US Pharma PCT and Ancillary Meds**Fast Shipping**

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Serono, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Amazon, No good? Adwdiabetes dot com has insulin syringes cheap. eBay maybe?
  2. Akuj

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    I thought they all have to adhear to state shipping guideline ? Also trouble finding 1ml luer Lok 18g 1inch syringe and needle combo(for draw not injection) . From what I've searched everything in that spec is pretty much 3ml syringes, which I think is overkill and not needed since I won't be needing more than 1ml per injection.
  3. TNotch347

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    I would just try to order, if they stop it and ask for a script then it’s canceled. If they don’t, you get what u need. 18g to draw is big.. your gonna get pieces of that stopper in the oil. Try 20g or even 21g. From my experience..
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  4. Akuj

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    Thanks Notch, I appreciate the help. This is going to be my first cycle, I'm in the learning phase as far as this stuff goes and border line over prepping. Rather be over prepped than under. I read a few people saying 18g works best for them that's the only reason I choose that, thought anything in the 20s would be too small of a diameter for drawing. Any recommendations on pinning size, 25g maybe?
  5. Bluewhistle

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    But you won't ever need 3ml for injection? They wont go bad, so you may not need the 3ml right now but in the future you may
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  6. Akuj

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    Never thought I would, not for the next 2 years maybe? I'm a noobie to AAS, dont think my ass would even hold 3mls of liquid in one go without not being able to walk after , haha.

    Honestly, I'd go with whatever is the popular opinion you guys suggest.
  7. TNotch347

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    23 or 25g to pin. 3ml is more common I would think. I just go with whatever is cheapest tbh. I draw with a 23g. Yea it takes like 30seconds longer but it works lol. I don’t like big holes in the stopper.
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  8. Bluewhistle

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    I draw with 20g. I wish i would have got 21 or 22 though. Inject with 25. I am pretty new too, but second cycle 2ml injections.

    Had horrible pip first cycle. Was worried with 2ml the second time around but smooth as butter and no noticeable pip.

    I would do the 3ml. Depending on if you are just trt or not doing it for the long haul, at some point you will need more than 1ml.
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  9. Akuj

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    Thanks guys, so I guess I'll be getting 3ml 23g for draw and 25g for pin. Any length recommendations, inch or half inch
  10. Bluewhistle

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    I would go inch.
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  11. Perrin Aybara

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    I'm in one of those states and some places do and some don't.

    The solution to your 1" syringe combo is buy 1ml with the smaller gauge to pin with as the combo and buy the 1" 18g separate. Although 20g 1" is the better choice in my opinion, doesn't chew up your stoppers so badly.
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    Good morning all, just some quick updates:
    1. Dostinex(cabergoline) will be back in stock tomorrow. Will update the below list to reflect.

    2. Free shipping over $125 now in effect. Min still $50. This will be getting raised to $100 shortly. I would say if you are still on the fence with giving my services a shot, to do so while I have a low min.

    All Meds are USA Pharm grade.
    (except hcg, Aroma, Caber which are turkish/EU)

    AI's, SERMS and Prolactin Control

    Product | Strength | Count | Price
    arimidex | 1mg | 30 | $50

    Pfizer exemestane(aromasin) | 25mg | 30 | $60

    Raloxifene | 60mg | 30ct | $75

    Letrozole | 2.5mg | 30ct | $50

    Nolvadex | 20mg | 30 | $60

    Clomid | 50mg | 30 | $70

    Cabergoline(Dostinex) | 0.5mg | 8ct | $40

    Pfizer Cabaser(Cabergoline) | 1mg | 20 | out of stock

    Prami | 1mg | 90 | $50

    Mix and match 5 Pack Items: $200($40ea)

    (Choose any 5 or 5 of the same item)
    Choriomon hcg

    HCG and Insulin

    hcg(Choriomon brand) | 5,000iu(1x multiuse vial/NO WATER)| 1 | $50

    Humalog or Novolog pen |100iu/ml | 3ml | $50(out of stock)

    Hospira Bacteriostatic Water |n/a | 30ml | $10

    Sexual Health
    tadalafil(cialis) | 5mg | 30 | $50
    tadalafil(cialis) | 20mg | 30 | $60
    Sildenafil (viagra) | 20mg | 90 | $75
    Sildenafil (viagra) | 100mg | 30 | $75

    Fat Loss

    T3 | 50mcg | 100 | $125

    Metformin | 1000mg | 30ct | $50

    Blood-Pressure and General Health

    Lisinopril(bp med) | 20mg | 30 | $50

    Telmesartin(bp med) | 80mg | 30 | $50

    Hey man, just seeing this. Always email for the quickest response. I don't carry them unfortunately.
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    No worries brotha, thanks for the response!
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    Just wanted to give another shout out to Serono for another quick TD. everything's lookin good. My go to source for all my AIS
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    Thank you! I appreciate it.
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    Just another positive experience. Thanks Serono for providing a legit Pharma pct option.
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    Grabbed another order some more Raloxifene and aromasin. Smooth transaction again and super quick ta
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  18. HealthyKin dot com ships out of OH and doesn't give a shit where you live. i live in a nancy bitch state too and they still delivered.
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    Still plan on carrying some DHT Inhibitors like dutasteride?