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    So far, every lab that hasn't provided pics has been a scammer lab. Don't see where this one would be any different. There are vetted domestic sources already here, so use one of them, and do not order from this one
  2. Majesty Labs

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    In an attempt to please you guys, we will post pictures of current stock sometime tonight/tomorrow morning. Lab testing of raw powders is available but we know that does not necessarily correlate with finished product. This is something we are currently waiting on obtaining.

    Our goal isn’t to take a small amount money from a few select people here. Our goal is longevity and trust amongst this thread.

    Have a great day everyone
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  3. Majesty Labs

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    I appreciate you concerns and criticism as harsh as it may be. We’ll try our best to alleviate as much as we can in the next couple days.
  4. Made in USA

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    If your goal is longevity and trust . Do as your told by posting what previous members have asked for . You want to be successful on meso answer every members question in a timely manner. It’s simple !
  5. Gbro

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    He's already started the "drag it out a few days" game. And some idiot (not me this time) will order to "take one for the team".
  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Soooo... how about the titties at least?
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  7. Ambiguous

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    1500 orders... should be lots of tests, blood work etc
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    This does not help with the vetting of this lab. If you are not going to say something productive, say nothing.
  9. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    I’m sorry. But I think the point of the titties is that if these sources aren’t coming here with pictures of their actual products that they’re trying to sell us, then they have NOTHING. They’re wasting our time and they should at least have the decency to entertain us instead of just jerking us around with bullshit excuses.
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    Happens every time most just don’t post that they ordered .... it sucks you got burned but at least you let us know what happen
  11. Cityofgrit

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    Will post pictures sometime today, tomorrow, next week... buying time for some orders and then post a picture from the internet that's photoshopped, poorly I might add, ala Pharmatech? You want longevity, you want to be successful? Take a look at the threads like Sasquatch for instance, where they provided pics, they stood up to the vetting. Their business is booming...yours is floundering right out if the gate. We do this to protect our own, if you can't understand that and accommodate that, then you certainly don't belong here.
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  12. Majesty Labs

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    Apologies for the delay everyone, we all work full time jobs. Link is to a picture. We still provide every customer with a picture of the full order before we ask for payment.

  13. Too little, too late.

    Takes days for a simple pic, god help anyone that has an issue that needs resolving. Complain on a Monday, get a response the next Monday. :rolleyes:
  14. Majesty Labs

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    Best way to reach us is still via email or even Wickr.
    Let me know if you have any other concerns.
  15. Cityofgrit

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    Don't you guys even label your vials??
  16. Cramps88

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    Maybe you should just stick to those jobs. This is one of the worst intos, I mean intros ever. No testing bloods or otherwise and you have had 1500 orders. So what was the name of your other failed lab on meso.
  17. Cramps88

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    Some one please correct me if I am wrong, isn't wickr a compromised way to communicate. I thought I read or heard something to this effect.

    HIGHRISK Member

    Gear factory is that you?
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  19. He's one of the failed scam jobs that's been popping up with different lab names.

    Too stupid and/or greedy to stay away for a month or two, instead, he fails and immediately sign's up again with a new handle/lab name.

    It's all getting old fast. i think the majority here have learned to just ignore it. That's why this thread was dead for days before Test Junkie here revived it today.

    It'll die for a few more days, then he'll come back and thank those who ordered or use some other bull shit post to revive it again.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.
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  20. Mimmik

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    Why make labels when your brand changes every Friday? You know why I mean? This is one step saved my brother.
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