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  1. bolder

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    We all have jobs @Majesty Labs ,but no one works 24 hrs a day, so that excuse is bullshit.

    If this guy were serious about being here then he would have done a little more in a timely manner and fulfil the requests that were asked.
    Instead, it took days for a simple ass pic. Have we seen this kind of stall tactics before o_O
    Come in here wanting sales and doesn’t even try to earn his place and provide simple shit.
    Fuck that!
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  2. Majesty Labs

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    In an attempt to put an end to any false allegations and presumptions anyone has towards us, we will offer this. Any 5 people wishing to receive a free test prop with either mast prop or tren ace please email us. All we ask is for a review on this thread and 10$ in btc to cover shipping costs.

    Cheers guys,
  3. Cramps88

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    Are you fucking kidding me? That's not how we do business here. No one worth a shit would ever take your freebies You were doing bad before but you definitely put the last nail in the coffin with that one.
  4. Gbro

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    I like to post while taking a shit. Maybe majesty could try that.
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  5. Majesty Labs

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    Multitasking at its finest, I’ll try that out.
  6. msl3862

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    Any and all reviews provided in exchange for "free gear" are inherently biased and unreliable. Such a practice reflects poorly upon both the source and the reviewer(s) involved. "Paid reviews" are antithetical to Meso's harm reduction mission.

    Meso members known to accept free gear from sources have been heavily criticised in these Forums. Some repeat offenders have been urged to leave the community.

    With all due respect the fact you would offer gear in return for reviews, in addition to all the other problems detailed in this thread, shows your business practices are not compatible with what Meso members expect and demand of a trusted source.

    Please leave NOW with what little dignity you can salvage. This thread will then quietly die as it should and will become visible only to those who wish to research a failed source introduction.
  7. All we do is pay shipping and handling!? Sounds like an infomercial for gear whores.

    Try bringing more to the table. A Ziploc bag with nothing more than what the most medicore of home brewers has isn't going to cut it.