Turkey based, shipping worldwide (No min, reshipping guarantee)

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by adnansanat, Mar 7, 2019.

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  2. Why would you ever send anything to your home address. You're putting not yourself, but anyone else who lives there at risk. Are you right new or just new?
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    I used to live there. Long time ago. It’s not my earl address
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    Thanks for the helpful post. Plenty of armchair or Monday Morning quarterbacks.
    @Slawus don't bother responding to posts like this fucking guy made directed towards you. Clearly he's got nothing useful to add. The focus should be how this source sent members counterfeit products after making a big production out of showing members what to look for when it comes to fakes.
    That's straight up fuckery and disrespect. Let me show you how the scumbags are trying to fuck you and steal your money. Then, after making you feel like I'm on your side and gonna do right by you send me your money and spread 'em, I'm coming in hot! Fucks you like he said the scumbags are trying to do.
    @Slawus.... @5millionbucks...@Avnj5....you 3 are the guys that were sent the fake Humas, correct? I spoke with Slawus and 5millionbucks. Did you guys private msg 24hreup in regards to the very generous offer to send each of you a free kit of legit Humatrope 100% free of charge? My man is trying to do right by you and give back to our Community here. Are you guys with me?
    I am aware this adanan sent Slawus 5 kits and 5million bought 2. I don't mind helping you guys out. I have a plan to get the rest that's owed to you. Lets do one thing at a time. We're gonna take a field trip over to Bostins board and get a little help from him over there.
    @adnansanat ...we can do this here or we can come see you over at your other spot. Hit me up. You'll walk away from meso in the black. What I have to offer you is too good of a deal for you. Its not my money though. Get at me and lets get this taken care of. You won't have to worry about anyone blowing your hustle up other places. But you have to hit me up.
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  5. I throw that shit like Peyton. In all seriousness though, for OPSEC reasons don't send to a place where your loved ones are, or your wife might start asking why you keeping get mail addressed to the dog. Don't be the low hanging fruit.

    It unfortunate about the source scamming. I hope he deals with it in a pragmatic, respectful manner, and makes right with his clients.
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    I say dont run gear without you wife knowing.
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  7. Everyone should know whats coming in the mail. Unless you want a controlled delivery done on all ya or ding ding ding people bitch up as soon as they in handcuffs!
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    you throw like peyton with his noodle arm in denver! This guy sent out mass email with his price list anyone else get it?
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    Who sent email with prices ?
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    Guys adnan just sent an mass email with his list and prices! :D
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    Hehe nice !!! Wondering why he didn’t send anything to me :)
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  13. You're on his naughty list for bringing his scam to light. Definitely worth it!
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    Man I feel left out.. no email for me!! This is horseshit, I hear the hgh is fiyah.

    kidding guys, those who got fucked, sorry. Opti has good shit tho lol
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    Bostins forum is fucking awful. It’s open sourcing like meso, anyone can come and sell anything. Weed, drugs, whatever. No mods, no people monitoring sources, nothing.

    If new sources send Bostin gear he gives them a “these guys are G2g! I’m on their tren ace and it’s definitely fire. Please welcome them as a source.”..

    Paypal, Cashapp, google wallet, Venmo, gmail, yahoo, etc etc are all common with the sources there. Bostin will continue to stick up for adnan the same way he does for “Karl” from Sciroxx...

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    Does it cost money just to join his forum?
  17. Think it’s $38 for 3 months
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    Wow, to hell with that crap. Especially after hearing he lets anyone source as long as they provide him free samples. Why pay for his forum?
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    Honestly man, Bostin's forum use to be awesome, he was on there every day and responded to every thread, even had some REALLY good sources at one point. Now it's just a joke and there is almost no activity there. Bostin never posts anymore unless he's giving Karl or some other random source the thumbs up and that's it. Sucks because I honestly really like Bostin, I talk to him often but that forum is a waste of time and money now.
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    “Just wanna give a quick shout out to Karl, he hooked me up with a bunch of free shit again. I know he selectively scams and 75% of his customers never get what they order, but he’s g2g he comes through and I’m on his GH now, my hands are swollen so it’s definitely g2g.”...
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