Two orals during cycle

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  1. Ok so I know that two Orals is flat out stupid, but let’s say I’m running a 12 week cycle and use a fast acting oral like superdrol for the first 4 weeks, then cut it the next four, could I then finish another four weeks or would my liver be completely assfucked? Online I found a medical page saying that if you overdose on Tylenol and destroy your liver it takes 30 days? Any opinions
  2. You can do anything you'd like, getting your liver values checked is going to reveal more truths than any advice can. Everyone is different and our bodies all react differently. So who can really speak for yours except for you and the test results? 12 weeks is long enough time to fit it in I'm sure and the cost of that is way less than what it would be if you needed a new liver. I did read or hear something somewhere one time about the toxicity of orals being over-emphasized and that mg for mg acetaminophen is more liver toxic than most orals. But we don't run acetaminophen for weeks at a time at high doses dosed throughout the day either. I doubt you'd do more than stress it really badly enough to cause a worry to whoever reads your results if you got them but consider the possibility that you choose to do it anyway. If you did do it and saw the gains and were amazed while possibly figuring you did it once and could do it again. Well that could become a bad habit quickly, we never know much about anything new until we try it for ourselves. The potential of abuse with orals is so high because they work so damn good and fast. Not saying you abuse anything but from my experience it is too easy to get caught up in the mirror or get lost in the sauce while pushing it past the limits.

    I always read not to do that. I never asked about it because I always knew I'd get flamed for asking/suggesting.
    Good luck
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  3. Excuse the epic wall above, I ran drol then tbol as I understand it is much less toxic than others. But it wasn't simultaneously, it was four weeks of this then four weeks of that. Followed by a reishi mushroom extract detox.
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  4. This wouldn’t be an oral only cycle btw, I would be running test and maybe tren.
    And for sure this is a one time thing I just haven’t cycled in a bit and want to get back in with a good kick
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    Check your liver values before you start up the superdrol again, that would be your best way of knowing.
    How many mgs are you running?
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  6. I was going to do 20 ed for the first 4 and finish strong with 10 ed
    However I got some free samples with my last purchase so I Might use winny or dbol
  7. In the past,i ran drol.and d.bol and test. never any issues besides strength through the roof.
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    just use the orals only on training days and rotate them..
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  10. Anabolic-Chicken

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    because of the toxic nature of orals!
    like Monday and Tuesday diababol, Wednesday off, Thursday and Friday Oxymetholone, then off till Monday again..

    or week wise, diababol, next week same with Oxymetholone..

    just minimize the toxic...
    all anabolic, all oral anobolic are slithly different in the wise they work and also in the toxicity or better how the body has to break down them..

    just try it out brother
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    I wouldn't do this, if you are growing on a basic cycle then there is no need to keep adding compounds.
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    Watch your liver values -- do 4 weeks of the oral in the front -- then 4 weeks of no oral compounds -- then 4 weeks of an oral at the end.

    Divide it up and give your liver a 4 week break in between.
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    The question of two orals in one cycle is very much dose and AAS dependent. Superdrol is one of the worst to consider for this.
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  14. This is exactly what I just recently did with Superdrol the first 8 weeks of my cycle. 20mg preworkout. Only training days obviously. Two weeks on/ one week off for the first 8. Worked like a charm. Very minimal sides. Still gained stupid strength, decent bit of lethargy once it wore off, but none of the bad sides i hear people preaching about running it twice a day. I absolutely intend on running it the same exact way in the future.
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    I’ve been contemplating an 8 week Anavar run followed by 8 weeks of Winstrol. My liver is a tough little son of a bitch, but I wonder what liver values would look like.

    Test / Deca / Anavar finishing up with Winstrol