with stories and explanations about how thousands of vials of Watson Test Cyp being produced in Portugal were being shuttled out the back door when Security was on lunch break and how janitors were securing their retirements by smuggling cases of test home after work.
    Scholars were quoting law from the far off country known world wide for huge wave surfing and now for Watson Test. The truth was that even though Test Cyp was produced for Watson there it was closely monitored and regardless of local laws regarding steroids, Watson was not selling a single vial for local sale. Not one vial.
    Reps for sources were scolding doubters and demanding that proof of them telling lies be shown before they were called liars.
    I remember one "new" member claimed his uncle worked at the factory in Portugal and he was able to buy raw steroid powder right off the production line for his personal home brewing. Sure.
    Adnansan is claiming the fakes he sends are on par with the legit versions. That is acceptable elsewhere. He also tells me he didn't know the Humatropes he sent were fake. He feels that should excuse him from being responsible....as long as they are replaced is how its done elsewhere....he is punishing scammed members because he says he isn't being treated fairly? He has no plans on making good on these kits and blames everyone except the guy who took money for them and directed them to be shipped. Imagine that?
    Yes....adnansat..these members are considered scammed by you until they are compensated. That is a universal truth that you alone are responsible for and that you alone can change and remedy. No blame goes to anyone else no matter how many CAPS you use to shout in our emails.
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    LOL it's more like "I know his shipping is sometimes slow but you get what you pay for and it's always worth the wait. Karl has never scammed anyone and whatever issues you have he will make it right eventually" Yeah...eventually
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    In my haste to get busy trying to help these guys I missed the post i quoted above. Outrageous.
    Fellas, this source is not going to refund any of your money because he has been made aware of the fact that he committed the ultimate sin and will not be welcome anywhere after its gotten around that he's threatened with LE.
    He's over on superior muscle. He became a source there a few days ago. I posted up a link to the post with the threats. He's stomping his feet trying to deflect.
    @Millard Baker this source has threatened to give members ID to LE. If he hasn't yet been banished can you please see to it. Thank you.
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    Okay bitchez. Decided to leave from shithole but wanted to write somethings. Listen now. Starting with this guy,

    Aren't you the one who asked for codeine and even oxyc shit to me? You bought bunch of benzos from me, didn't you? Do you want me to share your purchase shits? Why do even "happy clients" talk shit? It's quite incomprehensible.

    For your point, yes, I have benzos, but I never list them public.
    Let's continue with this one.

    Didn't I refund you when you say DNP that I sold is bunk? I never asked second question. I immediately refunded when you simply say it's fake. You thanked me a lot for it. You talk shit now? Very well played. These 2 guys show us that real face of meso and kinda proof of that meso is 4chan of freeboards.

    Okay, let's continue.

    Be honest when you answer this:

    You guys, cannot see one single negative feedback about me in Bostin Loyd's private forum and meso (75 pages, +1 year) EXCEPT that huma shit (which happened in meso, not BL private forum). Been years. Reread every single posts, and provide any negative feedback about me in those boards. If you can? No you can't. Cause there are NOT.

    That guy (slawus or whatever he is) was in aggressive stance, and keep spamming messages from wickr. I SAID I can give his info to FBI, and he stopped to write me. So my strategy worked eh? Yes it is. I stopped him to spam me. That's why I did it.
    I never do that kind of shit, I never post publicly or give personal info to FBI or something like that never ever. Hell, I even do %10 off for Monero payments. Do you guys know what Monero is and why do I discount for Monero payments? I am a fucking privacy enthusiast.

    Have you ever seen any other negative feedback about me except that huma shit which happened in meso? Even tho I explained that how to spot fake humas in this thread multiple times?

    Can only one mistake that I wasn't aware, easily destruct good things about my service and stuff?

    Be honest. Probably you will NOT, tho. Just wanted to clear somethings. I still have more things to say tho.
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    Lol, I was part of the scammed group and I didnt get an email of his product list, just like Slawus.

  9. adnansanat

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    As I said many times before, feel free to test your HGHs. Please do HGH serum test. You said you already do it several times in year. Just do it, and post results. Cause I know yours are real deal, cause I bought them random pharmacy in here, not pharmacy warehouse that I deal with.

    Edit: Slawus guy contacted with me thru wickr. That's why he never got an e-mail from me. Ez to understand, eh? Lots of wrong shits happening in circus meso.
  10. ItsDaBoii

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    Hey man you always treated me well and i loved your stuff. Was def legit gear. Also the refund for the bunk dnp... But the stuff you did with the fake gh and then pissing off here is just showing your real face. You refunded without a question my bunk dnp but did you also refund for the gh ?
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    I contacted you through proton, you don't email price lists on that platform either?
  12. Broskie

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    Interesting stance, Considering I politely asked for a refund and you've promptly started to ghost me. I've never harassed you ever since you scammed me. I asked you once for a refund and you never replied.

    Also, you insisted the humas be shipped with NO BOX, I can screenshot this and post it if others want, but he KNEW the codes were fake as shit, hence him asking me if he could take the cartridges out of the boxes "for customs reasons".

    I'm under the impression there will be no refunds from him, Unfortunately.
  13. Broskie

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    I do get bloodwork often, and as much as I want to believe you, I know the types of positive test results which can be achieved through certain peptides. At this point I don't have a choice but to assume they're quality peptide fakes.
  14. adnansanat

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    So if I "serve" you very well, why do you keep talking shit about me? You could basically say that "oh, that's pity, cause he served me very well and he even refunded when I said DNP is fake, he never answered second question, immediately sent my money back". Wasn't that hard shit to do?
    Cause you bought +5 humas. That's why I sent them without boxes. The smaller package the less chance to getting caught by customs. I insist. Please do HGH serum test, and post results here. It's a really big deal for you?
  15. Revilo2016

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    Personally I don't care whether that was your intention. It's the fact you threatened to do this that is the main issue. You cant threaten a customer with the fbi when you throw a tantrum and then still expect people to trust you afterwards.
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  16. Broskie

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    I can understand shipping sizes, but taking into consideration others input regarding your product, you shipped boxes with the same codes. Which appears to be a universally agreed upon counterfeit. I don't have a choice, but to assume that my kits were not unlike any others on this thread. I want to believe you, because I've lost money, but it would be against my better judgement.
  17. adnansanat

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    Right. I never said that it was right behaviour. Please reread my long post.
  18. ItsDaBoii

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    Dude im not talking shit about you ? Also you are my drug dealer not my friend, i cant stick up to you when you start scamming people even if you never did anything bad to me. Why didnt you just make this right ?
  19. adnansanat

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    Take your blinders off, and get a blood test. In this way, at least you can use your humas.
  20. Revilo2016

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    Not exactly sure what point you're trying to make because all you tried to do was make a shitty justification of why you threatened him with the feds. Also it's not just one mistake, you've made many during this whole mess.