Unsponsored Hgh Log Kick-off Contest


We're creeping up on the final hour.

Remember for the last hour it's UNLIMITED guesses as long as it's not back to back posts

I'll give another clue at the 30 min remaining mark if we still don't have a winner by then.

There's one guess that's been really close but no direct hit yet.


View attachment 81525 Not very happy with the results!

This is no beuno!! The only logical explanation would be that supertopin is not so good after all. Even with the high GH serum.

Your previous scores where all good expect for the Omni which you said you were using some nolva and caber. I’m pretty sure nolva affects IGF, how much I don’t know.

That being said I hope it’s the gear and not something happening with you.

Maybe someone with experience can shine the light on this. I know you took a break between the last 2 kits so doubtful it’s over use.

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