Unexplained long-term low libido, thats ruining my life!

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    You also mentioned that you used to consume a lot of porn. That can really mess with your dopamine receptors and you become desensitized. Have you looked into that aspect?
    For DHT, I know that people on cream based TRT that apply it directly to their scrotom seem to have huge increases in well being and sex drive. That’s due to the large increase in DHT conversion. It’s worth a look at least.
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    I definitely did consume too much porn and started from a pretty young age, around late middle school. From about 22 to 28, I had a battle trying to quit porn for good. Sometimes I would make it 6 months and then slip back into the habit. I now have be porn free for at least a year. I am firm believer that porn can desensitize your brain. I could see real examples of this happening both in my porn stages and porn-free stages. For example, everyone knows that with porn you gradually look at harder core and weirder stuff to get the same libido high. Second, when I would go a few months without porn, smaller things in day to day to life would trigger a sexual response. I think its best for everyone to give up porn if they have the discipline.

    I'm not entirely convinced about the nofap movement. I think masturbation is okay, but within moderation. If you are jerking it more than a few times a week, you need to find other things to fill your life with.

    Appreciate the DHT tip. I'll go ahead and just pay to get that test taken.
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    All --- as an update my Doctor wants me to get lower on clomid and take one 50mg pill a week combined with 100/week of sub q testosterone or gel ((my choice)).

    You all think this is worth trying? I am leaning toward the sub q injections vs gel --- does libido happen to typically be better with one or another? Gel to me just sounds like a pain in the ass.
  4. You could try Provin
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  6. No from your doctor or a ugl
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    I got an interesting update today. My estradiol sensitive labs from labcorp came back high. ---------39.4 in a range of 8 to 35. -------

    However it’s not clear to me whether estrogen matters while on clomid with the SERM properties blocking estrogen receptors.

    This new data point seems to indicate to me that I am on too much Clomid. And I wonder, if I did substantially drop the Clomid dose my testosterone would stay relatively decent and the estrogen would fall… I know that no one can predict for sure, but I do Wonder if it’s the estrogen that is causing the libido issues.

    But for starters, does anyone know for sure that estrogen or E2 matters when one is already on Clomid? Are the labs for estrogen when one is on Clomid even accurate?
  8. Well it’s selective estrogen receptor modulator, so some tissues it antagonizes and some it activates, like in the bones and liver it’ll activate. Also clomid isn’t strong in the peripheral tissues like tamoxifen which is why clomid is only used for fertility and not cancer. Anyway you can still experience E related bloat on clomid for example.

    Second I doubt that level of estradiol will have such a major affect on your libido. Some labs have the range go into the 40’s. Of course I could be wrong, you can try getting it lower to see if it makes a difference.
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    Terminator, really appreciate the comments. When I think about it I do have substantial nipple sensitivity but it doesn't seem like I have any breast tissue growing. I'm going to try to get a another second opinion soon but with my current doctor, it looks like my options are reduce the Clomid and see what happens, or go on testosterone injections and take one Clomid a week to try to preserve at least a little bit of testicular function. Based on my internet research, it's still very unclear to me whether Clomid on trt could help a little or it's not going to do shit.
  10. Nipple sensitivity isn’t always hormonal, could be from anything, the type of detergent you use etc. Clomid would probably still have some affect if you’re on a legitimate trt dose, ie you have normal T levels. I would use hcg instead if you wish to preserve testicular function.